Amplifiers in Malaysia are devices that improve the sound of headphones. If you are looking for one, here are the different types of amplifiers to choose from. You can also check the latest headphone amplifiers below.


The Different Types of Headphone Amplifiers in Malaysia

Headphone amplifiers in Malaysia are specially-designed amplifiers that provide a better volume and current capacity than other amplifiers. They can be connected to a standard headphone jack or the line output of an audio source. The amplifier allows for a very high input impedance, a lower output impedance, and greater range of output voltages. Impedance is the measure of the opposition that a circuit provides to the passage of a current when voltage is applied.

Another feature of headphone amplifiers is that they allow multiple headsets to be concurrently connected to one or more audio sources. The amplifiers allow the producer to monitor progress of a recording session or live performance.

Types of Headphone Amplifiers

There are three variants of headphone amplifiers: portable headphone amplifiers, digital to analogue converters, and desktop headphone amplifiers.

Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Most media players (such as iPods) and laptops do not have enough output power to provide the best sound quality. An easy-to-carry headphone amplifier like those from Behringer can boost the signal to the headphones to provide better than adequate sound when a person is on the go. The amplifiers can fit in a pocket and provide high fidelity sound anywhere.

Digital to Analogue Converters (DACs)

Since most headphones are built for analogue signals, a digital to analogue converter can be used to convert the digital audio files stored on computers to a format best heard with headphones. Computers have a built-in DAC, but most provide inadequate sound quality for audiophiles. The DAC offers a decent interface between the headphones and the computer to provide the best translation of audio files.

Desktop Headphone Amplifiers

While the name of these amplifiers may imply computer use, like DACs, desktop headphone amplifiers can be used with stereo systems, home theatre systems, as well as computers. If you are listening to music at home or studio, desktop headphone amplifiers are the best option to get the best sound quality.

Headphone Amplifier Variables

Aside from the type, there are three other variables or features to keep in mind when shopping for headphone amplifiers.

Digital Sound Processing

This enables headphone amplifiers to produce a surround sound experience using standard headphones. One example of DSP is Dolby headphone format. Digital sound processing allows for the signal to be modified and improved.

Number of Channels

Another consideration when looking at headphone amplifiers is the number of channels the amplifier offers. Amplifiers normally provide one to eight channels. The more channels, the wider the range of signal distribution for monitoring flexibility. Every channel manages independent stereo line distribution into a single-rack package.

Pre-Amplifier/Loudspeaker Amplifier

This variable allows for the headphone amplifier to double as either a pre-amplifier of loudspeaker amplifier. A pre-amplifier sends a small electrical signal to improve amplification or processing, and lowers interference. Although this allows the headphone amplifier to have more flexibility, this can be a bit pricey.