Luxury, performance, and a serious history of innovations, Audi has brought in extraordinary automotive technology to Malaysia. Read more below to find out epic technologies Audi has pioneered.


An overview of Audi’s revolutionary automotive technology

Vorsprung durch Technik

Germany is known for its car technology. At the frontline of this automotive revolution sits Audi. The iconic four rings of Audi’s emblem signifies the four companies that merged into the basis to this luxury car giant. Diving into every aspect of performance motorsport, Audi has conquered Rally, LeMans, F1 Grand Prix, and Grand Touring races from its birth to the future. From Quattro technology to its futuristic OLED Swarm Lighting, Audi has pioneered automotive engineering in ways that we cannot predict. When most car companies only show concepts, Audi brings its futuristic technology into road production. Let’s look at how Audi’s technology has evolved over the year to what it is.


Before Audi, four-wheel-drive was only put into off-road vehicles. Once Audi joined the rally scene, everything changed. Bringing in 4WD into road sedans changed automotive motoring from the ground up. Audi created a system in their cars that to this day proves to be one of the best in the world. They call it Quattro. The beauty of Quattro is the ability to gain exponentially more grip when on the road.

This high level of traction is thanks to a well-distributed power output to the wheels, Audi’s Quattro system works for all types of vehicles. Just as four brakes provide better deceleration, four-wheel-drive gives better acceleration. The central differential distributes power to the 4 wheels. If it senses the front wheels spinning, it will send power to the back wheels that have more traction. This technology is perfected today with the help of onboard computer systems.

All-aluminium body

When all cars were using heavy, steel body frames, Audi went in a different direction. Bringing in an aluminium frame that was a fraction of the weight of a steel body, Audi was able to design a car that pushed the limits of performance and safety. With this lightweight body, all the extras for safety, comfort, and performance can be added in. Everything from climate control, sports rims, a bigger engine, a luxurious interior – all can be fashioned into the car without weight being an issue.

The aluminium body also gave the car better impact distribution in the event of a crash. Crumple zones take the impact of crashes by diverting impacts away from the passengers. Since the 80s, crumple zones have become compulsory in car production. Thus, Audi has made significant headway in terms of its car body technology.

LED Headlamps

One brilliant technology Audi pioneered is manifest in its lighting technology. Towards the late 90s, the brand looked into LED technology to create incredible headlamps and tail lamps. Using Light-emitting Diodes, Audi was able to fashion lights that light up 200miliseconds faster than ordinary bulbs, burn much brighter, save battery power, as well as reduce space. LED lighting also is cheaper to use and much more stylish. Competing with the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Audi’s LED lamps gave it the upper hand.

The most recent lighting technology Audi brought in was in its OLED lighting. The aptly named “Swarm” lighting debuted during an Audi infomercial is a stream of LED lights lighting up in a rapid sequence. The sequence is so fast that it looks like a flow or swarm of lights. The taillights change colours when the indicators go on, and the “swarm” moves in the direction in which the driver intends to turn. This technology may only be a prototype, but it signals the progression of lighting innovations of the future.

Precision in every detail

Just like any other German-made car, Audi boasts precision in every detail. From the lining gap between doors, boot and trunk, every space in recorded down to the millimeter. Thanks to world-class engineers and efficient production plant robotics, every car that exits the factory is a combination of brilliant engineering and thousands of diligent man-hours. Look in the interior and watch your heartbeat increase. Sure you’ll be excited with the leather stitching and tactile feedback from the steering button. Every piece of the car works harmoniously with the car’s overall performance.

The best luxury car

Watch any movie with VIP characters and you will notice Audi cars used to transport these characters around. This is due to the fact that Audi is packed with luxurious goodness. From a leather interior (as mentioned) to ambient lighting and flip-up LCD monitor that houses the in-car navigation and entertainment system, Audi’s luxury package is irresistible.

What Audi also does well is combining luxury and sport. With supercharged engines tuned with fuel economy in mind as well, you get the bang for your buck. Increasing mileage in fuel consumption makes the latest Audis easy on your wallet.

Overall, Audi is one brand you want to look into for automotive brilliance. For us in Malaysia, Audi presents us with the best options for cars and SUVs. Check out the product range above for all of Audi’s original accessories available today. Look out for Audi automotive products along with clothing and other products.

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