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Atomy [Atomy] Atomy Toothpaste 1set(5ea)
RM 86.70
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Atomy Toothpaste Weight/Size 1 set = 50 grams 4 tubes Manufacturer Kolmar Korea Co., Ltd Ingredients Sodium monoflurorophosphate, sodium fluoride, Ttriclosan, d-sorbitol solution, polyethylene glycol 1500, carboxymethylcellulose sodium, silicon dioxide, sodium pyrophosphate, hydrated, xylitol, saccharin sodium, sodium lauryl sulfate, green tea extracts, propolis extracts, orange oil, l-menthol, essential oil, citrus perfumes, purified water Storage Sealed container, room temperature (1~30C) Expiration 36 months from manufacturing date Instructions Apply appropriate amount on a toothbrush and brush teeth Dental plaque removing (anti-plaque) effect Tartar deposition preventing effect Dental plaque is often called Plaque and refers to a layer that bacteria attach to the tooth surface and form in lumps. Removes dental plaque by using proper amount of silicon dioxide he cause of gingivitis inflammation is tartar and sodium pyrophosphate prevents tartar deposition. Sodium pyrophosphate prevents plaques attached to teeth to be deposited as tartar. Dental cavities preventing effect Bad breath removing effect Triple complex action of monofluoro phosphate, sodium fluoride, and xylitol prevents dental cavities Bad breath is mainly caused by bacterial hydrogen sulfide or methly mercaptan in mixing organic matters Roles of main ingredients 01 Green Tea Extract Catechin, a major ingredient of green tea, enhances immune power, as polyphenol ingredient has anti-oxidation and anti-biotic effect, and is effective for removal of bad breath by deodorizing action. 02 TCN (Triclosan) Containing broad antibiotic substance, TCN, this product inhibits bacterial propagation and prevents gingivitis disease. 03 Propolis extract This is dark brown colored and sticky resin liquid collected from entrance of bee hive and a natural antibiotic substance with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation effect to inhibit propagation of various bacterial and virus.

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