Other than their music and dramas, Koreans are known for their exceptional beauty. Among their many skin care brands, Atomy skin care sets and other beauty products that could solve all of your dilemmas. Atomy Malaysia mixes biotechnology and high-quality ingredients to help you with your beauty-related woes.

About Atomy Malaysia


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The Most Popular Skin Care Products from Atomy Malaysia

What better way to improve your appearance than with technologically advanced skincare products hailing from one of the countries with the highest beauty standards? South Koreans are famous for their beauty for both men and women. To achieve and meet such high standards of beauty, they would often seek alternative procedures like cosmetics or plastic surgeries.

However, skincare and beauty brands from South Korea are enough for those who don’t want to go as extreme as getting plastic surgery. Luckily, brands like Atomy carry products that can effectively improve your inner and outer beauty so you can follow the footsteps of South Korea and its beautiful people.

About Atomy Malaysia

Founded in 2006, Atomy Korea is now present in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Cambodia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Atomy Korea began as a brand with the belief that high-quality products should be accessible and available easily for people everywhere. It is also an exclusive distribution platform for Kolmar BMH, a Korean skincare company known to use technology to develop its products. Using a unique marketing strategy as well as their research and development, Atomy Korea is slowly becoming a favourite for skincare enthusiasts across the globe. Their best-selling products remain their skincare items, as they provide visible results using only the best ingredients.

Top Atomy Products in Malaysia

The following are some of the most popular lines of Atomy skincare and other beauty products. These product lines have been proven to help solve any kind of skin dilemmas like excess sebum, breakouts, redness, irritation, ageing, and more.

Atomy HemoHIM

The HemoHIM set from Atomy is not just your typical skincare line. In fact, it’s not quite a skincare line at all. Atomy HemoHIM supports immunity enhancements through their herbal extracts, all naturally sourced and used raw. Through strengthening immunity and improving our health internally, our skin is guaranteed to improve externally. The ingredients include Angelica Radix sourced from Jinbu in Gangwon-do, Chuanxiong Rizoma from Jecheon, Chungbuk, and Jeongson, Gangwon-do, and Paeonian Alba Radix from Hwasun in South Jeolla, and Gwangsun in Gwangju.

Atomy Skin Care 6 System

If you’re not blessed with naturally dewy and fresh-looking skin, then Atomy will have your back. The popular Atomy Skincare 6 System set uses the special high purification and fermentation technology from the Korea Atomic Energy Institute (KAERI) to restore and maintain the well-being of the skin from the top layer to the deepest layer. The set consists of the following skincare products (in its right order):

  • Toner – containing fresh natural herb tea to soothe and moisturize the skin.
  • Eye Cream – has MFDS approved adenosine to fight wrinkles around the eye area.
  • Essence – the Phellinus linteus rice formulation help hydrate the skin from the deepest layer.
  • Lotion – contains black yeast beta-glucan to give long-lasting moisture.
  • Nutrition Cream – has amino acid and polysaccharide to improve the skin’s firmness.
  • BB Cream – has an SPF 30 to protect the skin against harmful UV rays

Atomy Absolute Skin Care

The Atomy Absolute Skin Care set is perfect for those with ageing skin or if you’ve noticed any symptoms of ageing. You can even start using anti-ageing products from Atomy from your early 20s as prevention is the best course of action in fighting signs of ageing. The products in this Atomy skincare set are made by using four different types of technologies: high purification technology, fresh herb extraction biotechnology, fermentation technology, and concentrated micro compound capsule technology. This set contains the Atomy Absolute Toner, Atomy Absolute Ampoule, Atomy Absolute Serum, Atomy Absolute Lotion, Absolute Eye-Cream, and the Absolute Nutrition Cream.

Atomy Miscellaneous Supplements

In order to achieve ultimate beauty, one would also need to pay attention to their health or “inner” beauty. If the body is healthy then one’s well-being will be apparent in one physical appearance. To make sure that you can achieve outer and inner beauty, Atomy Malaysia also offers supplements and vitamins to improve your health.

The most popular supplement from Atomy Malaysia is Atomy Probiotics. The Atomy Probiotics 10+ contains 13 different types of mixed Lactobacilli, a good bacterium that can aid in bowel movement and maintain the overall well-being of the stomach and digestive system. Next, is the Alaska E-Omega 3 supplements, containing refined fish oil and vitamin E to support a healthy heart and prevent coronary heart disease. Maintaining the health of the heart is vital (pun intended) as a healthy heart means better blood circulation throughout the whole body.

Other than these product lines, Atomy Malaysia has more things to offer ranging from personal care products like shampoo and toothpaste to living products like detergent and kitchen tools. Atomy also has its own food collection like the Atomy coffee and the Atomy olive oil. All of these Atomy products are made of the most futuristic and innovative technology to ensure that they are received effectively by your body. It proves how Atomy is more than just its unique marketing strategy and skincare, but also a pioneer in the world of modern Korean beauty.

How do I become a member of Atomy in Malaysia?

In order to get all of these wonderful skin care products, you’d need to become an Atomy member. Follow these easy steps to sign up for a membership.

  1. Go to the Atomy website and fill out the registration form and a membership ID will be issued straight away.
  2. Go to https://www.atomy.kr/m/mload_my/member/login.asp to complete your membership verification. Here, you’d need to upload a picture of your IC card or passport, a signed application form, and key in your membership ID.
  3. After 3-5 days of verifying, you will receive a verification email and you’ll be an official Atomy member.

In order to maintain your Atomy membership, you need to buy at least one Atomy product once every 12 months. Your 12-month membership will restart every time you make a purchase. If you would like to cancel your membership, you can do so by filling in a form and stating the reason for cancellation. You can re-register your membership after 1 year from cancellation day.