Astro headsets are regarded as one of the best gaming headphones out there - if not the best. They are not only incredible in looks, but also in the functions. The headsets fit great over your head and the soft earpads do not hurt. The drivers in the headsets deliver professional-grade sounds with great clarity and enhancements such as Dolby Surround Sound. Read more here.


Astro Gaming Headsets

Listening Advantage

Sound is incredibly important on the battlefield – it lets you listen to what you cannot see – it lets you pinpoint locations of your enemies and when to strike. It is an important aspect that could change the tide of a battle.

Gamers all around the world would want only the best of the best in all of their equipment, including their headphones, to get the best of their opponents every single time – and one of those bests are Astro Gaming headsets. With enhancements such as Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound and customizable equalizer settings, you will always hear what you need to hear just the way you want it.

The Astro Headsets

Unlike many other gaming brands with a massive lineup of gaming gear, Astro keeps it nice and neat with just a select few. However, what they lack in variety Astro makes it up with incredibly quality in both the build and sound of their headsets – durable headsets and sound quality that is incredibly immersive.

Also unique to Astro headsets are the interchangeable plates on the sides of the earcups. It is through this that Astro is able to release special and limited edition headsets as well as give gamers the choice of personalizing their own audio equipment to truly make it theirs.

Astro A40

The Astro A40 headset is probably the most common Astro gaming headset out there. It is used by a lot of gamers worldwide and is considered the go-to for ultimate gaming audio – the Major League Gaming (MLG) of video gaming leagues even took it as their headphone of choice in the year of 2007.

It is also well known that open-back headphones generally have much better sound quality and acoustics, but it can be unsuitable for noisy environments where others can hear your sound and vice versa. Thankfully, the Astro A40 has several optional A40 Mod Kits that allow you to convert the A40 between an open-back headset or a closed-back headset depending on your needs and environment.

Astro A50

You want the ultimate headset? This is it. The Astro A50 is not only a wireless headset, but it packs in enhanced audio through Dolby Digital 7.1 to give incredibly immersion of the game through the sound. You will be able to experience rich audio throughout your game, be it the sound of footsteps or the background music.

Unlike other wireless headsets that uses the common 2.4 Ghz wireless frequency, the Astro A50 takes a step up and goes with 5.8 Ghz wireless frequency, delivering reliable audio through a solid wireless connection with lesser interference.

Astro A38

The Astro A38 is for those who prefer to enjoy their games on the more casual side of things – a little mobile game on the commute to work, or a little game at a café. The A38 is a compact Bluetooth headset that works wonders with your mobile devices, be it your handheld console, your smartphone or your tablet. It uses the AptX low latency Bluetooth codec to deliver audio to your ears without any quality loss. If you want to get your style on, it also features customizable tags on the sides of the earcups.

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