Perhaps one of the most well-recognized car brands, Aston Martin Malaysia gives you a wide array of merchandise ranging from clothing, accessories, small leather goods, and so much more! Take a quick look at many Aston Martin products below or click here to know more about the brand.

Aston Martin Kids Clothing

A Taste of Luxury with Aston Martin Malaysia

Luxury is not measured only in thread counts and carats, but also in horse power. While the brand is mostly well-known for manufacturing the best sports and luxury cars, it also has other merchandise such as clothing, accessories, collectibles, bags and so much more! The brand is so popular that it had been referenced in many pop culture icons, and had appeared in TV and movies.

About Aston Martin Malaysia

The epitome of British engineering, Aston Martin is one of the largest luxury car makers, not only in Britain but around the world. The company was first founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. They first started selling cars from Singer and provided services for Cathorpe and GWK automobiles. When Lionel Martin raced and won the Aston Clinton Hill Climb, it was in this moment that they decided to make their own cars. It wasn’t long until World War I and II broke out, making it impossible to manufacture vehicles. It wasn’t until 1947 that the company fully recovered their assets in creating road worthy cars. In 1964, Aston Martin became an icon of luxury when Sean Connery went on screen as James Bond in Goldfinger with an Aston Martin Db5. Throughout the years, the brand continued its legacy as one of the best car brands in the industry.

Your favorite Aston Martin merchandise

While Aston Martin is mostly well known for its sports and touring cars, the brand has also ventured in other merchandise as well. Like their automobiles, these items are made with the finest materials and designed with precision to reach the epitome of luxury and sophistication, reflecting a true jetsetter style. From clothing, accessories, luggage, car accessories, and collectibles, you can all check it out here.


Aston Martin clothing reflects simplicity and elegance; perfect for a jetsetter’s lifestyle. Aston Martin clothing has a wide range of items including mens’, women’s and kids’. Shirts, pants, unisex merchandise, exclusive centenary items, and luxurious cashmere products such as mittens, scarves, and socks.


Another great merchandise from Aston Martin is its wide range of accessories for both men and women. From small leather goods such as wallets, and purses to chiffon scarves, bags and gadget cases. From the clothes you wear down to the smallest accessories, Aston Martin reflects your inner taste for finer things in life.


What is a jetsetter without his/her luggage? Aston Martin has some of the best duffel and handbags for both men and women. Made with the finest fabric and leather, you can now carry your travel essentials in style and with ease.

Car accessories

As a brand who makes cars, it is no surprise that Aston Martin also has car accessories, emulating the brand’s taste for luxury. The brand features car seat covers, mats and valve caps, touring caps, carbon fibre centre caps, flashlights, leather care kits and so much more!

Aston Martin Collectibles

To complete your Aston Martin items, the brand also boasts a range of collectibles exclusively sold for their customers. If you are a big fan of collecting model cars, then Aston Martin has the perfect scale model for their famous vehicles, as well as remote-controlled cars, and pin badges.

Aston Martin in pop culture

The likes of High Grant, Jason Statham, Missy Elliott, former James Bond Pierce Brosnan, Eddie Murphie, Ryan Seacrest, Chris Tucker, and Ella Mcpherson all choose Aston Martin as a car of choice. Aside from being the car of choice for A-list celebrities, Aston Martin has also made great apperances on screen. Among its most popular appearances are in James Bond movies. It has been featured on the franchise so much that many associate James Bond with Aston Martin. The brand has also appeared in many movie franchises including the Amazing Spiderman (2012), the Last Witch Hunter (2015), Fast and the Furious 7 (2015), Fantastic Four (2005), the Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015), the Italian Job (1969), etc. The brand has also appeared in many small screen shows including NCIS, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and had also appeared in several music videos from Drake and Rick Ross.

You don’t have to be James Bond or a famous celebrity to own at least one of these Aston Martin items. Take a quick look at our items above or browse through other famous automobile brands available such as Ferrari, Harley Davidson, and Maserati.