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Ways to Look Boujee Without Actually Breaking Bank

18 August 2017

Are you tired looking the same way every day? Do you want to add a little oomph but got no dough to treat yourself? Stop worrying because we got your back with these easy tips to look boujee without over-spending.

Are you tired looking the same way every day? Do you want to add a little oomph but got no dough to treat yourself? Stop worrying because we got your back with these easy tips to look boujee without over-spending.

The ASOS Jacket Bible – Malaysian Version

Imagine the horror of needing to commute to work or to school by walking or taking the public transport in a jacket. Ew, sweat. So, why do we put up with it? Traditionally worn to keep you warm, jackets are now being used more commonly as a fashion item. Teenagers and young adults are sporting jackets more often despite the near blistering Malaysian heat. Well, that doesn’t really answer the question. Yes, it doesn’t, but ideally, everybody would prefer wearing a jacket in colder climates. However, consider this: how many of us are lucky enough to travel overseas? Ahh, that’s where you’re coming from. Just because some of us can’t travel overseas doesn’t mean we should restrain our wardrobe choices.

So, listen up ladies and gentlemen. We have taken the liberty of compiling the different types of Asos jackets, where best to wear them and how best to pair them. And, you can find all these styles and more in Asos jackets in Malaysia!

The Bomber

Back in once again (not that any of us are complaining), the iconic bomber was initially designed as a military flight jacket. It was made popular in the early 2000s of hip-hop fashionwear. Probably one of my personal favourites, the bomber flatters all body shapes on both men and women alike! The big “poofy” shape is actually really insulating, making this jacket a staple during colder springs and autumns. However, thinner bombers have been in stores and these are the better option for anyone in the Malaysian weather who still wants to integrate this piece into their wardrobe. Pair it with jeans and sneakers for a casual athleisure look.

The Biker

Needing a little touch of tough-luxe edge in your wardrobe? THESE are the only option you should consider. Nah, jokes. But for all seriousness, the biker leather jacket is this century’s cult classic. You can’t go wrong with a biker-jeans combo or for the ladies, you can also opt for a body fitting mini or midi dress under a biker. Only thing to consider is getting a faux leather version instead of opting for genuine leather to make it more bearable in this heat!

The Denim

The denim jacket has been around on-trend for about 130 years. Initially designed as breathable utility wear for manual labourers, this jacket has evolved throughout the years into a fashion must-have. Continually popularized by big names in the industry like John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe and Rihanna, the denim jacket has proven to be a versatile timeless piece. Go for a denim-on-denim combo or for the girls, simply layer it over a dress!

The Sports Jacket

Boys and men, listen up because this is where it really matters. You can’t get a more staple piece than a sports jacket. It enhances your silhouette, slims your midsection and makes you tons more attractive (trust me, I’m speaking from a girl’s perspective). The key is to know how to pair your jacket. Although considered a controversial fashion move, pairing your sports jacket with jeans can actually result in a sure winner sharp and casual look. The reasons that this can backfire is the jarring disparity and the fit of your jeans and jacket. Easiest way to go about this is to opt for a clean, dark and well-fitted pair of jeans while your jacket has to be more casual. This also means that you should never under very few circumstances, pair a blazer or a suit jacket with a pair of jeans. Pay note to these few pointers and you are set!

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