ASOS is an online clothing store operates on an international scale, based in the UK, ASOS sells clothing in Malaysia that is inspired by what is worn by celebrities on screen, looking extremely fashionable and formal at the same time. To learn more, click here to read more about ASOS.

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Celebrity Fashion at ASOS Malaysia

ASOS (apparently pronounced ACE-OSS, for those wondering) was founded by Quentin Griffiths and Nick Robertson in 1999, when the two had the idea of providing a platform for online shoppers trying to gain access to clothing of similar style to those worn by celebrities. Originally known as AsSeenOnScreen, the company eventually came to be known as ASOS, an abbreviation of the original title, and has been known as ASOS thus far. Cultivating a long-term reputation as being a reliable source of celebrity fashion nowadays ASOS has quite the large online presence in the UK, catering to different countries in terms of online clothes shopping, reaching even over here in Malaysia.

Types of clothing at ASOS Malaysia

Clothes being offered at ASOS take inspiration from outfits worn by celebrities, looking glam yet elegant, formal yet casual. The options at ASOS are limitless, from formal suits and dresses to casual jeans and t-shirts, as well as swimsuits, shoes, jackets, and many more.

The target market of ASOS can also be reflected in the designs and trends shown in their clothing seen even after only a quick browse through their online shops, an ideal online shopping destination that shows clothing that are keeping with the most current fashion trends in the industry.

Following the ever-changing trends of the fashion industry is tricky, but ASOS manages to stay on top of the game by supplying their store with fashion forward clothes right on their website, for those who want to stay current while shopping online.

Formal and Fashionable

ASOS caters to both formal and informal clothing choices, keeping its formal clothing looking elegant without being boring, and casual clothing comfortable while still looking fashionable. ASOS toes the fine line between the two.

More often than not, formal clothes can be boring, being so easy to fall into the trap of a black blazer over a white button up shirt, which, while it works, looks incredibly plain.

But then, why go for an unimaginative option? There are other ways to dress formal while still looking striking. Going for a simple midi dress or a checked shirt can make a huge difference in the feel of your outfit, boosting your confidence as well as seize the attention of the room. Living by the words “Clothes make the man.”

Student Perks at ASOS Malaysia

ASOS often has sales, attracting both hardened online shoppers and shopping enthusiasts alike and with the assortment available, ASOS manages to keep their attention even after sales. Not forgetting their youthful frequent shoppers, ASOS also has yearlong student discounts which is applicable worldwide. For the student shoppers out there, now’s the chance to grab a new blazer or even a new outfit from ASOS!