If you are looking for the trendiest clothing for men and women, then ASOS would definitely give you the shopping satisfaction you are looking for! Perhaps known as one of the biggest fashion online retailers, ASOS Malaysia houses tons of different styles and designs that would suit your fashion taste and lifestyle. Scroll below if you would like to know more about the brand.

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Everything you need to know about ASOS Malaysia

For fashionistas who want to revamp their closet with the latest fashion trends, ASOS Malaysia has some of the widest selection of clothing options for men, women, and kids. You can shop for all sorts of fashion items from dresses, skirts, pants, tees, shirts, shorts, accessories, jewellery and so much more! Considered as one of the biggest online retailers today, ASOS takes pride in their designs and affordable fashion options. With ASOS, you can look your best and still be on a budget! Real fashionistas know where to find the best deals, so if you haven’t heard of ASOS then it’s time to reevaluate your whole fashion knowledge. ASOS is one of the biggest and most formidable fashion retailers today. At the height of online shopping, ASOS stands tall with its awesome fashion finds and cheapest prices. The website was first established in June 2000 by Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffith, initially naming the online entity as As Seen on Screen. Because of their attention to detail, quality goods at an affordable price, ASOS became one of the biggest names in online fashion. Recently opening stores worldwide in Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the United States, ASOS is now more popular than ever!

Why you should shop at ASOS

ASOS is a brand dedicated to its customers, providing quality items and the latest trends and the best of all, most of their items are much more economical compared to other brands. You can be hip and stylish without spending more on prestige brands. On top of that, it has the best fashion finds for yuppies and students. The brand caters to twenty-something fashion lovers, providing them with the hottest trends. These are the individuals who aim to make a difference in the way the look and cherishes individualism. So if you are a twenty-something yuppie and/or college students, ASOS caters to your needs and budget.

A vast array of options

ASOS has some of the largest selection of clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. From different brands to their own line of fashion, ASOS gives you tons and tons of different options to cater to your own style.

Beyond fashion and shopping

ASOS goes way beyond the items they sell online. ASOS helps you connect with other fashionistas through social media, which gives browsers fashion inspirations, the latest trends, tutorials, and tips on how to pull off a specific look or garment. Bringing together fashionistas from different cultures and nations, ASOS keeps you in style.

Tips for choosing the perfect ASOS outfit

For fashionistas, one of the biggest decisions you can ever make on a daily basis is choosing the perfect outfit for the day. Either for work, school, or simply meeting up with friends, mixing and matching the right garments can take a while, so here are some tips that would help speed up your decision-making process:

  • Know what’s the occasion for the day. From simple get-togethers, work or school days, to cocktail parties, clubs, and family events, know your plans for the day and dress up for it appropriately. If you have more than one event, it would be best to have an outfit that could go from day to night by simply changing your accessories or adding a few accents.
  • Your #OOTD should be based on what’s happening with the weather. If the forecast says it’s going to rain in the afternoon, then wear boots, or if you think it’s going to be hot out, wear something breathable and made with light fabric.
  • Choose a main garment that you want to focus on your outfit, whether it's your top, your dress, or your accessories, accentuate that using an accessory such as a shawl, scarf, outerwear or jewellery.
  • Don’t forget that your shoes are also part of your #OOTD so make sure that your shoes match your outfit in terms of colour, style, and texture.
  • Another part of your outfit that you should always consider is your accessories. Remember to never over-accessorize; if you are wearing a large necklace, don’t wear large or dangling earrings. You don’t have to wear every piece of jewellery that you have, tone it down and make sure that it matches your outfit.
  • Combine your style with feminine and masculine clothing. If you've observed how fashionistas these days dress up, they tend to mix feminine styles with masculine styles. An example would be, pairing a nice dress with a pair of boots. Also, do not forget to put on lipstick to polish of the look.