Asogo Malaysia is your best bet when you’re looking for a bike with great design without costing a lot of money. Discover all the different types and designs of bicycles Asogo Malaysia offers. Read all about it here.

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Asogo Malaysia - Your Bicycle Buying Guide

Cyclists need more than just a working, functioning bicycle. There’s a certain level of comfort that could make a good bicycle into a great bike. Asogo Malaysia’s bicycles are at par with high-end brands that are popular today. Selecting an Asogo bicycle can be hard, considering the different types of products they create. The information below could help you when you’re choosing what kind of Asogo bicycle to buy.

Choose your Asogo bike carefully

Before anything else, you need to figure out the reason why you’re buying a bicycle in the first place. Whether it’s for a leisure ride around the neighborhood or a high-intensity cycling session along the winding roads of a mountain, Asogo has all kinds of bikes to suit your needs.

  • City Bike – You can find a city bike in almost every home in the country. They are designed for shorter journeys within a flat surface, like the city and suburbs. You can use city bikes in almost every weather while wearing all kinds of clothing. City bikes offer practicality and comfort instead of speed, as these bikes are rarely used for competitive bicycle racing. As an example of how versatile and comfortable city bikes are, people in The Netherlands usually commute by riding a bicycle as it is also cost-effective.
  • Mountain Bike - Also known as MTBs, mountain bicycles are perfect for off-road cycling. They have more suspension, powerful brakes, and heavy duty tires to withstand the most uneven terrains. There are four different ways you can categorize a mountain bike: rigid, hard tail, soft tail, and full suspension. Asogo Malaysia offers mountain bikes within all those categories, created with other top-grade biking elements like alloy hydraulic, and one piece crank, or Ashtabula crank.
  • Fixie Bike – Fixie bikes, or fixed-gear bikes, is basically another type of city bike. It has no freewheel mechanism, meaning that the pedals will stay in place even while the bicycle is moving. Fixie bikes are much lighter than the regular bicycles because there are no components like chain rings or freewheel hub. It makes riding bicycle simpler and it’s perfect for new learners to use.
  • Fat Bike – To put it simply, these bikes have large, fat tires. The tires are oversized and the pressure is adjustable depending on the different terrains to better accommodate the cyclists. Like the mountain bikes, fat bikes are perfect for off-roading, especially in places with low ground pressure and soft unstable terrains. Fat bikes are initially invented to use in snowy terrains and deserts, but it can also easily glide through mud, bogs, and the pavement.
  • Racing or Road Bike – These are perfect for those who are interested in pursuing the art of bicycle racing. In competitive road cycling, efficiency is very important. Racing bikes are specifically designed to be lightweight and stiff and it monitors the pedaling speed of the rider. It does, however, sacrifices comfort for speed, but come to think again, comfort is not what will make you a bicycle race winner.
  • Tandem Bike – Why bike alone when you can bike together? For those who don’t know, tandem bikes are bicycles with multiple pedals, gears, and seats. A tandem bike can fit from 2 to 5 people. Because of the number of people that could ride tandem bikes, they have double the pedaling power. Tandem bikes can also come in the form of city bikes and mountain bikes, so you won’t ever get lonely when cruising through the city or conquering the uneven mountain terrains.
  • Foldable BikeAsogo folding bikes are light and easy to carry around. They provide the choice of foldable tandem bikes, mountain bikes, and alloy bicycles.

Other types of Asogo bicycles include BMX, Kids Bike, and Unique Bike.

Complete your cycling session with accessories

Other than bicycles, Asogo also produces cycling accessories. They create helmets in various colors and designs, hand gloves, locks, bells, saddles, safety lights, and even water bottles. Asogo also offers individual bicycle parts, like link chains, cranks, brake levers, handlebars, pedals, tires, and training wheels.

More reasons why you should shop with Asogo Malaysia

Once you figure out which type of bicycle and accessories you want to buy, you can go ahead and make the purchase. With customers’ convenience in mind, Asogo has also listed many of their popular products in their online store. Asogo online provides fast delivery and great savings with the occasional sales and discounts. Customers can also leave them a message about any queries or suggestions right on the website. If there’s something wrong with your Asogo bike, you can bring them to an Asogo shop where they will fix the problem with no charge. Asogo Malaysia makes sure that the bike and buyer are always satisfied.

With the variations of bicycles and accessibility, it’s no surprise that Asogo is your go-to brand for bikes in Malaysia. Start cycling comfortably with Asogo bicycles by browsing through amazing offers here at iPrice.