Korean beauty and skin care formulas had always been 10 to 20 years more advanced than its Western counterparts. In terms of formulation, packaging, active ingredients, etc., Korean skin care should have its own place in your beauty bag. Among the best and most popular brand in South Korea today is Aritaum and their exciting collections of beauty and skin care products. Check out our selection of items from Aritaum Malaysia below or click here to read more about the brand.

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Aritaum Malaysia - Korean Beauty and Skin Care for Everyone

Dominating the Asian and International beauty markets, Korean beauty and skin care had always been one of the best and most advanced in the industry. With the popularity of KPOP idols and Korean soap operas, you can’t help but wonder how these celebrities maintain their youthful, flawless glow. Taking you to the next level of skin, body, hair care, and cosmetics is Aritaum Malaysia with their exciting collections of products that would leave you feeling fresh and invigorated.

About Aritaum Malaysia

If you are looking for a great Korean brand with a passion for providing excellent quality beauty products, then Aritaum is definitely what you are looking for. Aritaum started out in 2004 when it first opened its doors in South Korea, and later spreading out from Asia to the United States and Europe 1300 stores worldwide, and becoming the number one brand in Korea. As a subsidiary of Amore Pacific - one of the largest beauty and cosmetics companies in Korea, Aritaum aims to provide the west with exciting beauty and skin care. The brand name “Aritaum” comes from Hangul - the South Korean language, meaning “place of beauty”. Aritaum Malaysia is all about providing products that are good quality, safe, and effective, and to create better relationships.

Why choose Aritaum?

Affordable than most brands

What makes Aritaum a premium brand for cosmetics, skin, and body care is their affordable price tag. Whatever budget you may have alotted for your beauty shopping, you will always be able to afford Aritaum products, online or at stores.

A wide selection of products

Another great thing about choosing Aritaum Malaysia is their exciting selection of different products ranging from beauty, cosmetics, skin care, body care, nail and hair care. This enables you to choose which product would suit your lifestyle best.

Top quality beauty products for you

Their dedication to provide excellent quality products can be seen on all of their items from packaging, price, to formulation. Aritaum would surely satisfy your need to be gorgeous all day, everyday.

Other brands under Aritaum Malaysia

With Amore Pacific, Aritaum is behind some of the most well-known Korean cosmetics that every beauty afficionado should get their hands on. Among these brands include:

Exciting Beauty Products from Aritaum

Aritaum Malaysia takes beauty seriously. From head to toe Aritaum has a selection of products that you can use to make you feel youthful, fresh, and rejuvinate your senses. For true beauty geeks, Aritaum holds a place in their hearts and beauty bags.

Aritaum Skin Care

Skin care had always been the heart and soul of Korean beauty. Using natural extracts, and unique formulas, Aritaum has their own collection of skin care that combines the power of nature and modern technology. Among their best skin care products is the Aritaum Salon Esthe Cushion mask which suits all skin types and helps moisturize the skin.

Aritaum Makeup

Korean makeup is all about subtlety, innocence, highlighting your best features, and making your skin look flawless, fair, and well-hydrated. Helping you achieve the perfect KPOP look is Aritaum Malaysia with their exciting makeup collections ranging from foundations, cushions, powders, pigments, lips, and eye colors. Another favorite from the brand is the Aritaum Style Pop Jelly Tint which come in 4 different shades and provides moisture to chapped lips.

Aritaum Nails

Aritaum is not limited to providing beauty on your face but also the rest of your body, particularly nails. If you love Asian nail art, then you would love Aritaum’s extensive array of nail art products such as nail polish, stickers, decals, stones, nail polish removers, coats, and so much more!

Aritaum Body and Hair Care

Complete your beauty regimen with your favorite Aritaum body and hair care formulas such as body scrubs, shampoos, soaps, body lotions, serums, hair removals treatments, and hair masks. Say hello to a more refreshing feeling after a bath using Aritaum’s extensive array of hair and body products!

Shop Online for Fabulous Products from Aritaum Malaysia

Aritaum is one of the best Korean brands you could ever have in your beauty bag. With Amore Pacific, their dedication to providing excellent quality beauty items such as skin and body care, and cosmetics is embedded on the brand’s core philosophies. Check out our selection of Aritaum cosmetics and skin care at iPrice!