When it comes to watches, trust only a world-class brand that exudes in elegance and prestige. Aries Gold Malaysia gives you a wide selection of watches for both men and women. Check out available items from Aries Gold below or read more about the brand.


A Piece of the Stars with Aries Gold Malaysia

A watch is perhaps one of the best accessories you could ever wear on a daily basis. Not only is it for aesthetics, it also helps you be on time and be more organized, especially if you have a hectic schedule. Aries Gold Malaysia gives you an extensive collection of time pieces that would fit royalty. Their bold, elegant, and signature designs blend well with any outfit you wear, whether you want to look high fashion or casual. Exuding in style, Aries Gold watches is the brainchild of precision engineering and grandiose.

About Aries Gold Malaysia

Aries Gold has a long history of creating timeless pieces. The brand was first established by mechanical engineer Wolfgang Widder in 1908. His ambitions in watch manufacturing began at the slopes of the Jura Mountains on the western Alps. There, he aims to create a legacy that would forever secure his name in the watch making industry. Using his skills as a mechanical engineer, Widder created Aries Gold from his surname “widder” which is a direct translation for “aries” in German. This serves as the astrological representation of how bold and daring the brand is when it comes to watches. After Widder came into passing in 1943, the brand continued to provide excellent quality watches that matches the needs of its time during the 70s. This also paved the way for change as main Aries Gold operations transferred to Singapore where its reputation remains unwaivered. For the past 108 years, Aries Gold has been a collector’s secret, a hush-hush brand reserved only for the elite.

Aries Gold - What Makes it Unique

World-class brand

Following its success in Europe, Aries Gold has spread to 22 countries worldwide with greater ventures down the pipeline. Aries Gold has secured its name as a world-class brand which sprung from their dedication to providing excellent quality time pieces with great influences on design from the East and the West.

Durable and high quality

Much attention has been focused on the quality and durability of Aries Gold watches. The bracelets utilizes stainless steel and obtained from a specialized smelting process which yields better, more durable, and ultra-high tensile material. On top of that, the smelting process also ensures low carbon content that makes Aries Gold steel watches resistant to daily wear, perspiration and humidity.

Effortlessly stylish watches

From the mechanisms to aesthetics, Aries Gold ensures that your pieces are effortlessly stylish and would suit any outfit you desire. With a vision to create time pieces that would empower the wearer’s confidence and style, Aries Gold teams up with their creative inhouse designers to create such marvelous and timeless pieces that you can wear in any occasion.


Everyday wear and tear can have an effect on your watch, particularly the face or the clear case cover that protects the dials. The best thing about Aries Gold is that 99% of their watches are scratch-proof, making it an ideal go-to watch for everyone! These watches are fitted with sapphire crystal glass which was formed from top-grade sapphire, derived from fusion and crystallization of alumina. The results are astounding and beautiful that pushes the limits of hardness, durability, and scratch-resistance.

Water-resistant watches

The watch case is a vital part of an Aries Gold watch and hence, much diligence has been put in consideration to ensure that these cases are air-tight and water-resistant. During the manufacturing process, Aries Gold watch cases are carefully tested using advanced vacuum technology to check for any leaks that would compromise your watch.

Elegant style

If an aesthetically pleasing watch is what you are after, then Aries Gold is a brand that you would love. Decorated with authentic multi-faceted Swarovski crystals that enhance the element of elegance, shine and lustre of your favorite Aries Gold watch collections.

Singature Watch Collections from Aries Gold Malaysia!

Another great thing about Aries Gold Malaysia is their unique signatures that best represents each watch collection. Etched at the back of every watch, Aries Gold watches bear the unique insigna and multi-layered individualty.


Bearing the beacon of poise, grandiose, and urbanization, the Urban collection features a skyscraper caseback that signifies growth and power.


Stylish, exhilirating, and triumphant, the rally series is a symbol for fast lane and adrenaline-pumping automotive sports. Representing the rally series is a checkered flag on an Aries Gold caseback.


A series made for individuals at sea, the Pioneer series - symbolized by an anchor, is a watch collection which gives seafarers and adventurers a grip of stability, no matter the circumstances.


Flight and aviation has always dazzled many of us in a quest to achieve new heights in aerodynamics. Giving you the watch to match your attempts to break human limits is the Aviation collection from Aries gold with a propeller emblem to symbolize mechanical precision.


Nothing is more elegant and enchanting than a diamond, which best represents the elegance and timeless design of the Enchant collection from Aries Gold. Adding a feminine charm to each time piece, the Enchant collection is suited for women with a high-sense of style and fashion.

Aries Gold Malaysia is one of the best brands of watches today. Because of its dedication to the craft, the brand has been well-known in Europe, the United States, and now in Asia. Check out our selection of Aries Gold watches at iprice!