Ariani Online is a clothing store based in Malaysia known for its wide range of hijab and other Muslimah wear. The brand's products are made with the highest quality material but come with an affordable price tag. Read more about Ariani Online below!

What kind of shawl does Ariani offer? | What other products are available for sale on Ariani online? | What is the Ariani Luxe collection?


Galeri Ariani Online Store in Malaysia

Ariani Online is a premium scarf brand that is based in Malaysia. They are a groundbreaking scarf brand in Malaysia that tries to design modest headwears that are still trendy and in style, perfect for your modern-day hijabista.

Not only does Ariani offer an array of beautiful shawls, but they also have collections of ready-to-wear clothing. This includes baju kurung, blouse, pants, shirts, dresses, t-shirts, jackets, blazers, sweaters, and jubah.

Galeri Ariani Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shawl does Ariani offer?

Galeri Ariani has a handful of shawl collections and each contains its own special designs and patterns. The available Ariani collections include Printed and Plain shawls, square hijabs, and instant hijabs. They also have a series of gift sets as well as accessories like under scarves, headpins, and more.

What other products are available for sale on Ariani online?

Galeri Ariani not only provides premium shawls and scarfs but they have also released a line of collections called Ariani Ready To Wear. The collection offers everything a hijabista could ever ask for ranging from dresses, skirts and blouses to bags, activewear and t-shirts. They have almost every fashion article from head-to-toe ready for you to choose from.

What is the Ariani Luxe collection?

The Ariani Luxe collection consists of limited edition premium scarves and shawls that are set at a higher range of price for their exclusive and luxurious designs. A special collaborated edition of Ariani Luxe with Swarovski had their elegant top-quality shawls carefully lined with Swarovski crystals that add mesmerising bling to the fashionable headwear.

Where can I buy Ariani shawl?

The best place to buy tudung Ariani is from the Galeri Ariani online store or their physical store that are opened all over Malaysia. You can also browse their catalogue and find updates on the Ariani Instagram account. Alternatively, you can also find Ariani products on Shopee and Lazada.