Areon is a Malaysia-based company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality car air fresheners. If you are in the market for one, check out the latest Areon products below. You can also learn some tips on how to choose the right car air freshener by reading the article below.


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How to Buy a Car Air Freshener with Areon Malaysia

If you want your car to smell fresh at all times, you might want to consider some tips on how to choose a car air freshener. There may be a vast selection of air fresheners on the market but you are not sure about how they work. To help you with your purchase, here are the different types of car air fresheners and tips on how to choose them.

Hanging Cardboard

Hanging cardboards are the most common varieties of air fresheners and are infused with different oil scents. Once you expose them to the air, they release a fragrant smell. If you have a hanging cardboard air freshener like those from Areon Malaysia, make sure to not make big openings, only small, to optimize its life expectancy.

Aerosol Cans

If you are on the lookout for a quick solution for foul odors in your car, get a good aerosol from trusted brands like Areon. A single spray from an Areon aerosol can is enough to make your car’s interior smell great. To make sure the scent last a whole day, you may need to respray often.

Vent sticks

Vent sticks are efficient, handy air fresheners which can be attached to the air vents in your car. The air that comes out from the vents will release the aromatic scent of your vent sticks. If you are looking for a good product, Areon vent sticks are the best choice since they are long-lasting and more affordable than other brands. They are also more cost-effective in comparison to Areon aerosol cans and hanging cardboards.

Can Style air freshener

Can style air fresheners have air holes and lids that can be replaced after using your car. They have a gel-based content that is saturated with a distinct scent. They can be used in offices, homes, cars, and elsewhere.

Oil Wick

To use an oil wick air freshener, you need to put in the wick into the oil inside the bottle. As soon as it reaches the plastic top, say the vent sticks, attached it to the air vents in your car. Oil wicks come in single and multi-scented variants. They emit a scent that lasts a long time. That is why these air fresheners are the best choice for RVs and larger vehicles.

Auto Plug-in

Auto Plug-in air fresheners rely on power outlets in your car where they get energy to release their fragrance to make your car smell fresh. They also emit a soft glow while freshening your car’s interior. When using an auto plugin freshener from Areon Malaysia, place it in other areas except for the power outlet of the car.

How to Buy Areon Car Air Fresheners

  • Areon air fresheners are sold online, in grocery stores, hardware supply stores, and sellers of auto parts. You can also find them for sale at gasoline stations, and pharmacies.
  • Some scent choices of Areon air fresheners remind you of a fragrant flower, fruits, spice, freshly dry-cleaned linen, alpine meadow, ocean breeze, and a lot more. If you have allergies to scents, try to avoid them. Chances are, you are allergic to it also.
  • Determine the proper type of air freshener for your car based on the above types. Small cars require lightly scented vent sticks. Large vehicles need oil wick or can type air freshener. Auto plug-in air fresheners offer ambiance to your car.

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