Up your swimming gear with Arena Swimwear because the swimming world would not be where is it today without Arena. The leading swimwear brand that has been worn by top class swimmers, find out how Arena swimwear can help you make a pool of water your new playground here.

Arena Swimming Trunks
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Let’s go swimming — Get Arena Swimwear now at iprice Malaysia

Advanced Arena Swimwear that fits like second layer of skin

Arena of the US has supplied the world's top swimmers with racing, training and leisure swimwear for over 40 years. Arena literally makes everything you could possibly need in the water. From high-end racing swimwear like the “Carbon Flex” and top notch racing goggles like the “Cobra”, to simple swimming accessories such as nose clips and swimming caps for all.

Did you know that Arena studies and conducts research on professional swimmers for their R&D? Arena swimwear designers investigates the needs and movement of these athletes in the water and transforms the knowledge into swimwear that has superior performance and value. Factors such as fabric resilience, durability, suit construction, body support, UV protection as well as shaping for the female figure are all elements that are taken into account in the making of Arena Swimwear.

Arena Swimwear series that fits to your skin like second skin:

  • Arena PowerSkin Carbon Air — Carbon-Air is a combination of innovative design, breakthrough technology and ultra-lightweight fabric. Arena’s trademark intelligent compression and unbeatable comfort makes this hydrodynamic tech suit that allows fast and easy in and out of the water movements. This allows competitive swimmers to forget the fuss and just focus on winning.
  • Arena PowerSkin Carbon Flex — this series offers powerful performance, advanced technology and fierce style. Strong carbon fibres and stretch fabric optimizes water flow compression on over-extended zones when you move in the water. Strategic bonded taping and seams helps to keep potential energy which can be released during dives, kicks and turns to maximize efficiency, power and speed. Stiff, strong and durable Carbon fibres combined with high-stretch fabric “lock out” when a critical stretch level is reached increasing support and control, when and where it’s needed.

Arena Swimwear Malaysia: Helping You Unleash Your Aquatic Instincts

We are actually surrounded by a good 60% of water. Water covers more than two-thirds of the earth we live on. Oceans, rivers and lakes, ice caps and glaciers, vapour in the air and moisture in the ground. Without water we would not survive. So, if you are not familiar with swimming or are afraid of the water, we suggest you to try to be comfortable in it and pick up swimming (you can’t predict when you will need the skills to survive). Get Arena Swimwear that will help you unleash your instincts in water.