Looking for high-quality cookware that fits your budget? Look no further than Are Ikan Malaysia and their wide collection of kitchenware! Find out more below.


4 Kitchenware from Are Ikan Malaysia You Must Have in Your Kitchen

Are Ikan is a Malaysian kitchenware brand that carries affordable high-quality products that meet international standards. While various designs and colors are available, products from Are Ikan Malaysia are signified by their bright red exterior and non-stick marble stone interior. Offering a wide array of cookware, here are the 4 Are Ikan marble stone cookware that is essential to your kitchen.

Are Ikan Rendang Pot

The rendang pot, also known as periuk rendang, from Are Ikan can be used to cook not only the popular Malaysian dish but other delicious meals as well. The rendang pot is available in many colors and finishes, and you can choose between 3 sizes: 24cm, 28cm, and 32cm. This Are Ikan pot is easy to use and has 2 non-stick layers so you can fry, boil, steam, and more while maintaining the quality of your cookware.

Are Ikan Frying Pan

Whether you’re an amateur home cook or an inspiring chef, a frying pan is always a must-have in your kitchen. The frying pans from Are Ikan are also available in various colors, designs, and sizes; you can choose between 22cm, 24cm, 26cm or 28cm. Similar to the periuk rendang, the frying pans from Are Ikan are made with non-stick die-cast aluminum.

Are Ikan “Magic” Cookware

Aside from the traditional pots and pans, Are Ikan Malaysia also offers specialty cookware. This includes wok, grillers, crepe pans, waffle pans, and more. The Are Ikan 40cm magic wok, or wok ajaib, has 2 die-cast non-stick layers and is dishwasher safe. The grillers, or pemanggang ajaib, are able to cook grilled chicken, pizza, cakes and more and they implement the same non-stick material. The crepe and waffle pans, come in various shapes, like the waffle pan that comes in a flower/love shape. All of these magic cookware from Are Ikan are easy to clean, store, and are highly durable.

Are Ikan Glassware

If you’re looking for something else other than non-stick cookware, Are Ikan Malaysia also carries a line of glass cookware. The Are Ikan glassware line mostly comprises of casserole pots that are safe to put in the oven under high heat. You can get them either individually or in a set that includes pots in different sizes. Like all other Are Ikan products, these glasswares are dishwasher safe.