Arai Is a Japanese company that produces and manufactures motorcycle helmets and other helmets for motorsport. Arai is a top-tier company in their fields and you obviously cannot obtain the level of quality they provide without making a significant investment. Arai helmets are one of the most popular helmets among professional racers. Arai produces a variety of helmets to fit a variety of different head sizes, as well as comprehensive customizability for a variety of different inner liners and pads.

Is Arai a Good Helmet? | Why is Arai Helmet so Expensive? | What is the best Arai helmet?


Helmet Arai - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arai a Good Helmet?

Arai helmet was popular for its high-quality helmets that cannot doubt anymore. Arai was a legendary name in the motorcycling community because of its top-tier helmets. Not only that, but Arai also famous for their excellent reputation, lengthy warranties, and the number of professional motorcycle racers they have behind them. You can never go wrong with a helmet from Arai.

Arai helmets are good because they have been designed with the knowledge of the real-world impact that can come from any direction. A lot of helmet manufacturers make cheaper helmets, which do not give complete protection for their use later. That's what makes Arai different because they test every side and shape to give the perfect protection for the user's head.

Why is Arai Helmet so Expensive?

Arai builds every single helmet even for their sponsored racers to the same exacting standards, with each stage inspected and hand-signed that's why their helmets tend to be so expensive. They do not simply inflate their rates as though you are just paying for the brand name. The designers of the helmets invest in quality by using excellent engineering, fabrication, painting, and so on and it shows in the finished product.

Their helmets are manufactured in Japan with unrivalled technology. They are smaller and are custom-made to suit your head perfectly. It's so comfortable that once you're used to it, you won't even notice it's there. Most Arai users agree that the price is prohibitively expensive, but it is well worth it.

What is the best Arai helmet?

You can found plenty of good helmets from this brand plus you will never have a problem with that but one of their best was the open face helmets. Arai manufactures head protection that you would want to own even though you don't ride a motorcycle. These handcrafted helmets are one-of-a-kind works of art and it's not just the eye-catching designs, which range from stunning minimalism to high-impact colouration. They use modern materials and take no shortcuts.