For fashion-conscious Muslim women, dressing modestly can be quite a chore. With Aqeela Malaysia, you don’t have to sacrifice style and comfort for your faith. Click here to find out how you can do both.

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Begin Your Modest Journey with Aqeela Malaysia

Deciding to start dressing modestly as a Muslim woman can be a difficult choice to make. One might think that when choosing to cover up, you give up your freedom of expression. Comfort has to be sacrificed as well, especially in Malaysia where it’s hot most of the year. These, however, are just myths and silly stereotypes.

Dressing modestly simply means that you accept the modest lifestyle that is heavily promoted in the religion. Living this way helps you ignore materialistic desires and focus your attention on your faith and beliefs. As time goes by and as societal norms change, dressing in Muslimah wear allows you more freedom to express yourself through clothing. You can also keep dressing comfortably because Muslimah attire with thick materials doesn’t have to be worn every day. As a homegrown online boutique that focuses on comfortable Muslimah wear, Aqeela Malaysia can be your go to shop. Aqeela Muslimah wear are chic and trendy while the materials used are breathable, low maintenance, and super comfy.

If you love learning how to style your clothes in a fashionable way or constantly researching for tips to improve your style, then dressing modestly should be a breeze. The only difference is that you must cover all your awrah instead of showing your curves and cleavage like some stylists would suggest. Read the tips below on how to dress modestly while maintaining your fashion sense.

Implement prints and patterns

To diversify your style, avoid sticking to neutral colors and plain patterns. Sometimes, dressing in a monochromatic style can be stylish, but include prints and different patterns to bring variety to your wardrobe. Choose prints and patterns that can accentuate the body shape without revealing too much curvatures. Combine classic pieces, like an A-line skirt with floral blazer or cardigan over the shirt. You can even mix and match prints and pattern, like wearing loose pants with thin stripes and a floral blouse that comes down to your mid-thigh. Aqeela’s Layer Top in Red Floral and Flared Skirt in Pink are great Muslimah clothing items that incorporate unique prints and pattern. However, do not go overboard when mixing and matching. For instance, avoid pairing up your floral skirt with a batik style top. Keep the patterns simple and if the print is too striking, pair it with a classic neutral color.

Layer up your outfit

Who says layers can only be worn only during the winter? You can layer up your Muslimah clothing, too, to add dimension and variety. Since Aqeela Muslimah wear are extremely breathable, this allows you to add layers on your daily outfits. It is often difficult to find Muslimah clothing with modest silhouette and trendy styles. Traditional Muslimah wear usually have one type of silhouette: straight down to your ankle. These types of clothing can get boring after a while. Layering up your outfit can give you the option to wear your normal clothing pieces while maintaining modesty at the same time. For example, you can wear your tank tops or singlet inside a revealing top to cover up your chest area and then put on a cardigan to complement the top. You can even don your favorite knee-length skirt and wear a pair of knee-high boots to cover the bottom half of the legs.

Don’t forget to add accessories

When you search for guides online on how to dress modestly, you might come across advice that suggests to not wear any accessories. These suggestions claim that striking accessories highlights one’s pride and vanity, which are not permitted in Islam. Still, accessorizing can be a great way to add a splash of “you” in your day to day outfits. Accessories are believed to complete an outfit, whether it’s by wearing a watch or a necklace. If you have no choice and have to wear a drab bajukurung, you can complement it by wearing an eye-catching necklace or clip on a brooch to secure the folds of your hijab.

Don’t let pregnancy hinder modesty

For pregnant women, clothing can become uncomfortable in an instant. Your pants don’t fit you anymore and your blouses simply doesn’t cover your bulging belly. Fortunately, Aqeela Malaysia also produces Muslimah maternity wear. Their maternity clothes don’t restrict movements and can fit all women in any stages of pregnancy. The clothes are also trendy, incorporating patterns and bright, beautiful colors, like the Nursing Kurung in Purple Roses. Another great thing about Aqeela is that after your little girl is all grown up, you can purchase Muslimah kids wear from them too.

Browse through Aqeela Malaysia muslimah clothing and kids clothing right now on iPrice to begin your journey on achieving modesty. You can even find Muslimah clothes for men too so all your family members can start practicing the faith to the fullest.