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Vacuum Cleaners Price in Malaysia for October, 2018

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Keeping your house free from dust and small debris is never easy and tends to take up a lot of time. Hence, you need to make sure that you invest in one of these awesome vacuum cleaners below. A great vacuum cleaner choice is the one that can help decrease the time needed for you to clean your home. Read more about vacuum cleaners in Malaysia here below to find out.

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Elba EV-6720
From RM 185.00
4 Stores
Compare in 4 Stores Product details of ELBA Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner EV-6720 Are you looking for a powerful and easy to use vacuum cleaner that can leave your house spotless? EV-6720 Vacuum Cleaner wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Elba will sweep away all the dust and wet mess in your house with no hassle. Powerful CleanerElba EV-6720 stylish design is distinctively unique. Powering on 1200 watt, this mighty cleaner features a strong suction power that can effectively clean debris and liquid. Whether cleaning dry or wet dirt and dust or those hard to reach places, this vacuum does the job. Included in this package are four types of brushes and nozzles. Use the floor brush when cleaning the floor and when for carpet use, use the carpet brush. Living in a house with multiple furnitures, the bristle brush allows you to clean up your sofa, bookshelf, curtains and furniture while for those hard to reach places, switch to the crevice nozzle. Smart MaintenanceThis multipurpose model features a 20L stainless steel tank that would store all the dust and wet mess. For easy maintenance, the filter is washable and made of long lasting HEPA material. When the dust barrel is full, release the lock block to open up the housing, empty the dust barrel and put it back and fasten the block. The practical, safe and easy to operate Elba EV-6720 will surely keep your house squeaky clean, always. Get this must-have vacuum cleaner today! Read more
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Haier HVC-9009ZW
From RM 129.00
2 Stores
Compare in 2 Stores Clean your house like never before Looking to invest in a good vacuum cleaner? Sweep and wipe no more because the Haier Vacuum Cleaner HVC-9009EW is here to save the day. This vacuum cleaner allows to clean your house in half the time it used to. With its innovative design, you are able to get rid of hard to reach dirt and dust particles. The vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning floors and all those nooks and crannies. The powerful suction means that it can suck up a wide range of materials, including liquids and small objects. Also, the Haier Vacuum Cleaner HVC-9009EW is designed to be efficient and effective. Features that don’t suck The Haier Vacuum Cleaner HVC-9009EW comes equipped with features that rival even the best in the market. With a powerful motor, it is high performing and fast cleaning. Also, this vacuum cleaner includes a Multi-Filtratioon system which ensures quality air that is free from dust and impurities. Not only that, this vacuum cleaner provides you many brush options to control the way you want to clean. It is difficult to find a vacuum cleaner as user friendly as Haier Vacuum Cleaner HVC-9009EW on the market. About Haier Haier has been making a name for itself since the 1984. Initially a refrigerator manufacturer, Haier has grown and expanded due to the success of their products. Headquarted in China, Haier is now one of the leading manufacturers in home appliances. Their long list of products include air conditioners, washing machines and kitchen appliances. Haier also has products related to digital technology such as PCS and mobile phones. Now, Haier has a strong presence all over the world, especially in Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Read more

Top Vacuum Cleaners Price List 2018

Top 10 products Price Store
Dyson V8 RM 2,317.50 Qoo10
Dyson V6 RM 1,164.60 Amazon
Panasonic MC-CL561 RM 241.00 Lazada
Dyson V6 Fluffy RM 1,599.00 Lazada
iRobot Roomba 980 RM 4,159.40 AliExpress
iRobot Braava 380T RM 1,533.00 Qoo10
Electrolux ZVE4110FL RM 343.00 Lazada
Sharp EC-NS16 RM 183.90 Shopee
Panasonic MC-CL563 RM 327.00 Shopee
Panasonic MC-CL565 RM 395.00 Shopee
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Dyson V8

Cheapest at Qoo10 RM 2,317.50 Go to Shop

How to Select the Ideal Vacuum Cleaner

Without vacuum cleaner, we cannot imagine how hard it can be to clean the house. As one of the most important appliances, the vacuum cleaner is crucial when it comes to getting rid of dust and dirt in your home. Despite this, many do not know how to choose the suitable vacuum cleaner that matches their needs. Practically, it is another member of your household and this is how you choose your ideal vacuum cleaner.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning bare floors, stairs, drapes, under furniture, and upholstery, canister vacuum cleaner is the best candidate that can perform these tasks effortlessly. If you have a canister vacuum cleaner with a motorized power head attachment, it can be as good as an upright vacuum cleaner especially during carpet cleaning. Most canister vacuum cleaners produce less noise when you use them. Thanks to their separate power heads, they can be lighter.

Despite this, canister vacuum cleaners are still bulky when you compare them with an upright vacuum cleaner. Due to its hose and wand, it is difficult to put canister vacuum cleaner into a closet or other place. If you have back pains, you should not use canister vacuum cleaner

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

As the most popular vacuum cleaner type in the market, upright vacuum cleaner is the traditional model that everyone is familiar with. In terms of cost, an upright vacuum cleaner is cheaper than canister vacuum cleaner. It also excels at cleaning carpets especially when you need a deeper cleaning. Most importantly, people prefer upright vacuum cleaners because they are easy to store.

An upright vacuum cleaner is not suitable for cleaning corners or places that are hard to reach. When you hate loud noise, an upright vacuum cleaner will be a bad choice because it is very noisy.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Dedicated and reliable, a robotic vacuum cleaner is the one that helps to clean up the mess while you relax. If your room is uncluttered, you can actually use your robotic vacuum cleaner to touch up certain parts of the room. Along with your regular vacuum cleaner, robotic vacuum cleaner proves indispensable especially when it helps you to cover the specific spot that you overlook in your room.

Some robotic vacuum cleaners are sophisticated enough to find their own way out of tight spots and around extension cords. In fact, latest robotic vacuum cleaners can be controlled via an app on your smartphone. Not just that, you can take advantage of their area mapping so that you do not have to miss a spot.

However, robotic vacuum cleaners can be very expensive and are out of the price range for many people. In addition, robotic vacuum cleaners are still not powerful enough to replace your main vacuum cleaners. You do not expect them to match the deep cleaning that you can get from upright and canister vacuum cleaners. Furthermore, they require more time to maintain than your normal vacuum cleaners.