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Maintaining Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are useful home appliances to keep your homes dust-free. Before vacuum cleaners were invented, humans relied mostly on brooms and cloths to remove any dust or debris in their homes, but these methods used up a lot of energy and time and were less efficient. As vacuum cleaners are useful helpers to ensure the cleanliness of our homes, we should ensure that proper maintenance is applied so that they can last longer. The instructions below are a simple guide on to maintain your vacuum cleaners at home:

  1. Before perform any maintenance on your vacuum cleaner, make sure that it is switched off and unplugged from the electrical outlet. Performing maintenance on a plugged-in vacuum cleaner is dangerous as you might accidentally cause it to operate, injuring yourself in the process.
  2. Check the dust bag in the vacuum cleaner regularly. If the bag is too full, the vacuum cleaner will be unable to clean as efficiently because air will not be able to pass through the collected dust and debris. Use your hand to determine how full the dust bag is with the accumulated wastes. If the bag is about 2/3 full, it is time to change the bag.
  3. Clean the brush roll. This is the spinning brush underneath the washing machine that cleans dirt out of carpets. Remove the brush roll carefully and clean the brush roll from any attached hair, string or other debris with your fingers or using a cloth.
  4. Remove any accumulated dirt from the air passages on the vacuum cleaners, as well as on the brush roll housing before reattaching the brush roll.
  5. Many newer models have built-in filters that will trap any solid particles as the air passes through them. Read the manual on the best way to clean these filters.
  6. If you encounter loss of suction power on your vacuum cleaner, it might be due to any clogs and obstructions in the hoses. Use a broomstick to push gently through the hose to dislodge any large clumps of debris that might be stuck.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to ensure that your vacuum cleaners will keep working effectively to keep your homes dust-free.

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Keeping your house free from dust and small debris is never easy and tends to take up a lot of time. So, make sure that you invest in one of these awesome vacuum cleaners below that is sure to help decrease the time needed for you to clean your home. Click here to learn more.

Radial Root Cyclone technology Remodelled airflows to capture more dirt and microscopic dust in the bin.Conventional vacuum cleaners rely on bags to trap dust and dirt. But when you start to use some bagged machines, dust can clog the tiny holes in the bag. Some ordinary bagless vacuum cleaners work in a similar way. They use a central filter to trap fine dust, which can clog too. Suction drops, leaving dust and dirt behind in your home. Dyson's patented cyclone technology captures more dirt than any other cyclone. In Radial Root Cyclone technology remodeled airflows maximize suction power. Improved flow efficiency reduces turbulence and preserves air pressure, so more microscopic particles are extracted by the inner cyclones. These refinements help remove more dust, allergens and pet hair from the home. Ball technology Turns on the spot and follows you effortlessly around the home, without the awkward moves. All of the vacuum's key components are housed within the ball itself, including the electronics, the motor, the pre-motor filter and 6.5m of power cable. This creates a low centre of gravity and provides stability. Dyson Ballâ„¢ cylinder vacuums have a central steering mechanism, so they follow accurately as you pull them along. Approved for allergy sufferers Dyson's upright and cylinder range expels cleaner air than any other cyclonic vacuum. Other vacuums often have inefficient cyclones, which means that microscopic particles like mould spores and pollen make their way through to the filter. If the machine isn't properly sealed, these allergens and other microscopic particles escape back into the home. Dyson vacuums have the most efficient cyclones and are engineered to be airtight. What goes into the vacuum goes into the clear bin - not back into the home.

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Vacuum Cleaners Malaysia: The Convenient Way to Keeping Your House Dust-Free

Before the invention of vacuum cleaners, people had to use brooms, cloths and a lot of energy to keep their house clean and free from dust. Then, in 1860s, a man came up with the idea for a carpet sweeper. The machine was the combination of a rotating brush (to gather dust) and bellows (for suction). Soon, other people came up with better, improved versions of this manual vacuum machine. The very first motorized version only came about in year 1901. The machine was rather large and was sold to cleaning services rather than the domestic market. It would be a few years later, in 1905, that the very first vacuum cleaner was made to be portable and marketed to the domestic market.

The Many Faces of a Vacuum Cleaner in Malaysia

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners in today’s market. While each is obviously made to make household cleaning a whole lot easier, the type of vacuum cleaner you will need for your home may vary. In order to help you come to a proper decision on which vacuum cleaner to get, we have listed the common types that can be found:

Canister Vacuum Cleaners
This type of vacuum cleaners consists of a long wand that is attached to a canister by a flexible hose. The canister is mounted on wheels that make it easy for people to pull the vacuum cleaner around the room. As the vacuum cleaner comes with a flexible hose and various attachments, this makes it easy for the person to clean a variety of surfaces.
Upright Vacuum Cleaners
The name of this vacuum cleaner is derived from its ability to stand upright. An upright vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning heavily carpeted areas. This particular vacuum cleaner sucks dirt and debris, deposits the dirt into a bag and then lets the air exit through the exhaust port, while keeping the dirt in the bag through the help of a filter.
Handheld Vacuum Cleaners
This vacuum cleaner is a small appliance that is easy to port around. It can be used to clean small spills as well as hard-to-reach-areas like stairs, corners and the interior of cars. Handheld vacuum cleaners are either battery-operated or equipped with cords.
Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
If you are one of those who do not have enough time to vacuum your house, then you will love these vacuum cleaners. A robotic vacuum cleaner is designed to clean your house with minimal assistance. Just enter your instructions into its programming and leave this handy little robot to its work.

    There you have it: the different types of vacuum cleaners that can be helpful for you. If you are looking for other household products that would be useful, make sure you have a look at the many Appliances that we have to offer.

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