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Ovens Price in Malaysia for October, 2018

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Nowadays, every home should get its own oven because it is convenient when it comes to preparing food. Not just that, an oven allows you to prepare a huge variety of meals. You can never go wrong with a well-functioning oven in your kitchen. Read more about ovens in Malaysia here below to find out.

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Panasonic NN-ST651M
From RM 600.00
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Compare in 2 Stores Product details of Panasonic NN-ST651MMPQ Inverter Microwave Oven 32L Silver Grey 32L INVERTER STRAIGHT MICROWAVE OVEN 1000W 340MM LARGE TURNTABLE INVERTER MELT & SOFTEN FUNCTION Want to reheat food but scared that it might spoil its taste and texture? Look no further, introducing Panasonic Inverter Microwave Oven32L NN-ST651MMPQ Silver Grey. Combination of microwave and powerful grill heater functions shorten cooking time. It features with Grill 1,000W & Microwave 1000W Power Source and Innovative Inverter Technology. With Inverter, you can poach, braise and even steam more delicate foods, all with the speed and convenience of a microwave. You'll enjoy delicious, healthy cooking results, and all in less time! Inverter Technology Unlike other microwave ovens, Inverter Technology delivers a seamless stream of cooking power, even at lower settings for precision cooking that preserves the flavor and texture of your favorite foods. Other microwaves mimic lower heat settings by turning the power on and off repeatedly, which can result in overcooked edges and cool spots in the middle. With inverter, all food will be cooked evenly with less time. Fine, inverter­regulated power control prevents the destruction of food cells for more delicious results. Conventional power supply system is controlled with only simple on/off switching, so overheating tends to occur. Otherwise, Inverter power supply system is controlled to prevent overheating, so no flavor is lost. Fast, Simultaneous Cooking of Both Sides ensure that the top and bottom of food are heated at the same time for faster cooking without the trouble of turning items over half way through. Rich Nutrients The cooking power and performance of a Panasonic Inverter Microwave oven has produced significant increases in nutrient levels of certain foods, when compared to other cooking methods such as boiling and steaming.* Not only will your food be ready fast, it will also contain the healthy nutrients you expect. In addition, the Panasonic Inverter Microwave will give you Restaurant­Level Cooking. Heat dishes with microwave and grill heater at the same time, so that they are well cooked both inside and out. The heater evaporates moisture from the surface of food to crisp it, and microwave and steam heating cooks the food thoroughly for delicious results. This will greatly improve your range of cooking and put an extra smile on each of your family's faces. Read more
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Electrolux EOT4805K
From RM 216.00
3 Stores
Compare in 3 Stores Product Description The multi-function table top mini oven is a superb yet convenient toaster to bake, heat, cook and grill all your favorite food like cookies, muffins, cheese toasts, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, mini pizzas, croissants, snacks and endless finger food! Efficient cooking - 21L cavity capacity - Automatic shut-off and signal - 60-minute timer - Variable temperature control - Various cooking function Easy to experience - Compact design to save space on your counter top - Non-stick baking tray Why choose SJK for Electrolux Toaster Oven EOT4805K ? 1. 2 years one to one exchange warranty by Electrolux Malaysia (Original Warranty). 2. All Electrolux product sold by SJK are 100% genuine from Electrolux Malaysia, strictly not privately imported from unknown sources. 3. SJK ensures safe delivery by protecting all goods purchased with bubble wrap and stretch film. 4. Express delivery, dispatch within the same or the next working day. 5. 100% brand new products, strictly not display unit. Highlights Adjustable temperature control (up to 250°) Variable temperature control (up to 250°) for individual preference. 4 cooking function Bake, grill, cook and convection. 21 Liter capacity The 21 Liter capactiy means that you can cook meals of any size. 4 Stainless Steel heater Reheat to warm toast quickly. Compact design Compact design to save space on your counter top. 1500 W Rated power: 1500 W Specifications of Electrolux Toaster Oven EOT4805K Technical Specifications -Cavity Capacity: 21L -Rated power: 1500 W -Net Weight : 5.9 kg Features -4 stainless steel heaters -60-minute timer -Variable temperature control (up to 250°) -Pilot lamp indicator -Auto shut-off signal Design -Material Colour: Black Accessories -Bake Pan -Grill rack -Tray picker -Removable Crumb Tray Dimensions -Product Dimension (W x D x H) : 47.20 x 29.90 x 35.00(cm) Read more

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Electrolux EOB2100COX RM 1,150.00 Lazada
Elba 6840SS RM 765.00 Lazada
Khind OT52R RM 249.50 Shopee
Panasonic NN-CD997S RM 1,730.70 Shopee
Panasonic NN-CS894B RM 2,499.00 Lazada
Pensonic PEO-2000 RM 97.00 Shopee
Khind OT2502 RM 155.30 Shopee
Electrolux EOB2400AOX RM 2,300.00 Lazada
Elba EEO-D4520 RM 569.00 Lazada
Panasonic NT-GT1 RM 129.00 Shopee
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Electrolux EOB2100COX

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Guide to Choosing the Ideal Oven

Ovens and stoves are one of the most important appliances that you must get for your kitchen. In fact, they are certainly worth your investment because you have to use them almost daily. This is a guide that can help you to narrow down choice so that you can choose the ideal oven.

Oven Size

There are few different standard oven sizes that you can choose from. You have to look at your own kitchen design and space so that you can decide the ideal oven size. Firstly, you have single oven size which is usually 60cm. If you need to prepare a large portion of food or have a family, you should look at 70cm to 90cm models. Another thing that you need to bear in mind is that larger ovens mean having larger trays as well. You must allocate additional spaces for them so that it will not awkward and difficult for you to prepare your meal.

Next, there is the double oven which is actually two distinct ovens. Each of them contains its own set of functions. If you like to bake and entertain a larger number of people, a double oven is a suitable model that you should get. Moreover, it is versatile as it allows you to bake and grill different dishes at the same time. In addition, you can bake two different things which require different temperatures and functions.

Electric or Gas

The next thing that should be on your mind is to decide whether you prefer gas or electric oven. Before you jump into conclusion, you can take a look at their strengths and weaknesses. Nowadays, electric ovens are the most popular because they make up over 85% of sales.

A great number of them are designed with multi-function capability. This means that you will be able to prepare your food with a wide variety of cooking modes. In fact, you can even use a combination of top, bottom, and grill as well as fan to optimize different cooking, grilling, and baking needs. Yet, electric ovens tend to dry out food and they are not suitable to prepare other kinds of food.

As for the gas oven, it has a clear advantage of preparing food that requires moisture such as casseroles, roasts, and heavy cakes. Unlike an electric oven, it does not dry out food. However, it has a number of disadvantages that can make it a poor choice. Since the gas oven is hotter at the top and cooler at the bottom, you need to rotate your food for even cooking and browning. Furthermore, it has the difficulty of browning or crisping well unless it has an internal grill. Not just that, gas oven does not normally distribute heat evenly. When you compare gas ovens with electric ovens, you do not find a lot of choices for them.

Decide Your Budget

Obviously, you need to set a budget so that you can afford a suitable oven. This is because some ovens can cost as much as a yearly salary. Yet, it is possible to find an oven at any price range. At lower price range, you can still find great oven choices that can do basic cooking functions. You can expect mid-range ovens to boast more cooking modes, styles, and finish like stainless steel. Finally, high-end ovens will offer fancy options such as dual-fuel power, slide-in design, convection fans and other advanced features.