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For individuals who have an undeniable passion for cooking, a mixer plays an important role when it comes to creating your favorite meals. Professionals, amateurs, or even home-makers alike enjoy the efficiency and convenience that a mixer provides in the kitchen. Take a look at our best offers for mixers below or read more about how to choose the perfect mixer for your household.

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RM 1,250.00

FEATURES Colour: White Motor (W): 900W Bowl size (total): 6.7 litres Electronic speed control Variable speed + pulse 3 attachment power outlets (Slow, Fast, Bowl) Capacity Cake : 4.55kg Dough : 2.4kg Egg whites : 16 max Flour for pastry : 910g DESCRIPTION Body material: Die cast aluminium & plastic Bowl material: Plastic Bowl tool material: Coated Warranty period : 3 Years Local Manufacturer Warranty What's in the box: 1 x Kenwood Classic Major KM6301 1 x plastic bowl 1 x dough hook 1 x K-beater 1 x whisk 1 x spatula 1 x splashguard 1 x Warranty Card 1 x User Manual

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RM 1,996.00 RM 2,999.00
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RM 1,599.00 RM 2,699.00
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Breville BEM800
RM 1,899.00

Breville BEM800XL, Stand mixer, 4.7 L, Beat, Mixing, Silver, Stainless steel, 550 W

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Sharp EMS90YR
RM 729.00 RM 969.00
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Gourmia GST210
RM 394.76 RM 552.90
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RM 539.00 RM 699.00
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Sunbeam 2371
RM 1,477.90
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Russell Hobbs Russell Hobbs Desire Hand Mixer 380W Red
RM 58.00 RM 199.00

Making your Favorite Dishes with Mixers

A mixer is a kitchen tool that helps you mix food together, either manually or mechanically. While egg batters are considered as mixers, technology offers a better, more effective solution when it comes to mixing ingredients. Mixers of today are more efficient and easier to use compared to manually-operated mixers. However, before you hop on the bandwagon, you should know the many types of mixers that could potentially suit your needs.

Different types of mixers

Mixers are divided according to how it mixes your ingredients together. There are four main types of mixers that you should know about:

  1. Hand-held
  2. Planetary
  3. Dough
  4. Vertical cutter

Hand-held mixers

Compared to other types, the hand-held mixer is a small, compact, and easy to use appliance. To operate, you must use your hands to grip the mixer while holding the bowl in place. Most hand-held mixers today have detachable agitators that can be easily put away or changed depending on what type of mixing you need.

Planetary mixers

Otherwise called a vertical mixer, a planetary mixer is a type of mixer in which the agitator turns on an offset shaft while the bowl remains in place, similar to how the planets move around the sun (hence the name).

Dough mixers

Instead of moving agitators, dough mixers feature a moving bowl with a spiral, stationary agitator. It is specifically designed to mix large quantities of dough at a time which makes it perfect for making pastry.

Vertical cutter mixer

If you have dough and planetary mixers, you can also get vertical cutter mixer. This type of appliance allows you to mix ingredients with speed and in large quantities. Because of its high-powered interior agitator, you can do more than just mix together ingredients. You can chop nuts, mix batters and sauce, chop cooked meat, and more!

Questions to ask when buying mixers

What will you be mixing?

Whether batter, sauce, icing, etc., each of these ingredients have different consistencies; one mixer might not be great for the other. For thicker consistencies like dough, bread, cake, etc., you would need a more powerful mixer than for icing, egg whites, or merengues.

How much will you be mixing?

The volume of ingredients that you are going to be using on your mixer is also a factor when it comes to choosing the perfect one. For households, a small, hand-held mixer would suffice for creating home-made cakes, cookies, etc., but for small restaurants a mixer with a capacity of 5-20 qt., would be needed.

What type of usage do you expect?

All mixers are designed to endure the rigors of use but some are more equipped than others so be sure to check the manufacturer’s notes on how strong your mixers are.

Shop for the best mixers online!

For food lovers, home-makers, chefs, and professionals, a mixer is a valuable piece of equipment that every kitchen should have. It is ideal for individuals who love to create pastries, cookies, cakes, and bread, so be sure to check out our selection of mixers from different brands such as Tefal, Kenwood, Sharp, Cuisinart, and so much more!