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Laundry Machines Price in Malaysia for November, 2018

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Laundry machines, otherwise known as washing machines are large appliances that help keep your clothes clean by washing them with soap and water. Washing machines are considered a necessity in modern living because it helps you wash your clothes and other garments which are essential to hygiene. Read more about how laundry machines work below or check out the best offers on washing machines online.

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Electrolux EDV7552
From RM 1,290.00
4 Stores
2 years warranty by Electrolux Malaysia. Venting Dryer 7.5Kg Drying Capacity Smart sensor Reverse tumbling technology Crease-free Delay start Clothes come ot of Electrolux dryers clean, fresh and ready to be worn again. Electrolux dryers give you soft, dry clothes whenever you need them with innovative features that dry both gently and with less creasing. Take the edge off ironing • Smart Sensor • Reverse Tumbling Technology • Crease-Free • SmartSpace • Delicate Drying Style with Flexibility • Side-by-side • Wall-mount • Stacked on top of a front load washer Highlights Venting Dryer Blow hot air through the clothes which evaporates the water, then the hot humid air is blown out of the dryer to the outside of your house through a venting duct. ** Required a suitable space to vent the air or open window near the dryer unit. 7.00 kg Drying Capacity 7.00 kg Drying Capacity should be able to efficiently clean a load of around 30 shirts, or 12 bath towels. 3 Dryness Selection Extra Dry, Normal Dry, Iron Dry Smart Sensor Detects moisture level in the laundry and stops the drying once the laundry is dried to prevent over-drying and to save energy. Reverse Tumbling Technology Creates a 2-way rotating action that helps reduce tangling and bunching up of clothes so they dry more evenly. Crease-Free Automatically rotates the drum periodically to minimise wrinkles on your dried clothes if they remain unloaded. SmartSpace(OPTIONAL STACK UP KIT) Can be placed side-by-side, stacked or wall-mounted above your washing machine. Delicate Drying For delicate material, the dryer will provide maximum care by drying your clothes at a lower temperature that is well suited for it. Delay Start Lets you pre-set the starting time of your dryer programmes. Specifications of Electrolux Tumble Dryer EDV-7552 Key Performance •Dryer Type : Air-vented •Capacity Cotton Drying : 7.5 kg Design & Finishing •Main Colour : white •Product Installation : Free-standing / Wall-mount / Stacked Features •Delay End (Up to 9 hours) •Electronic Control Panel •LED Light Indicators •Clean Filter Indicator •Extra Delicate Programme •XXL Door •Delay Start •Reverse Tumbling •Smart Sensor •Delicate Drying Option •Auto Off Function •Anti-Crease Function •Child Lock Option Technical Specifications •Frequency : 50Hz •Voltage : 220V - 240V General specifications •Certificates : Energy Label (1 tick) •Adjustable Drying Temperature : Yes •End of Cycle Indicator : Yes •Blocked Filter Indicator : Yes •Progress Indicator : LED •Loading Capacity (kg) : Front •Anti-Crease Function : Yes •Automatic Programmes : Auto Sensing •Drying Time Selector : Yes •Moisture Monitoring System : Sensor •Reverse Tumble Action : Yes •Delay Start : 30 minutes to 20 hours •Plug Type : UK Included Accessories •Venting Kit •Wall Mount Kit Dimension •Product Dimension (W x D x H) : 60.00 x 62.00 x 84.50 (cm) Read more
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Samsung WD12F9C9U4X
From RM 3,682.00
2 Stores
Samsung WD12F9C9U4X Front Load Combo with Eco Bubble, 12 wash & 8 dry Compact outside, huge inside Despite its compact size, the Samsung washer& dryer’s 12kg load capacity is the largest in its class, so you can wash piles of laundry in a single load. You can also dry up to 8kg of laundry in the same cycle. So it saves you time and effort, and also reduces your energy bills. Wash cool and save energy The Samsung ecobubble™ technology gives you outstanding cleaning and energy savings with a cold wash. It uses air and water to generate bubbles that dissolve and activate the detergent, so it quickly penetrates every fiber of fabric – washing just as effectively in cold water as in warm. Longer life, less energy and noise The Samsung washer & dryer delivers superior energy efficiency, minimal noise and long-lasting performance. Its Digital Inverter Motor utilises strong magnets for a quieter and more powerful performance, but consumes less energy than a Universal Motor. And, by eliminating the use of brushes that create friction and wear out, it provides outstanding durability – backed-up by a 10 year warranty. Peaceful washing anytime, anywhere The Samsung VRT Plus™ technology reduces noise and vibration during washes. So you can do your laundry anywhere and anytime, even at night, without disturbing anyone. The 3 Dimensional Vibration Sensor of the VRT Plus ™ keeps the drum perfectly balanced even in high spin speeds, minimising noise and vibration, so you’ll hardly know the washing machine is working. Elegant and informative LCD display The Samsung wide LCD display not only adds a hint of refined beauty, but it also provides clear information and cleaning options for effortless control. A user-friendly jog dial, soft-press buttons and the easy-to-read digital screens all ensure that setting the wash program and monitoring the progress of a cycle is extremely simple and intuitive. Easy troubleshooting from your smartphone The Samsung washer & dryer includes Smart Check*, an automatic error-monitoring system. It detects and diagnoses problems at an early stage and provides quick and easy troubleshooting solutions using a smartphone App. So it saves you time having to find the manual and avoids the cost and inconvenience of unnecessary engineer callouts – and potentially expensive repair bills. * Only available in LED models. Uses an App on iPhones and Android devices. Smell as fresh as air The Samsung Air Wash technology deodorizes and sanitizes your clothes, so they always smell fresh. Using just heated air, unpleasant odors are removed and bacteria eliminated without using detergent or other chemicals. And because it doesn’t use water there’s no need for drying, so clothes last longer and it’s perfect for dry-clean items – saving you expensive bills! Read more

Top Laundry Machines Price List 2018

Top 10 products Price Store
Toshiba AW-A820MM RM 38.00 Lazada
Midea MFW-701S RM 60.00 Lazada
Toshiba AW-F820SM RM 580.00 Lazada
Sharp ESX715 RM 549.00 Shopee
Sharp ESX-715 RM 539.00 Lazada
Panasonic NA-F70S7 RM 618.00 Lazada
Electrolux EDV7552 RM 1,290.00 Lazada
Electrolux EDP2074PDW RM 1,758.00 Lazada
Samsung WA70H4000SG RM 599.00 Lazada
Sharp ESX115 RM 1,064.90 Shopee
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Toshiba AW-A820MM

Cheapest at Lazada RM 68.00 RM 38.00 Go to Shop

Washing Machines - a Necessity That Every Household Must Have

Keeping your clothes clean is vital to health. Being unable to properly wash your clothes could result to unwanted body odors from bacteria on your clothes. This is the reason why washing your clothes is important to daily life; it helps keep your clothes clean and neat for everyday wear. While handwashing your clothes can be an option, most people in the modern world use washing machines to do their dirty laundry.

How does a washing machine work

Nothing defines modern living better than having a laundry machine in your home, but how exactly do they work? To put it simply, the main idea of this appliance is to wash your clothes using soap and water by sloshing water and detergents to get rid of stains and odor from your clothes. Using a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion, along with centrifugal forces created by turning the drums, it creates tension much like how handwashing works. On top of that, there are also washing machines that have a bult-in system in which it washes, rinses, and dries your clothes with the help of a heater and centrifugal force from spinning. So instead of taking the time to wash your garments manually, you can simply load it on your washing machine, put detergent and fabric conditioner and you are all set.

Two types of washing machines

Top load washing machine

Perhaps the most common type of laundry machine, the top load type is a washing machine that can be opened from the top, hence the name. This type of washing machine is efficient and more affordable compared to the front load, plus it also uses less water, and spins faster. However, top load washing machines have the tendency to tangle clothes.

Front load washing machine

Instead of opening at the top, this type of washing machine opens at the front and are a much gentler option compared to top loaders. Aside from that, front load washing machines take much longer to wash but are much more efficient at cleaning and handling clothes. Combined with the speed and position of the tub, front load washing machines do tend to vibrate.

Shop for washing machines in Malaysia

Laundry machines are deemed as a necessity to modern living. It provides you with a hassle-free solution to cleaner, and fresher clothes, plus it is also easier to use compared to handwashing your garments. Take a quick look at washing machines from various brands such as Daewoo, Electrolux, Samsung, Panasonic, and so much more!