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Laundry machines, otherwise known as washing machines are large appliances that help keep your clothes clean by washing them with soap and water. Washing machines are considered a necessity in modern living because it helps you wash your clothes and other garments which are essential to hygiene. Read more about how laundry machines work below or check out the best offers on washing machines online.

samsung wa12j5750sp adw top load with built-in sink, 12 kg
pensonic pwa-655a top load fully auto washer 6.0kg
toshiba aw-f820sm non-inverter circular intake fully automatic washing machine 7.2kg
pensonic 8.0kg top loader washer pwa-8051
(free basic installation) bosch wak20060sg 7.0kg front load washer
Dry your loads quicker than ever before with the Electrolux 9kg Condenser Dryer. Key Features This efficient Electrolux dryer uses inverter technology for incredible drying power and minimal power consumption. Thanks to Reverse Tumbling Technology, your intelligent Electrolux condenser dryer reduces tangling and bunching with 2 way rotating action for evenly dried clothes. The advanced Electrolux dryer has Woolmark Gold Certification that dries your woollen garments perfectly. *Image are for illustration purpose only.
electrolux ewf12844 front load washer 8.0kg
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(free basic installation) hitachi sf-150xwv 15.0kg top load washer with powered inverter
Pensonic Washing Machine - PWA-755A

Washing Machines - a Necessity That Every Household Must Have

Keeping your clothes clean is vital to health. Being unable to properly wash your clothes could result to unwanted body odors from bacteria on your clothes. This is the reason why washing your clothes is important to daily life; it helps keep your clothes clean and neat for everyday wear. While handwashing your clothes can be an option, most people in the modern world use washing machines to do their dirty laundry.

How does a washing machine work

Nothing defines modern living better than having a laundry machine in your home, but how exactly do they work? To put it simply, the main idea of this appliance is to wash your clothes using soap and water by sloshing water and detergents to get rid of stains and odor from your clothes. Using a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion, along with centrifugal forces created by turning the drums, it creates tension much like how handwashing works. On top of that, there are also washing machines that have a bult-in system in which it washes, rinses, and dries your clothes with the help of a heater and centrifugal force from spinning. So instead of taking the time to wash your garments manually, you can simply load it on your washing machine, put detergent and fabric conditioner and you are all set.

Two types of washing machines

Top load washing machine

Perhaps the most common type of laundry machine, the top load type is a washing machine that can be opened from the top, hence the name. This type of washing machine is efficient and more affordable compared to the front load, plus it also uses less water, and spins faster. However, top load washing machines have the tendency to tangle clothes.

Front load washing machine

Instead of opening at the top, this type of washing machine opens at the front and are a much gentler option compared to top loaders. Aside from that, front load washing machines take much longer to wash but are much more efficient at cleaning and handling clothes. Combined with the speed and position of the tub, front load washing machines do tend to vibrate.

Shop for washing machines in Malaysia

Laundry machines are deemed as a necessity to modern living. It provides you with a hassle-free solution to cleaner, and fresher clothes, plus it is also easier to use compared to handwashing your garments. Take a quick look at washing machines from various brands such as Daewoo, Electrolux, Samsung, Panasonic, and so much more!

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