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The first impression should always be the best impression. One way to show your best is by wearing neat and ironed clothes without any creases. Pick the one that suits you and your home the best from our wide selection of irons. Click here to find out more.

FEATURES Are you tired of ironing your clothes the old fashion way? Introducing Morgan Garment Steamer MSI GA220B for an alternative and easier way to iron your clothes. Less time and less energy consumed, this garment steamer is a necessary in every household. Hassle Free Steaming your clothes is now with a more efficient and easier way to do it. Morgan Garment Steamer MSI GA220B is suitable for those who are busy working and need to get things done fast. With steam rate at 30g per minute, you can start using this steamer almost immediately after pushing the start button (heat-up time is 1 minute). The start button is conveniently located at the foot pedal, therefore you can just simply tap it with your foot and the steamer is ON. A light indicator is also situated at the middle of the start button to tell you when the steamer is ready to operate. Portable Garment Steamer The Morgan Garment Steamer MSI GA220B comes with a handy fabric brush to wipe away all the dust and dirt from your clothes while at the same time, making sure that your clothes are wrinkle-free. With a big see-through water tank that has the capacity of 2.2 litres of water, save yourself the trouble of filling it up regularly. This garment steamer comes with a foldable hanger & telescopic where you can simply fold it away once you are done. The swivel garment hanger makes your job easier especially when you want to steam the back of the clothes. Just turn it around, and you are good to steam it away! This garment steamer also has 1 wheel so you can simply drag it from one room to another whenever you want to use it. 1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty Read more
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Sokany Multi-functional Portable Handheld Garment Steamer
RM 79.90 RM 199.00
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Philips S Steam Iron Gc1430
RM 116.00 RM 145.00
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Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence Steam Iron
RM 2,399.00
Harvey Norman

Keeping your clothes neat and beautiful with iron Malaysia

Some of you out there might hate the ironing duty, however, you can never run away from this. Even if you have 'wash and wear' outfits, there is still a need to iron you children’s apparel for a special occasion or even for you for a presentation or a job interview. Thus, it is safe to say that iron is indeed a basic necessity to complete your home.

Types of iron

With the wide options of irons available, life can be a lot easier but which one do you plan to get? Each of these irons had its own advantages and disadvantages. As a smart consumer, it is vital to know about your iron before you spend your money on it.

Dry Iron

Dry iron can also be referred as traditional iron. It does not have the ability to produce steam, thus you might need to sprinkle water to smoothen stubborn wrinkles on your clothes. It is also heavier than steam iron and sometimes to achieve a better result, you might need to hold the iron in one place for some time.

The bright side is, dry iron will not do any damage to your clothes if you take care of it properly. In addition to that, dry iron works best for certain garments such as silk. It can give better results for silk compared to steam iron. Finally, as the dry iron is slightly heavier than steam iron, it causes pressing to be more efficient.

Steam Iron

Steam iron also known as standard iron is generally less expensive and quicker than dry iron. It works best for wool garment and takes away the wrinkles more efficiently. In addition to that, when it comes to steam iron, you can fix any temperature that you feel the best for your fabric.

What to look for in your iron

It is best if your iron has an adjustable temperature setting for your garments as “one size fits all” concept does not work when it comes to ironing
Go for nonstick soleplates as it is easier and safer. You may also opt for stainless steel or aluminum as they can transfer heat efficiently but they need occasional scrubbing to remove any built-up starch.
Make your life easier with cordless rechargeable iron. But if you have no choice, then choose a long cord that can be used by both left and right-handers.
Heavy iron can promise you great pressing but lightweight is easy to carry around. Select which one that works the best for you.

Buy iron Malaysia online now

Check out some of the amazing iron from trusted brands.

Electrolux ESI5223
Tefal DV8610
Philips Daily Touch Garment Steamer
Morphy Richards Steam Iron 300254
Laurastar Lift + Steam Iron

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