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Fryers Price in Malaysia for September, 2018

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Who doesn’t like fried food? From crispy chicken to banana fritters, there is so much fried food that you can cook in your own. While the typical method of frying would be to use a frying pan and oil, why not make life easier with these fryers that we have to offer? Click here to learn more about fryers.

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Trio TAF-858
From RM 56.40
3 Stores
🔥FREE 1 YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY FROM OFFICIAL TRIO MALAYSIA🔥 #Trio TAF-858 #Air #Fryer for Healthy Frying (BASKET ONLY) (Black) #Frying is always a hassle and sometimes, dangerous too. Heating the wok, waiting for the oil to heat up and getting burned from #sizzling oil – one might as well just skip those trouble and not fry anything. Not to mention, frying is also bad for your health! With Trio TAF-858 Air Fryer, you won’t have to worry no more. THE BEST FRYER IN TOWN Trio TAF-858 Air Fryer is what all household need to own. Form safe frying to healthy frying, Trio Air Fryer keeps you #protected from getting burned and also wards off harmful fat from corrupting your #health. Not only that, it is guarded with cool touch housing that makes it safe to be around children. PERFECT FRYER Trio TAF-858 Air Fryer comes with a detachable frying basket that makes it easy for you put in and take out your food without you having to put your hands in the hot pot. Because air fryers do not need oil to fry food - Trio Air Fryer TAF 858’s frying #basket is plated with #non-stick coating that will keep your food in its original shape. And with adjustable timer and temperature control, you can now forever say goodbye to burned, uncooked food. With a capacity of 2.5L, you can fry your favourite food at one go! PRODUCT FEATURES: - #Detachable non-stick frying basket - 2.5L Capacity WHAT'S IN BOX 1 x Trio TAF-858 Air Fryer (Basket Only) 1 x User Manual 1 x Year Warranty from Trio Kaden Malaysia Read more
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Butterfly BAF-601D
From RM 379.00
2 Stores
SPECIFICATION :- AIR FRYER - Oil Free Healthy Cooking BAF-601D -Capacity: 10L -Wattage: 1200-1400W -Oil & smoke-free cooking technology -Energy efficient & radiation free -Digital-pre-set cooking programme -G.W: 8kg Features -Digital preset cooking control: its fully adjustable temperature control allows you to preset the best cooking temperature. -Timer adjustment: it's integrated timer allows you to preset cooking time up to 30minutes. The temperature will be shown on the LED display screen. Safe switch: The air fryer will stop working during foods in frying and open the Lid Handle. Environmentally Friendly: Its due to use of energy free, radiation free and prevents unwanted cooking smells & smoke free technology keeps your kitchen fresh and clean. Basic Accessories Item Description Tong A handy tool for carrying or plate in and out of the cooking Long / High Rack Low Rack: Good for cooking larger food items such as roast poultry(full size), rice casserole, vegetables, etc. High Rack: Suitable for French fries, curry puff nuggets or other small size food to cook more even, crispy and less fat. Steak Cage Suitable for grilled fillet steak and seafood Baking Pan Suitable for the brochette Chicken Fork Suitable for whole chicken and big steak Cooking Table Food Temperature Cooking Time Recommended Accessories Roast Chicken 200°C 25 ~ 30 mins Chicken Fork French Fries 230°C 25 ~ 30 mins Baking Cage Fish 210°C 10 ~ 15 mins Steak Cage Cashew Nut 200°C 05 ~ 08 mins Baking Cage Coffee Beans 230°C 15 ~ 20 mins Baking Cage Chicken Wings 200°C 10 ~ 15 mins Baking Cage or Dual Rack Cake 180°C 15 ~ 20 mins Low / high rack and frying pan Pizza 180°C 10 ~ 15 mins Low / high rack and frying pan Boiled Eggs 180°C 12 ~ 15 mins Low / high rack Steak 190°C 12 ~ 16 mins Skewer rack or Low / high rack Toast 230°C 05 ~ 08 mins Steak Cage or Low / high rack Rice 200°C 10 ~ 15 mins Low / high rack and rice pot Baked Prawn 200°C 05 ~ 08 mins Baking Cage Bread 180°C 15 ~ 20 mins Low / high rack and special tools Pop Corn 230°C 00 ~ 12 mins Baking Cage What’s in the box 1 x Butterfly Air Fryer BAF-601D with Digital Preset Cooking Programmer & Oil Free & Smoke Free Cooking 1 x Tong 1 x Low / High Rack 1 x Baking Cage 1 x Steak Cage 1 x Baking Pan 1 x Chicken Fork Read more

Top Fryers Price List 2018

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Khind ARF3000 RM 267.20 Shopee
Khind ARF22 RM 261.50 Shopee
Philips Viva Collection Airfryer RM 698.70 Qoo10
Khind FR358 RM 299.00 Shopee
Philips HD-9240 RM 569.80 Qoo10
Pensonic PDF-2201 RM 240.50 Shopee
Philips Avance Collection HD9643 RM 999.00 Lazada
Philips HD9220/20 RM 549.00 Lazada
Tefal FR4950 RM 423.00 Shopee
Philips Viva HD9220 RM 588.90 Lazada
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Khind ARF3000

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Make Delicious Food with the Awesome Fryers from iprice Malaysia!

Fryers Malaysia - Yummy, Crispy Food for You to Enjoy!

Frying is one of the most common ways of cooking. It usually involves the use of oil or some other fat. The fats are usually heated before food is cooked in the oil. While using a frying pan (or other pots and pans) can be used to fry foods, fryers were invented to make things more convenient and easy when it comes to frying foods.

Currently, there are two types of fryers that are mostly commonly found in homes: deep fryers and air fryers. While they are both fryers, the methods that they use as well as the end result can differ from each other. Read on to learn more about these two types of fryers.

Traditional Deep Frying the more Convenient Way

Deep frying refers to the cooking method of when food is completely submerged (or at least floating) in very hot oil (without touching the bottom of the pan/pot). This will ensure that the food is cooked quickly and evenly. As hot oil can dehydrate the surface layers of food, people will usually coat the food in bread crumbs or batter to add texture and flavor.

As the normal way of using a pan/pot to cook your food can use a lot more gas (or electricity) and it is never easy to gauge if the oil is hot enough for you to start cooking, which is why deep fryers were invented.

Like many kitchen appliances, a deep fryer uses electric in order to function. It’s most basic form consists of a pot with heating elements and a thermostat to control the temperature. Any fryer will come with a basket to drain the cooked food of oil as well as a lid. Some fancier models would come with a timer. Deep fryers come in a variety of sizes. So if you have the space and want a bigger model, then go ahead and get the bigger one.

Cooking with Air

An air fryer, as the name suggests, uses air to cook food. The fryer uses Rapid Air technology that works by circulating air until it heats up until its hot enough to fry food. This makes food healthier compared to frying food with oil. Other than that, its capabilities are the same as that of a deep fryer, just that it is healthier and more convenient.

Upping your Chef Skills with Fryers Malaysia

If you are a fan of fried food, then you will definitely be interested in investing in one of these fryers that we have to offer. They are easy to use and very convenient, delivering perfectly crisp food from the comfort of your own home. If you are moving into a new home or looking for a replacement, make sure to have a look at our Appliances category for more awesome products.