A freezer is a valuable tool that helps you get the most out of your food and preserve its quality. If you have one in your kitchen, here are tips to get the most out of it. You can also check out the latest freezers in Malaysia below.

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Welcome the New Year with Sharp Products for Your Home

As we get ready for 2018 to arrive, it is time to start afresh and look towards improving our lives. Instead of setting new year resolutions that are more often than not unachieved by the end of the year, why not upgrade your home with innovative products from Sharp instead?

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Complete Your Dream Home with these Panasonic Malaysia Home Appliances

Want to revamp your home to welcome the new year? Panasonic Malaysia is your brand of choice if you are looking to upgrade your home with innovative and functional appliances. One reason why this is a great time to purchase your favourite Panasonic products is that many year-end sales such as the upcoming 12.12 sale and Christmas sales are just around the corner, offering exclusive deals and promos for your purchases.

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Coffee Makers are the Only Thing you need to make a Four Course Meal!

Other than the obvious purpose of making your daily cup of Joe, the one-trick appliance has multipurpose uses particularly when it comes to making a meal.

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Top Freezers Price List 2019

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Midea WD-258W RM 637.79 Shopee
Hisense FC267D4BW RM 680.00 Shopee
Hisense FC130D4B RM 469.00 LazMall by Lazada
Morgan MCF-0955 RM 423.00 Shopee
Midea WD-129W RM 459.00 Shopee
Midea WD-185W RM 579.00 Shopee
Midea WD-61 RM 448.00 Shopee
Midea WD-300W RM 899.00 Shopee
Elba EF-E1310 RM 476.88 Shopee
Elba EF-E1915 RM 599.00 Shopee
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Midea WD-258W

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News about Freezers

Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Freezer in Malaysia

We are all familiar with refrigerators (or more commonly known as fridges). This appliance is seen in any and every house as it can help preserve the quality of food by lowering the temperature and decreasing the reproduction rate of bacteria, ensuring that your food can last longer.

Usually, refrigerators come with a smaller freezer section. But there are times when a household requires more frozen food, say ice cream, that can be stored in the freezer. That is why many appliance companies in Malaysia sell standalone freezers that would help meet the needs of certain households. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind if you do decide to get a freezer for your kitchen.

Store virtually anything in it

Many would think that freezers are only meant for storing foods like ice-cream and meat. But you can also use your freezer to store leftover meals, freeze fruits for yummy smoothies, and much more! Like many household appliances, there are many things you can do to ensure that you are getting the most out of your freezer.

Slice before you freeze

If you are thinking about storing things like bread in the freezer, make sure that you slice them first for easy one-person servings. That way when you feel like eating them, you won’t have to hassle yourself and waste time defrosting everything in order to prepare one slice.

Clean the coils regularly

Not only is dust unsightly, it can also destroy your appliance. If dust builds up on the coils of your freezer, it can cause the condenser to wear out faster. So, make sure to do a maintenance at least once a year or so.

Keep the freezer empty

Contrary to what you may think, a full freezer actually retains the cold temperature better than an empty one. That’s because the frozen food will help keep in the cold when you open the door, ensuring that the unit won’t have to work hard to keep it cool. However, don’t pack the freezer when it appears full because you need to have space for the air to circulate the cool temperature.

Do not keep food too long

You may think that the freezer would help your food to last forever. Not exactly true as the quality of your food may deteriorate over time. So, make sure to write down the dates on the bags/containers and place the oldest foods in the front to consume them right away.

Cool down food items first

It's also essential not to place hot or warm food items into the freezer. This is because you need to cool them down first in order to maintain the right temperature inside. Not doing so may cause it to have a freezer burn that produces a smell which may affect the quality of your leftover food items.

Aside from freezers, you may also check out the latest humidifiers in Malaysia to improve the moisture to the air in your home.