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Dishwashers Price in Malaysia for December, 2018

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The kitchen is the heart and soul of the household, yet one of the most disliked chores – washing dishes – occur here as well. Make your life easier and say goodbye to washing dishes by installing a dishwasher in the kitchen! Read on to find out how to choose the best dishwasher for your home below.

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Top Dishwashers Price List 2018

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Bosch SMS63L08EA RM 2,680.00 Lazada
Bosch SMS63L02EA RM 2,588.00 Lazada
Electrolux ESF5202LOW RM 2,649.00 Lazada
Electrolux ESF5511LOX RM 3,249.00 Lazada
Panasonic NP-TR8HQMY RM 2,333.30 Lazada
Bosch Serie 4 SKS62E22EU RM 2,350.00 Lazada
LG D1454CF RM 3,479.00 Shopee
Beko DFN28R20W RM 2,435.00 Lazada
Bosch Serie 4 SMS50E82EU RM 2,999.00 Lazada
Bosch Serie 4 SMI46MS03E RM 4,899.00 Lazada
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Bosch SMS63L08EA

Cheapest at Lazada RM 4,988.00 RM 2,680.00 Go to Shop

How to Choose the Right Dishwasher for Your Kitchen

A dishwasher can be a huge help when it comes to cleaning dirty dishes, especially after big events such as birthday parties and family gatherings. Moreover, washing dirty dishes by hand wastes a lot of water, hence getting a dishwasher is a great long-term investment for you and the environment. Dishwashers today come in many types, sizes, and offer an endless array of features, hence choosing one for your kitchen is not as easy as you might think. Here are some criteria that you need to look out for when purchasing a dishwasher for your home:

Consider the Energy Cost

An important aspect that you should take into consideration is the amount of energy it will consume. Most dishwashers today will have its energy cost posted on one of its sides. If you are getting a dishwasher, you should get one that is energy efficient as it saves both electricity and water.

Choose a Model Based on Number of Uses

If you have a large family and eat at home a lot, you should get a larger-sized model that can accommodate a larger load; a 24-inch model is perfect for family settings. These dishwashers can wash all the dishes at one go, cutting short the time needed to complete the chore. However, for those who are living alone or will not run the dishwasher at least once a day, a compact model should be sufficient to handle your dishwashing needs. Purchasing a model that is larger than what you need will only be a waste of money as it will be under-utilised.

Decide between Integrated or Freestanding

There are two types of dishwashers available today – freestanding or integrated. Freestanding dishwashers are more common than integrated ones as they can fit into any kitchen that has enough space for them. As they are the most common type of dishwasher, it is easier to find one that matches your budget. They are also more portable than integrated models, so they can be brought along if you move home.

Integrated dishwashers are designed to be incorporated into built-in kitchens. Fully integrated ones are hidden behind a cabinet door, while semi-integrated units are mostly covered except the control panel. An integrated unit is a good choice if you want your kitchen to have a more streamlined look.

Consider the Features and Programs You Require

Another thing to consider when getting the perfect dishwasher for your kitchen is the features and programs that come together with the model. Those with children at home should consider one with childlock to prevent any potential mishaps. You should also look for dishwashers with adjustable upper racks so that you can raise or lower their height to fit large items in the lower rack.

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