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Need the extra caffeine to boost your day? Kick-start your day with the perfect blend of coffee using the best coffee machine. Click here to discover more about coffee machines.

*Prices updated on 20 Sep 2017

Brew Your Delicious Coffee With Your Own Coffee Machine

“Good ideas start with brainstorming, great ideas start with coffee.” – Anonymous

Nothing feels as good as a cup of coffee when you all set to start your day. Grabbing Starbucks daily or any other coffee from the nearest café can be costly at times. Being your own barrister is your perfect solution! The trick is the have the right coffee machine to do the work.

The Benefits of Coffee: Your Daily Dose of Energy

Every sip of coffee that we taste reminds us of the delicious goodness of the coffee beans. But beyond that, coffee has become an addiction among people around the globe due to many other reasons. Continue reading to find out the health benefits that you can gain from coffee.

Coffee contains caffeine which helps to increase your energy level and makes you more intelligent. In addition to that, caffeine can also be a good option to burn your fat. An ingredient in most of body slimming products, caffeine boosts a higher rate of metabolism level.

Feeling low and depressed? All you need to do is grab a cup of coffee and voila, you are good to go! A study conducted by Harvard University stated that drinking four or more cups of coffee a day can fight depression and make you happier.

Coffee might not be your fountain of youth but it does miracle as well. Coffee might help you to live longer as it cuts down the risk of heart disease and even the risk of stroke. It even lowers the risk of certain types of cancer and diabetes.

Secret of Brewing the Perfect Coffee

Coffee Beans
Brewing your own coffee means having the privilege to select your own flavour coffee beans. Try to avoid buying coffee beans that have been overly exposed to oxygen and sunlight as these two factors can ruin the natural flavour of your coffee beans.
Optimum Temperature
Do not refrigerate your coffee beans. Always remember to store it in a room temperature condition
Rich Flavours
“Luwak” coffee beans might be the most expensive coffee beans in the market but not everyone can afford these coffee beans. For coffee lovers out there, there are many other great coffee brands and flavours that will definitely awake your taste buds. Pure Arabica beans can also be a great option.
Perfect Blend
A perfect blend of coffee is 2 level tablespoons per 6-ounce cup or about 2 3/4 tablespoons per 8-ounce cup. Avoid using less coffee and hotter water with the aim of extracting more cups of coffee per pound as this may make your coffee tastes bitter.

Grab The Best Coffee Machines At Best Prices Online Malaysia Now

There are many types of coffee machines than you can choose from ranging from classic to modern coffee machines. Check out the some of the coffee machines from great brands that will definitely add a personal touch to your kitchen.

Breville - BES920 The Dual Boiler Coffee Maker
Philips - Saeco HD8323 Poemia Coffee Machine
Krups - Nescafe Dolce Gusto KP1605 Genio 2 Coffee
Fagor - CR-1000 Cafetera Espresso Coffee Machine

    Good coffee is always a pleasure. Here you can find a large collection of coffee machines that will help you make a great day. Rise and grind with the best coffee machines at great values! You may also check out other electronic appliances such as blenders, refrigerators and more.

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