A blender is the one of the most important appliances that you should get for your kitchen. From food to smoothies, it helps you to create a fine and delicious meal. There are tons of exciting blender designs that can cater to every budget and taste. Read more about blenders Malaysia here below to find out.


Top Blenders Price List 2021

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Panasonic MX-900M RM 47.00 Shopee
Panasonic MX-800S RM 88.00 Shopee
Philips HR2860/80 RM 127.50 Shopee
Butterfly B-592 RM 365.00 Shopee
Panasonic MX-GM1011H RM 66.00 Shopee
Panasonic MX-801S RM 45.00 Shopee
Philips Mini Blender HR2602/01 RM 163.59 Shopee
Pensonic PB-5001 RM 159.88 Shopee
Philips Daily Collection HR2056/00 RM 29.00 Shopee
KENWOOD Mini Chopper RM 149.00 Shopee
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Panasonic MX-900M

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Tips to Choose the Perfect Blender

As one of the most important tools that you must get for your kitchen, a blender can accomplish a variety of tasks that meet your cooking needs. When you have a good blender, it will save a lot of energy and time. Furthermore, you tend to get better results with the right blender in your kitchen. Before getting a blender, you must consider these factors carefully so that you do not have to buy another to replace a poorly made choice.

Power Matters

When it comes to a selection of blenders, it is obvious that power matters. For those that do not use blender frequently, you can take a low wattage unit (at least 350 watts) which does its basic task of blending very well. In fact, this low-powered blender is also perfect if you are on tight budget. However, you definitely need a more powerful blender when you want to smoothies, soups, frozen drinks, fruit juices, and ice cream. You can always opt for powerful blender if budget is not an issue. A powerful blender can double as a food processor. While powerful blender can be a good thing, you need to know that more power means more noise.

Speed Factor

Most people make the mistake that best blender is the one which offers more speeds. It is highly recommended for you to select the blender with 3 well-distinguished speeds because you can recognize them easily. Furthermore, the three-button configuration makes it simpler to operate.In fact, too many speed buttons can be confusing.

Your Jar/Container

If you prefer flexibility for puréeing soups and other large-batch items, your blender should be able to hold at least 40 fluid ounces. Blender jars or containers generally come in plastic, glass, or stainless steel. Most prefer to use plastic jars because they are durable and light. Plastic jars are also inexpensive and insensitive to changes in food temperature. There are two types of plastic jars which are copolyester BPA free and polycarbonate. In certain countries, plastic jars that contain BPA has been banned because it contains toxic.

As for glass jar, it is more stable and heavier. While it is easy to keep clean like plastic jars, they can get scratches and may absorb the smell of the food. Glass jar can be expensive and may break easily if you are not careful enough. Stainless steel jar is perfect to blend your favorite frozen drinks. Yet, stainless steel jar can be a nuisance because you will not be able to tell how your blending is going on. Not only that, you have to stop blending and remove the lid to make sure everything goes well.

Additional Features

Aside from power, speed, and jar, you should also consider other special features on your blender. Among additional feature that you can get are LCD screen with a programmable timer, load-sensing technology which optimizes speed and power accordingly, and specialized food processing capability. These features may make your blender more expensive but give you an added advantage of increased versatility.