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A blender is the essence of your kitchen. From food to smoothies, it helps you to create a fine and delicious meal. Get your hands on the best blenders in town all at great prices. Click here to find out more.

Blenders Malaysia: Your Magical Kitchen Appliances

A delicious spread of meal is almost similar to love - they bring people together. Love is never easy and so does preparing a good meal or drink. However, with the right appliances, cooking or preparing drinks can be a lot easier. A blender is a magical tool that is used to puree, mix or emulsify your food or beverages.

Types of Blender

There is a variety of blender and choosing the right one for the right purpose is very importance for the best result.

Immersion blender
Stick blenders with attachments
Cordless blenders (Battery operated)
Heavy-duty commercial immersion blenders
Countertop Blenders
Personal blenders
Large countertop blenders
Commercial countertop blenders
Cocktail Blenders
Smoothie Blenders
Commercial Blenders

Blenders Are Capable To Do More

If you think blenders could only be used to blend smoothie or puree, well you are about to be surprised. Blenders are more creative and versatile these days. Check out some new and interesting things that your blender is capable of handling.

Fluffy and Delicious Omelette
Ever dreamed of a restaurant quality omelette for your breakfast? Opt for a blender instead of your regular whisker. Blend a mixture of eggs, whole milk, salt and pepper on high for a minute. Pour the mixture into your pan and you will get your own super-fluffy omelette in a blink of an eye.
Feed Your Garden
Prepare your regular compost for your garden using a blender. All you need to do is insert your leftover pile of food in your blender, add some water and start blending until it reaches the desired consistency. Do not put any hard substances or pits as they can damage the blender’s blades.
Pretty Pitcher
Tired of using the same old jar to serve the drinks? Opt for a change by utilizing beautifully designed blender jar as a pitcher and impress your guests.

How To Clean Your Blender

  1. Start taking your blender apart.
  2. Firstly wash the blender jar thoroughly.
  3. Next, wash the other small pieces such as gasket seal, cutting blade and so on.
  4. To remove hard substances, run your blender with water and baking soda.
  5. Wipe your motor housing with a damp cloth. Do not immerse it in water.
  6. Finally, store your reassembled blender after drying it.

Buy Blenders Online Malaysia Now

With our wide selection of efficient and supreme quality of blenders, you do not have to hunt for the best blender to complete your kitchen and home anymore. Discover some of the best blenders from amazing brands that we have stored for you:

Philips HR2116
Elba EBM-9182
Cornell Mini Blender CPB-E600
JMI Shake n Take 3rd Genaration Juice Smoothie Blender
Kitchenaid Stand Mixer KSM150IC
Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multi-Function Blender
Kenwood Hand Blender HB680
Breville BBL550 Kinetix Blender 1.5L
Empire Living BL-767 Heavy Duty Multi-Function Commercial Use Blender

    Grab this chance to get the best blenders online at lowest prices in Malaysia. You can also check out other appliances such as mixers, coffee machine, refrigerators and more. Happy shopping!

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