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Best Air Purifiers Prices in Malaysia August 2018

Air quality in Malaysia is something we take for granted until the haze season comes around. One way to clean the air indoors is to use an air purifier. Here are some reasons why you need an air purifier.

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Labelle Rechargeable Ultrasonic Scrubber (L3)
RM 276.50 RM 291.00

Brand from South Korea: Labelle. A world level beauty aid instrument offers convenient home-care with hypoallergenic peeling function using ultrasonic vibration and effective Iontophoresis functions Peeling: - Strong ultrasonic vibration in 30kHz generated at the tip of the scrubber works with strong vaporization to remove horny skin, toxic substances, sebum, bacteria, and cosmetic residue etc. Iontophoresis: - Promote easy permeation of Vitamin C, ion elements of cosmetics and mineral elements into skin - Offer massage to the hypodermis to activate the cells deep under the skin, expedite circulation of blood and metabolism and help soften the skin and mitigate wrinkles How to use: -For Peeling: 1. After makeup removel and facial cleansing, wipe your face with cotton pad soaked with warm water or toner. Or spread a steam towel over face for a few minutes for better result. 2. Use the tip of blade to gently glide across skin surface in the opposite direction of you skin texture for better exfoliating effect. - For Iontophoresis: 1. After facial cleansing, apply an even layer of nutritious skin care product (lotion, serum, essence etc.) onto your face. 2. Hold the blade facing down your skin and gently massage all over your face for absorption deep into the skin for maximum effectiveness. 3. Finish by applying toner or lotion. Other features: - 220V Adapter provieded (Usb charger not applicable), extra converter may be needed according to your country - Portable compact size (body 101.5g) - Auto power off function when not using - Easy to check the status with LED lamp - Fast recharging - Portable case provided

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ultras onic Electronic Anti Mosquito Repeller
RM 15.20 RM 17.90

-UK(Malaysia) Adapter -Just Plug and use -Brand new high quality. -This machine will be 50-80 square meters room has a great influence. -This machine can lustrate house mouse, black beetle, mosquitoes, fleas, flies, crickets, ants, carpenter ants and other pests. -Ultrasonic wave emitted from the unit is far from the range of human hearing. -They do not harm humans and pets. It will not affect the machine house. -This machine is safety and environment protection. Odorless and tasteless. Teeny energy use. -Plugs in using safe & effective ultrasonic technology, drive rodents away without poison -Critters can't stand the digital they leave -Pet and kids friendly; No chemical products; No maintenance necessary ; Just plug in -Use one unit per floor, has comforting built in night light NOTE: it can take up to a month to clear the house completely if nests are with young Input voltage :100-240V -60HZ: 50 Input Frequency Input power: less than 2W External output audio :20-RT Color: Black Product size: 97 57 mm Net Weight: 40g Package weight: 49G Product Type: An electronic pest repellent (U.S. regulations Black) An electronic pest repellent (U.S. regulations white) Tips: like the kind of plugs and colors to shoot clear Oh, the pro- First affirms insect pest repeller, insects, rodents will not dare not to say close, this is an erroneous view of ultrasound used is not to say there are insects, rodents immediately reflected immediately leave is not close to it is absolutely impossible, it is to be slowly to insects, rodents also have a transition period, they can not stand the sound waves within hearing range, a little bit of driving them, they also have some resistance, This product, generally use 35 days to 30 square meters in the range of insects, such as flies, fleas mosquitoes This product has been doing very good. People who do not believe in science, please do not shoot, fantasy magic, oh please do not shoot in different environments will have the same time to bear fruit, and be fast or slow, stick with two weeks to six Use Effect Description: Different environments, different results, be fast or slow! 2-6 weeks slowly bear fruit!! Use open space area is 20-30 square meters, there are obstacles blocking weakened!! Ultrasound can not pass through the wall! ! The machine should be installed in 20 to 80 cm from the ground at the required perpendicular to the ground into a power outlet. Pest Repeller for use: The unit plugged into an electrical outlet, you will be able to see the blue lights of the machine, then the machine starts working. The machine will emit a series of work from high to low frequency sound, which is the machine performing automatic frequency scanning. (Special Note: The machine automatically scans the frequency is emitted when the ultrasonic audio, is people can not hear, do not plug in the power, after that did not hear the audio on the misconception that the machine breaks do

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Top Air Purifiers Price List 2018

Top 10 products Price Store
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier RM 528.00 Lazada
Sharp FPF30LH RM 327.90 Lazada
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 RM 356.20 Zapals
Sharp FU-A28E RM 358.00 Lazada
Sharp FPGM50LB RM 950.00 Shopee
Sharp KC-D60E-W RM 1,890.00 Lazada
Khind HAP30 RM 219.00 Lazada
Daikin MC70TVMM RM 959.00 Shopee
Sharp KCA50EW RM 1,680.00 Lazada
Sharp KC-D40E-W RM 1,299.00 Lazada
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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier

Cheapest at Lazada RM 866.00 RM 528.00 Go to Shop

3 Reasons for You to Get an Air Purifier

Living in Malaysia, we are no strangers to air pollution and bad quality of the air. We tend to take our air quality for granted until the haze strikes. What happens when the quality of air indoors becomes bad? We resort to air purifiers. Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. The more common of which are the made by Coway, LG, and Sharp. You may not be convinced that you need an air purifier, but here are 3 reasons why you should.

You want to breathe easy

Have you ever entered a person’s house and felt like you couldn’t breathe? Most of the time, you would experience that feeling due to a nasty musk or bad odour left by something (or someone). To overcome this, you could either spray a bottle of fragrance and mask the smell, or you could get an air purifier. Air Purifiers help you breathe easy by cleaning the air and getting rid of unwanted smells. By channeling the air from the surrounding atmosphere into a series of vents and filters, the purifier slowly but surely gets rid of contaminants in the air.

This is also great for those who have breathing ailments. If your children have asthma or wheezing problems, you will want to provide a comfortable and clean environment for them to thrive. It is recommended that you have an air purifier in your home given that you have children with breathing difficulties.

It circulates the air

Walla fans are great for circulation. So are air conditioners. But these appliances do not do justice to the quality of air that is circulated. Instead, what they do is to recycle the contaminated air and circulate it around the area. This, in turn, exacerbates the bad condition of air quality.

We Asians love to fry our smelly food. Our spicy dishes and somewhat pungent cooking creates a hard time breathing. You won’t need to worry if you have an air purifier. The air purifier not only removes harmful debris but also smells. It prevents stale, stagnant air from being in the environment.

It looks cool

No kidding – air purifiers make your home or office look cool. With a sleek, futuristic frame, along with LED lighting (on most models), plus a set of cool buttons, the air purifiers is the perfect accessory for your space. It sits neatly 90 degrees on any wall or flat surface and you could hide it behind your other decoration too! What’s better, air purifiers are pet-friendly. This means they won’t harm your pets – in fact, they’re good to remove hair and debris from your dog or cat.

Air purifiers these days are also easy to use. Simply remove the filter(s) and wash or wipe away with the given tools. Some larger, more expensive models come with a warranty that includes cleaning of the filters and maintenance. You won’t even have to worry about how to clean them.

So, go ahead and get an air purifier for your space today!