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Air Conditioners

Can’t stand the heat anymore? With the best air conditioners on sale in Malaysia, you don’t have to worry about being all sweaty and uncomfortable anymore. Click here to find out more.

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Toshiba RAS-H10S3KS-M
RM 1,159.00

Toshiba RAS-H10S3KS-M, 230-240, 55 dB, Wall-mountable, 74 cm, 19.5 cm, 25 cm

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Panasonic CS-PC24QKH
RM 2,224.00 RM 2,518.00
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RM 788.00

Sharp AHA9SED, 220-240, Wall-mountable, 87.7 cm, 22.2 cm, 29.2 cm

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Panasonic CS-PV18SKH
RM 2,339.00 RM 3,680.00

Panasonic CS-PV18SKH, 9 A, 43 dB, Wall-mountable, 107 cm, 24 cm, 29 cm

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Haier HSU-09LTS14
RM 1,000.00 RM 1,099.00

Haier HSU-09LTS14, 220-240, 3.9 A, 38 dB, Wall-mountable, 79.5 cm, 18.7 cm

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Elba EWS-9001C
RM 1,799.00
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Samsung AR12JVFSB
RM 1,999.00
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Panasonic CS-S24RKH
RM 3,899.00 RM 5,370.00

Panasonic CS-S24RKH-1, 8.6 A, 45 dB, Wall-mountable, 107 cm, 24.1 cm, 29.6 cm

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Morgan Sierraire Mac-101 2 Stores
Product details of Morgan MAC-101 SIERRAIRE 1.0hp Portable Air Conditioner Cooling capacity: 1.0hp, 10,000btu/hr LED display Auto Up/Down Swing Louvers Power Air Flow :340m3/hr 3 in 1 Funtion of Coolong ,Heating,Dehumidifying & Fan Rotary Compressor for Quiet and Efficient performance High & low fan speeds Washable filters Cools Area : 12 - 20m2 Window mounting kit With remote control Ducting hose: 1200mm Product dimension: (L) x 433(W) x 795(H)mm Warranty : Other parts & Labour 1 Year / Compressor : 5 Years (T&C apply) Air conditioning is one of the main necessities of any household in current times thanks to global warming and rising temperature levels. Air conditioning is also necessary to provide office workers with the comfort required for them to be in their maximum productivity. For that reason a multitude of cooling brands have sprouted like mushrooms but only a few are able to make a distinction for themselves in the market and Morgan is one of them. Cooling You Down - The Morgan Portable Air-Conditioner has the cooling capacity of 9000 Btu/h. This means you do not have to worry of your air conditioning is not cooling enough. An air conditioning that does not cool you down completely defeats the purpose of its existence right? The Morgan Portable Air-Conditioner MAC-96PA will ensure that the temperature of the room is continuously kept at the level you want it to be. Say No To Humidity and Noise - The Morgan Portable Air-Conditioner comes with a large LED display for you to be in constant control of the air conditioner. It comes with 5 different modes - cool, fan, automatic, sleep and max cool - for you to choose from. The fan speed can also be alternated between high and low as well. Clean Air Condition - The Morgan Portable Air-Conditioner comes with 2 washable filters, the primary and secondary. This means you can always be sure of the air conditioner being clean and not hoarding dirt in it. Convenient to Use - The Morgan Portable Air-Conditioner can be placed anywhere you like. It comes with wheels so that you can easily move it anywhere you want. Furthermore, there is also a window mounting kit so that you can place it on you window if you want. There is a remote control too. View less Specifications of Morgan MAC-101 SIERRAIRE 1.0hp Portable Air Conditioner What's in the box: 1 x Morgan MAC-101 SIERRAIRE 1.0hp Portable Air Conditioner 1 x Remote Control 1 x window mounting kit 1 x warranty card 1 x user manual General Features: Model MAC-101 SIERRAIRE Power Consumption 1050 Size (L x W x H) 48 x 51 x 43 Weight 35 Type Air Conditioner Portable Air Conditioner Warranty period 1 Year Warranty type Local Manufacturer Warranty Read more
Daikin FTN10QS 2 Stores
Advanced i-Plasma 1.0hp Eco King (9,500Btu) R410A refrigerant type - Non Inverter High Efficiency Hydrophilic Fin Smooth air distribution & Quiet Operation New Lambda (λ) Heat Exchanger Turbo Mode Self-diagnosis System Coil Anti-Freezing Control Built in Starter with timer with remote control 5 year warranty on compresor Modern and Stylish Design ● Designed with a modern-stylish and glossy exterior casing to enhance your interior decoration. i-Plasma Purify the Air ● Effectively deactivate the bacteria by damaging microbial DNA and surface structures without being harmful to human tissues. Cleanse the Air ● Extra negative ions produced can remove airborne contaminates from the air we breathe and bring the air fabulously fresh and clean. Smooth air distribution & Quiet Operation ● SCR motor (Silicon Control Rectifier), voltage controlled speed provides better and smooth air flow. ● High efficiency X-flow fan provides smooth air flow and quiet operation. Auto Random Restart ● Once power resumes after a blackout, the unit will restart automatically at its last setting condition. Compact and Easy to use Controller ● Prominent temperature display ● Real time clock display ● Easily accessible buttons Advanced I-Plasma Only for FTN-QS Series High effectively to deactivate bacteria by damaging those microbial DNA and their surface structures by this advanced plasma technology. It emits massive positive and negative ions,and sterilize surrounding air with more effectively. Daikin FTN-QS Series emits 100 times more ions than ionizer technology in the current market by using our advance i-plasma technology. Daikin FTN-QS Series ensures a clean and healthy environment lifestyle for you and your family. Auto Random Restart Once power resumes after a blackout, the unit will restart automatically at its last setting condition. remote Compact and Easy to use Controller Prominent temperature display Real time clock display Easily accessible buttons Built in Starter ● Protect air conditioner from overcurrent condition. ● This will prolong the unit's lifespan as the unit will be protected. High Efficiency Hydrophilic Fin ● It encourages condensation of water. The condensated water moves easily to the drain pan thus enhancing the cleanliness and lifespan of the cooling coil. New Lambda (λ) Heat Exchanger ● The new Lambda (λ) structure with a large surface area makes way for higher heat exchange efficiency. Turbo Mode ● This function is availabe in COOL and DRY mode. ● Upon activation, the unit will run to full power with the indoor fan running at high speed for 20 minutes. This will provide a fast cooling during operation. Self-diagnosis System ● Equipped with a self-diagnosis system that can detect and indicate malfunctions with LED lights blinking. Coil Anti-Freezing Control ● Equipped with self protection system that prevents it from coil frosting. What's in the box: 1 set x Daikin 1.0hp Eco King (i Plasma) Air Conditioner FTN10QS & RN10F Read more
Daikin FTK25Q 2 Stores
Inverter DC Compressor 2.5hp *22,000Btu(5,800-23,000) - R410A refrigerant type Wide Capacity Range Intelligent Fuzzy Logic Control Fast Cooling Greater Energy Saving Low Starting Current with timer with remote control 5 year warranty on compresor Product details of Daikin 2.5hp Inverter COOLING KING WALL MOUNTED Air Conditioner FTK25Q & RK25C (R410A) - Q Serial Features: image Inverter DC Compressor ● Provide a lower noise, lower power consumption and greater efficiency due to the improved operation of the inverter DC compressor. Wide Capacity Range ● Equipped with Fuzzy Logic Control to vary the input frequency to control compressor speed according to the room load requirements. ● Provides wide range of capacity to suit your extra cooling needs even in a very hot day. Intelligent Fuzzy Logic Control ●The microprocessor maintains your desired room temperature by varying the compressor speed thus providing a very comfortable environment. Fast Cooling ● The ability to provide large capacity after the start up will allow Daikin inverter to quickly cool down the room. Thus, providing a comfortable environment. Greater Energy Saving ● By using intelligent controls, compressor running speed is matched with air-conditioning load. This achieves significant savings in energy consumption. Low Starting Current ● Our Inverter are designed to operate with a soft-start feature. The compressor motor does not require to draw high current during start up as it rams up the speed step by step. ● This reduces the surge in drawing the electricity in a sudden. Specifications of Daikin 2.5hp Inverter COOLING KING WALL MOUNTED Air Conditioner FTK25Q & RK25C (R410A) - Q Serial What's in the box: 1 set x Daikin 2.5hp Inverter COOLING KING WALL MOUNTED Air Conditioner FTK25Q & RK25C (R410A) - Q Serial General Features: Size (L x W x H) 24.2 x 112.4 x 32 & 32.8 x 85.5 x 75.6 Weight 62 Type Air Conditioner Single Split System Warranty period 1 Year Warranty type Local Manufacturer Warranty Read more

Top Air Conditioners Price List 2018

Top 10 products Price Store
Midea MPH-09CRN1 RM 720.00 Shopee
Daikin FTK10Q RM 1,150.00 Lazada
Khind EAC600 RM 199.00 Lazada
Hisense HAC-09DJN RM 671.00 Lazada
Honeywell CL60PM RM 779.90 Lazada
Daikin FTN10P RM 828.00 Shopee
Acson A5WM10S RM 839.00 Lazada
Khind EAC601 RM 289.00 Lazada
Midea MPF-12CRN1 RM 1,169.00 Shopee
Honeywell CL30XC RM 599.90 Lazada
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Midea MPH-09CRN1

Cheapest at Shopee RM 900.00 RM 720.00 Go to Shop

Beat The Heat With The Best Air Conditioners In Malaysia

“Happiness is … air conditioning on a hot summer night.” - Unknown

When the sun is blazing out there, rays penetrating your skin and momentarily causing a burning sensation, all that we would wish to do is chill out in a cool place. Being baked in the sun while spending your time outdoor is inevitable, however, you can make your life better when you step into your home or office with the perfect air conditioner to beat the heat.

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner for Your Space

Window AC or Split AC?
Both window AC and split AC have their own advantages. Window AC is generally cheaper and more convenient to install. Meanwhile split AC is quieter, thus promising you a good night sleep without unpleasant AC sound.
When you choose an air conditioner, make sure the capacity of your AC could accommodate the size of your room. Usually, if you are in a room with of 120-140 Sq. ft. area, you might need an air conditioner of 1 ton. If your room is larger than that, you might have to increase the capacity of your AC.
Energy Efficiency
Electrical appliances that are energy efficient can be very consumer-friendly. They consume less electricity, thus helping you to save up on your utility bills. As a smart consumer, don’t forget to get yourself an energy efficient air conditioner.
Clean Air, Quality Air
Indoor or outdoor, your lungs strive for clean air. A good air conditioner supplies quality air with its good filter. It makes your indoor air cleaner and ensures smooth flow of cool air. Choose an air conditioner with the most effective filter.

Start Caring for Your Air Conditioner

Taking good care of your air conditioners ensures their efficiency as well as longevity. Make sure you conduct regular service as this enables optimum performance of your AC. During this servicing process, it is important to check the filters. Some can be reused while others might need to be replaced. Clean or replace the filters every 1-2 months. In addition to that, you will also have to pay close attention to your air conditioner coils. If they get dusty, your AC has to utilize more energy and electrify to absorb the heat and maintain a cool environment.

Get The Best Air Conditioners, All At Great Prices

Find the best air conditioner that suits your home or office from our wide array of air conditioners. Bringing you the most advanced and highly efficient air conditioners in the market, we help you to improve your lifestyle like never before. Discover some of the amazing air conditioners from well-known brands around the world:

Panasonic - CS-S10SKH & CU-S10SKH 1.0hp Premium
Daikin FC30A2
Mitsubishi 1.0Hp Standard Air conditioner
Acson 1.0 HP Air Conditioner
Hisense - HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner
Samsung - AR09KVFSB (R410A) Deluxe Inverter Air
Sharp - AHA9SED 1.0 HP Air Conditioner (R410 Gas)
Mitsubishi - 1.5HP Inverter + ionizer Air Conditioner

    Now is your chance to enjoy a luxury lifestyle at the lowest and best price. Grab a cool air conditioner for your space and you would never have to worry about the heat anymore. You can also check out other home or office appliances such as fans, vacuum cleaners and more. Happy shopping!