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MacBook - Beauty Outside. Beast Inside.

The ubiquitous yet powerful Mac can be found in everywhere as most people love its wonderful blend of sophistication and functionality at the same time.

MacBook Pro

Available in either 13 or 15 inch, the MacBook Pro boasts serious and stunning image quality that Apple describes it as "retina display" as the visual is so real that a person is unable to distinguish it. In other words, the power of its display is so good that there is no visible pixel on it. Featuring the ever responsive Force Touch trackpad, this amazing tool is well-designed that you can easily experience its highly advanced capabilities as you now feel your content instead of merely seeing it in the normal way.

It is not an exaggeration when Apple claims that MacBook Pro represents true power as its fearsome Intel Core i5 (13 inch) or i7 (15 inch) can help you to handle even the most demanding and intensive computing operations; pretty handy especially when using highly intensive graphic design and video editing programs. The great selling point of MacBook Pro is its thin and light profile that enables you to carry this high-powered device to anywhere without breaking your own back.

MacBook Air

Designed to be even more portable in the standard of today's laptops, the MacBook Air truly earns its name when you feel its weight: 1kg. Not just that, the MacBook Air is also unbelievably thin at just 0.68 inch or 1.7cm only. It is even more unbelievable when Apple manages to fit the powerful Intel Core i5 or i7 processor in its compact body. Talking about the power of its battery life, the 11 inch MacBook Air can last up to 9 hours while 13 inch MacBook Air is able to last for 12 hours!

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Technology is becoming more advanced than ever with countless of innovations in terms of designs and the products’ capabilities. And Apple is agreeably the trend-setter in the technology world, especially with its MacBook series. Click here to read more about Apple MacBook.

Apple MacBook in Malaysia

Be more productive with Apple MacBook

Since the first release of Apple’s Macbook series back in 2006, the line has been dominating the business and designer laptops market with its powerful processor and sleek design. The MacBook series always receives positive reviews by both tech followers and industry experts. So if you are looking to invest in a powerful machine especially for work, Apple MacBook would be an ultimate choice.

The most notable features of a MacBook are: the high resolution Retina display and powerful OS X packed in a futuristically thin machine with exceptional performance. The mechanism behind every Apple MacBook is the advanced Intel Core M optimized for Apple’s OS X that runs on 5 watts of power. Its components of a 14 nanometer chip and 11 inch logic board make this machine thinner than ever before without compromising the functionality and energy efficiency by focusing in the new and innovative space arrangement.

For those who are looking for a laptop that can satisfy all of the technical requirements as well as impeccable designs for more creativity space, MacBook is definitely the answer. It is especially suitable for graphic designers with a spectacular 3 million pixels, 2304x1440 screen solution on top of the unprecedented large aperture number for greater exposure.

The new MacBook has marked the milestone of the industry by introducing the slimmest laptop with longer battery life and incredible storage and memory. Check out more on MacBook specifications below.

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Here are the series of MacBook that have been released since 2006 till now.

The original MacBook

Opening the new era to Apple’s Mac products is the original MacBook, comes in black and white. The laptop possessed an elegant aluminium unibody design that helped to build up a strong foundation for the modern MacBooks development.

The new MacBook

From its ancestor, the new MacBook is redesigned with more focus on the display quality as well as the versatility packed in the amazingly thin machine. It is available in 3 colours as similar to the Apple iPhone series: Silver, Gold and Space Grey.

There are two MacBook versions for you to choose from which are differentiated based on the size and storage capacity.

MacBook 7.74 inches

  • Retina display with innovative LED backlighting technology
  • Running on a 1.1GHz Intel Core M which can be upgraded to 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core M.
  • Memory capacity is up to 8GB with 256GB storage
  • Screen supported by Intel HD Graphics 5300

MacBook 11.04 inches

  • Retina display with innovative LED backlighting technology
  • Running on a 1.2GHz Intel Core M which can be upgraded to 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core M.
  • Memory capacity is up to 8GB with 512GB storage
  • Screen supported by Intel HD Graphics 5300

Both devices are featured with a state-of-the-art thin keyboard and the trackpad that is more responsive and looks stunning on a sleek surface. More than that, Apple has made its new MacBook compatible to the wireless world for both home and office use. You can now explore the impossible and create more magic with Apple MacBook everywhere you go.

No matter if you are a tech expert, a designer, a student or an entrepreneur, Apple MacBook is designed to fit all. It is truly the benchmark of perfection in the technology world. Not only does it boost your productivity with the strong processor, a MacBook also provides you with more creative tools from its huge App Store that will allow you to achieve the impossible.