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Appeton Weight Gain - Adult 900g (Chocolate Flavor)
RM 148.50 RM 200.70

APPETON WEIGHT GAIN (ADULT) A milk formula manufactured for skinny people. It contains all the essential amino acids required to gain weight as well as the multivitamins and minerals to enhance the utilization of amino acids. Appeton Weight Gain contains a well balanced variety of easily digestible nutrients essential for tissue growth. Fortified with L-lysine that improves the PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) value, which is the weight gaining capacity of protein intake. Research shows that protein source which is high in L-lysine will register a higher PER value. Appeton Weight Gain has a PER value of 3.1. All the right amino acid at the right amount ensures tissue growth. Appeton Weight Gain has a higher bioavailability because it uses protein from whey, which contains a high concentration of branched amino acids that are more easily digested and absorbed. The biological value of Appeton Weight Gain whey protein is 100 and milk protein is 88. The multivitamin plus minerals together with higher protein and carbohydrate will ensure optimum food source for gaining body weight. Appeton Weight Gain Adult: to promote weight gain for underweight adults; provides complete nourishment for convalescence; to maintain muscle fitness of athletes. Available in 900g and 450g. Ingredients Skimmed milk, milk proteins, vegetable oils, saccharose, defatted cocoa, fiber, vanilla, minerals, vitamins and lecithin. Average composition per 100gm: Protein 30gm, Fat 10gm, Carbohydrates 52gm, Fiber 5.6gm, Ashes 5gm, Moisture 3gm, Energy 396kcal (1655kJ). VITAMINS & MINERALS CONTENT adult units Vit. A 3000 iu Vit. B1 0.8 mg Vit. B2 0.8 mg Vit. B6 1 mg Vit. B12 3.5 mcg Vit. C 45 mg Vit. D 300 iu Vit. E 10 iu Niacin 8 mg Panthothenic acid 5 mg Folic acid 300 mcg Biotin 50 mcg Choline 50 mg Sodium 660 mg Potassium 350 mg Calcium 1500 mg Chloride 1000 mg Iron 8 mg Phosphorous 650 mg Magnesium 100 mg Zinc 5.5 mg Copper 550 mcg Iodine 70 mcg Manganese 1100 mcg Amino Acids content in g per 100gm (% w/w) Lysine 9.2 Isoleucine 5.2 Tyrosine 5.2 Tryptophan 3.2 *Methionine 2.7 Cysteine 1.3 Histidine 2.7 Arginine 3.5 Aspartic acid 7 Threonine 4.2 Serine 5.4 Glutamic acid 18.5 Proline 8.7 Glycine 1.6 Alanine 2.6

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RM 200.00

Appeton Weight Gain Adult 900G (Chocolate) HOW DOES APPETON WEIGHT GAIN HELPS ONE TO GAIN WEIGHT HEALTHILY? With L-ProteMAX L-ProteMAX consists of L-Lysine, L-Arginine and Glutamic Acid. L-Arginine stimulates the growth hormone to increast lean mass. L-Lysine increases le an body mass growth. This triggers weight gain due to increase in lean mass! A healthy way to put on the pounds! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Has a high PER of 3.1 for a more efficient weight gain PER is a measurement of proteins ability to increase body weight. FDA standard for PER value is 2.5. The higher the PER, the greater the ability to increase body weight. Appeton Weight Gain has a high PER value 3.1. Easily digested and absorbed (Good Bioavailabilty) Appeton Weight Gain contains whey protein. Whey Protein contain amino acids that are more easily digested and absorbed. Contains the right amount of amino acids Appeton Weight Gain contains the right and specific amount of amino acids needed for tissue growth. Increases weight gain gradually Eating high fat food for instant weigh gain may compromise your health. It could increase your levels of bad cholesterol and glucose. With Appeton Weight Gain, it is a gradual weight gain without any side effects! It is important to take time to put on weight so that your body can adjust progressively. SERVING AND PREPARATION: ADULTS Suitable for adults aged 13 years and above. Add 40g-50g (3 ½ - 4 scoops) to 300ml of warm water. Drink 2 – 3 times daily, one hour after each meal. Important to maintain normal diet pattern.

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