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The Different Types of Automotive Parts with APM Malaysia

Shopping for automotive/car parts can be difficult. Choosing between original or third-party car parts, for instance, can be a daunting task as you have to consider your car’s overall design, engine size, and fuel economy. The same is true when it comes to looking for replacements for car parts. These fixes will happen sooner or later, that is why it’s essential to know how to choose the right automotive part when the time comes.

OEM parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means they are parts made by the manufacturer. They are components that are designed to fit the specifications of a car’s model or make. They usually fit perfectly, although they cost more than other automotive parts. Without putting too much thought into it, OEM parts are the best automotive parts since they are made by your car’s manufacturer. However, it boils down to personal preference. Many people including body shop repairmen, brand-new vehicle owners, and car enthusiasts prefer getting OEM parts but others tend to not care as long as their car is fixed. If you’re looking for great OEM parts, APM Malaysia is the brand to check out.

Aftermarket parts

These auto parts are made by another manufacturer aside from the original company. They are manufactured at a high volume and designed to work with the specifications of various types of cars, not just a single vehicle model. They function similarly to OEM parts but are cheaper.

Rebuilt parts

As the name suggests, rebuild auto parts are used to be components of a vehicle that were completely refitted and disassembled with new parts. The components are eventually tested to see if they work well. Performance-wise, rebuild auto parts can be on par with newer components, and most of the time they last just as long.

Refurbished parts

These components work differently from rebuild parts in the way they’re handled before use. In most cases, they are used components that are not disassembled, instead, they are well-maintained and a bit modified. One of the most common defects of refurbished parts is that they have wear and tear on them. Among the minor repairs include gaskets, nuts, and bolts. Speaking of which, if you are looking for quality auto parts, you can find them on APM Malaysia.

Used parts

Also known as “recycled”, used parts are typically a cheaper option to the parts mentioned above. They are effective replacements that don’t easily break down. Things like mouldings, door trims, handles are the most commonly used parts. However, they’re not always effective replacements. That is why it is best to steer away from recycled parts when doing replacements that have something to do with performance or safety issues.

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