Want to add a different spark into your skincare and makeup collection? Cute cartoons always bring smiles and happy thoughts, Apieu will help bring fun and a different kind of packaging for all your makeup and skincare products. If you find the idea appealing then look at Apieu products below and click here to learn more.

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Doraemon, Rilakkuma are among the most popular Japanese cartoon characters that have captured the liking of many, both children and adults. Apieu collaborated with the these two cartoon giants for various projects on exclusive and limited edition packaging of its high quality skin care and makeup products. Just browse at all the Apieu products at iprice, don't they look super adorable? Especially the limited edition Rilakkuma Apieu Air fit cushion foundation, so lovely.

About Apieu Malaysia

South Korea is undeniably the fastest growing country in the beauty industry, with its country's advanced and modern innovative technology and development in the cosmetics, skin care and make up industry, Apieu is one of the newer brands that have captured the fondness of many girls in their 20s. Young, aspiring women in their 20s that are in their college and university days want to look good and do well in their academics.

Apieu is a French word that means 'basic', and these young women need a good and affordable basic skincare and makeup brand like Apieu to help them achieve better confidence and appeal. Ladies in their 20s are a busy bunch that have to juggle both social and worklife, so Apieu offers products that can help them to have beautiful skin with the most basic skincare and to provide their skin with vitality and energy, no more tired skin. And if you want to look less tired, Apieu makeup products can help you too.

Apieu is the little sister brand of popular Korean beauty label MISSHA. Originally designed for women in their 20s (to set them up with good skin for life), Apieu products can be used by women of all ages.

Affordable and packed in cute packaging, Apieu is a win-win choice

Apieu products are very affordable and packed in a really cute packaging. The quality of its products are also of high quality and made in its manufacturing facility in South Korea. Apieu products are also shipped to various countries in Asia like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, China and the Philippines, there are also many foreign online stores sellers that stock up Apieu products because the brand is also well received in the US and Europe. And now with the rise of online shopping, Apieu is also one of the top selling beauty brands for the makeup foundation cushion category.

Top Apieu products

Koreans love that watery, dewy finish, atrend will will soon fade away. The new trend of “blur” which focuses on the real life Instagram filter is slowly on the rise. Although this Apieu product was not marketed as a “blurring” BB cushion, this A’pieu Air fit does just that. Aslightly dewy, more on the satin finish that gives the skin that “i woke up like this” look. This product works great for those who have dry skin since it is very moisturizing. This product may also suit people with oily skin

Apieu Fit Cushion XP
the foundation that is in every young lady's bag, this air fit cushion gives a complete coverage. So, users can expect it to cover up uneven pores and get perfectly silky smooth skin. Its rose water ingredient will also give you a natural radiant after application. This foundation is also made for people on-the-go, its lasting polymer network will give you long-lasting tenacity and its double layer powder can help hide unwanted discolouration, pimples and uneven skin. Apieu Air Fit Cushion XP garnered so much popularity that Apieu launched three limited edition version of this product which includes Doraemon, Rilakkuma and Garfield packagings respectively when the brand collaborated with the respective iconic cartoon characters. Its non-sticky and light texture makes it one of the best selling cushion pact with BB cream. Perfect for those who are in a rush of time and need a foundation that is easy to apply. It can also hold your make-up for long period with its strongadhesiveness to the skin. Apieu Compact Powders are definitely a must have!
Apieu Nonco Tea Tree Spot Patch
A’Pieu Nonco Tea Tree Spot Patches are highly effective patches containing tea tree oil and herbal extracts that are designed to get rid of blemishes quickly, effectively and hygienically to leave you with minimal acne scarring. Hydrocolloid bandages are traditionally used for wound healing, as they keep skin moist and dry without causing tissues to break down. Acne spot patches use this technology to help at various stages of the pimple life-cycle. This spot patch will shorten the lifespan of pimples, help blemishes to drain themselves of pus if such conditions happens and help protect the surrounding skin by reducing irritation and the spread of bacteria. Before applying A’Pieu Nonco Tea Tree Spot Patch, wash your face and dry it off completely. Then, place a patch directly on the problematic spot and leave it in place for 8-12 hours. After that, remove and wash, highly recommended to use it during sleep, so you will have blemish free skin the next morning.
Apieu Jelly Marmalade
A lip gloss that gives the lips a natural bouncy texture lika a jelly-marmalade, leaving a moisture finish without applying a lip balm. You can now skip the pre-application of lip balms when you use this lip gloss. Containing fruit extracts, collagen and mineral water as key ingredients, this lip gloss not only gives you that glamorous lip finish but also cares for your lips by retaining its natural moisture. With long-lasting pigmentation, it also gives vivid pigment for the whole day long, no need to reapply!

Get Apieu and experience improved skin. So, that you can have blemish clear skin and flawless appearance that will boost your self-confidence. Make yourself look radiantly appealing with Apieu products now!