What does Alexa Chung, Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, Florence Welch and The Duchess of Cambridge have in common? They are all ardent fans of Anya Hindmarch handbags. Anya Hindmarch is a London-based fashion designer rose to fame when she continuously produced creative designs using creative and humorous approach, including the ever popular, "I'm not a Plastic Bag" tote bag. 

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About Anya Hindmarch 

Anya's design streak came to light when she was given the first Gucci handbag from her mother at the age of 16. It was one of her mother’s old handbags. Fascinated by the bag’s craftsmanship. Anya left school and traveled to Florence, the home of leather. After a company who took Anya’s samples, she made 500 handbags and were instantly sold out. That was the moment when Anya knew exactly what she wanted to do; designing handbags.  

Anya then begins to design her first handbag, which is a deeply spacious leather bucket handbag and was placed in an advertisement by Harpers & Queens. She opened her first store on Pond Street, and ever since then, has built a huge empire of leather luxury goods, with perfect craftsmanship, custom-made detailing, and a touch of eccentricity.  

Her brand is dubbed as the “kick ass, well, beating business in one of the toughest industries through extraordinarily difficult economic times”, presently. Anya Hindmarch has over 150 employees under her and 58 stores in over 40 countries, including a new flagship store that was recently launched in New York City, whereby customers can customize the handbags, according to the shape, size, colors and style they desire. The bags can also be engraved with messages in customer’s own handwriting. In addition to her brand, Anya also takes part in other projects such as designing gift bags for the BAFTA’s and the Vanity Fair Oscars party. 

When Anya Hindmarch released the “I’m not a Plastic bag” tote bag in 2007, -the designer’s most popular creation, a joint- collaboration with a non-profit organization, We Are What We Do, saw 80, 000 people stand in line across the UK as well as at prominent stores in the leading cities around the world. As the Anya Hindmarch brand continues to garner international recognition, the brand and the company behind it has maintained all the brand's essence: personality, humor, and passion of the company's founder and the creative director.

Signature design style 

There are three things which are significant to Anya Hindmarch; technique, striking materials and personalization. These factors combined with her playful-chic sense of style and niche brand has transformed the way many women and handbag lovers of different ages view and carry this accessory. Her sense of style is not only noticeable in her collections, but also in her taste for art and design as well. “I tend to enjoy playing with things that seem ordinary,” she says, “but doing them in an extraordinary way.”

Latest collaboration 

One of the spring’s wardrobes must-have is the Anya Hindmarch's sticker’s collection. In a recent and exciting collaboration with Charlotte Stockdale, the sticker collection was inspired by Anya’s childhood, during which in school, she used to dress her notebooks with stickers. The stickers’ collection was launched in Spring/Summer 2015 collection where, the collection features smiley faces, "yes" slogans and cartoon thunderbolts, among many others. 

These stickers will allow customers to customize any bag in the customer's collection of Anya Hindmarch's bags, injecting of full of fun into the traditional world of leather goods. It was an instant hit, as it quickly becomes a favorite among fashionistas.  

Anya Hindmarch’s best sellers

In Malaysia, the more prominent and favoured designs are the Anya Hindmarch Tote Bags, Anya Hindmarch Carker Bag, Anya Hindmarch Gracie Bag, Anya Hindmarch Cooper Bag, I Am Not A Plastic Bag, Anya Hindmarch Diaper Bag and Canvas Bag.

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