Travel smart and safe with Antler, UK’s No 1 trusted luggage brand. The creation of the son of J.B Brooks, Antler is a brand that is impelled by the desire to travel. Pioneered as a luxury leather goods company that designed unconventional luggage with a touch of British design panache, today, contemporary Antler brand prides itself with some of the most novelty products on the market. So,if you are a traveler looking for something functional and feather light luggage, or a stylish bag that makes you stands out from the airport crowd, then check out Antler luggage collections below!

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Over 100 years of passion

The story of Antler goes back to 1914, in Bury, Lancashire, when a young gentleman named John Boultbee Brooks created a leather saddle for his bicycle seat to make his bicycle rides more comfortable. When his son took over the company, he begins to venture into air travel luggage, and created a company called Antler, named after his passion for wildlife hunting and adopted an image of a stag and antlers as the logo of the brand, which was used for nearly 100 years.

When the World War II ended and the air travel business became more accessible and affordable, Antler introduced the first luggage, a soft-sided luggage with rich, quality linings, and “Airstream”, a suitcase that is made of soft and hard materials and fabrics, an innovation that plays the part of making Antler the most distinguished names in travel goods.

Today, Antler UK has been in the luggage industry for over 100 years, celebrated the 100th anniversary in 2014, and is no stranger to the world of travelers as the brand is famously known for their premium quality luggage that is functional while still maintaining a sleek, sophisticated style. Antler continued to produce a wide range of premium quality, lightweight of suitcases, casual bags, luggage, rucksacks, travel and business accessories and leather goods for holiday and business travelers. With its excellent workmanship, light, elegant appearance, combined with the beauty of line and finish, Antler has justly earned over a period of many years, an enviable reputation for quality and value.

Spring Summer 2015 Luggage Collection

Fashion has become increasingly prominent in every aspect of our lives. With summer is around the corner and many are looking forward to going on a holiday on the beach, the latest collection from Antler is an excellent example of infusing fashion with function and the best way to keep important traveling items in mint condition. In this year’s spring, summer collection, Antler has produced a range of suitcases, accessories, cabin luggage and bags built using lightweight materials and excellent design innovation. Encompassing of three genres- hard cases, soft cases and casual, each of the models are made in bright pops colors and eye-catching shades, guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

The popular pieces from the collection include the zesty Juno collection that features a hard shell casing to protect your precious traveling items, perfect for travelers who likes to travel light, the Cyber line, made for families that need the extra space, features an expandable compartment and super light construction. Another popular piece is the recently-introduced “Saturn”, a sturdy, upright plastic case, complete with 360°degree rotation wheels, wide interior pockets, and extra packing straps. It also features a distinctive horizontal ridge design for anti-flex protection.

As for the casual range, the “Urbanite” collection is a line encompassing of trolley bags, backpacks, and holdalls, with each, is presented with a fully lined interior and a tough outer exterior.
Combining 100 years of British heritage and impeccable workmanship, modernity, creativity, and innovation, it is no wonder that the Antler’s Spring Summer Luggage Collection 2015 is dubbed as the best luggage collections yet.

Highlights of Antler, the No 1 UK luggage brand

  • Besides the Antler brand, the company also produces the Revelations line, catered for a younger mindset.

  • Antler brand is the market leader in the UK and Australia.

  • Antler luggage goes through a rigorous testing program to make sure that the luggage can withstand the knocks and the bumps of the toughest journey.

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