It may be hard to believe, but every second of the day, we're surrounded by germs and bacteria. With Antabax Malaysia, you can safely disinfect yourself and your surroundings. Browse through our collection of Antabax soaps, hand sanitizers, and more below.


Antabax Malaysia: Keeping Your Family in Good Hygiene

About The Brand

Antabax is a globally well-known personal hygiene brand. The brand goes under a recognised South East Asian corporation named Lam Soon Group. For six continuous years, it remained as ‘The Best Brands in Consumer Personal Care’ rewarded by The BrandLaureate Awards in 2011-2016. The brand now continues to raise health-awareness among communities. Accordingly, Antabax empowers the public with applicable health guides and provides knowledge about healthy lifestyles as well as personal hygiene.

In Malaysia, Antabax has met the halal quality standards, given that it is the first Halal-certified antibacterial hygiene products within the country. The brand has also received numerous awards in Malaysia including “The Best Antibacterial Soap” from Cleo Magazine’s The Beauty Hall of Fame and “The Best Antibacterial Shower” from Her World Beauty Awards 2010-2016. The brand gains public trust through various nationwide campaigns promoting a healthy lifestyle. These campaigns are positively supported by The Ministry of Health and The Ministry of education. With this, Antabax aims to free Malaysian society from harmful diseases or any potential epidemic.

Antabax Products You Can Find in Malaysia

Hand Sanitizers

Antabax hand sanitizer is convenient to use as it possesses non-sticky, rinse-free and quick-drying formula. This killing-agent cleanser removes 99.9% of bacteria from our hands. The product is enriched with aloe vera, vitamins, and serum moisturizers to protect hands gently. It is dermatologically tested to protect hands without damaging skin while leaving a refreshing fragrance. The hand sanitizer comes in 50ml and 750ml bottles or spray.


The brand has a variety of soaps we can select from, they are bar soap, hand soap and shower cream. The three of them work similarly with 99,9% efficiency in killing germs and 24-hour antibacterial protection. These items are proven to be gentle on the skin and suitable for our daily use, thanks to the pH 5.5 formulation. Antabax soaps are formulated with a derma-protect system that contains Micro Moisture serum, leaving the skin smoother, softer, and healthy.

Cleansing Wipes

The alcohol-free cleansing wipes provide the same protection as other Antabax products. In addition to that, the product is formulated with vitamins and aloe vera to moisten and maintain skin health. The range comes in resealable packaging, making it suitable for our daily quick hygienic protection. However, washing our hands is still the best method to protect our family.

How much are Antabax products?

To compare prices of Antabax products, here’s a table comprising Antabax Malaysia’s prices:




Antabax Antibacterial Hand Wipes (10 wipes x 3 Packs)



Antabax Antibacterial Hand Soap 250ml



Antabax Antibacterial Shower Cream Gentle Care 250ml



Antabax Bar Soap (3 Packs)



Antabax Hand Sanitizer Spray 50ml



Antabax Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel 50ml