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Anne Klein is a New York fashion designer who revolutionized how young professional women dressed in the 1940s. Her innovations and impact in American fashion made her an industry leader during her time as a designer. She did so by shifting away from the “little girl” button and bow look and created wearable and easy mix-and-match clothing. Her understanding for the needs of young American women to look more mature yet at the same time stylish, especially for women’s sportswear enabled her to create a name for herself. Until today, much of the sportswear worn by women is designed from the basis ofAnne Klein's work. On top of that, she was also the first designer to develop in-store boutiques where sections of major department stores were solely for her merchandise- something commonly done by other designers today.

After much success of the Anne Klein brand, the American bridge-line Anne Klein II was born. This bridge-line allowed for more affordable designer clothing where prices were lower than designer brands but still maintained better quality than more affordable ones. During her time as a fashion designer, Anne Klein has won numerous awards. These include the Mademoiselle Award, Coty American Fashion Critics Award, Neiman Marcus Award, Lord & Taylor Award and National Cotton Council Award.

Louis Dell’Olio and Klein’s very own protégé Donna Karan continued the Anne Klein brand as head designers following Klein’s death in 1974. It was in Anne Klein where Donna Karan became recognized and eventually started her own fashion line under Donna Karan New York. Now, the Anne Klein Company is under Jones Apprale Group appointing Michael Smaldone to take over the design direction of the Anne Klein New York collections. In doing so, the company’s vision is to continue to create fabulous fashion through subtle changes.

Anne Klein’s fashion items continue to be worn by many powerful women across America and the World. This list includes the first female chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee who uses an Anne Klein wristwatch. Another woman has also been spotted wearing an Anne Klein watch is famous American actress Jennifer Aniston. America’s First Lady Michelle Obama has also been seen dressed in an Anne Klein dress during a public appearance for an event honoring women in the military.

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Anne Klein’s 2015 Spring collection features many classic fashion pieces which includes white neutrals and darker hues of grays and blues finished off with hints bright coloured elements to give the outfits the right balance of Spring. Gold accent hardware accessories brings the collection together, empowering women to stay elegant and classy for any occasion. This collection’s twist to the spring season emphasizes the freshness of Anne Klein’s designs and ensures you stay modern and in trend.

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