Anna Sui is one the most prestigious brands in the fashion industry. Every Fashion Runway is the brand’s playground with affectionately youthful fashion style. Learn more about the talented designer Anna Sui and her namesake brand here.

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Anna Sui – About the woman behind her namesake Fashion house

Mysterious and enchanting at the same time, Anna Sui has built up her own world of fashion and beauty so extraordinary that no one else could ever reach to. The brand Anna Sui resonates perfectly with everything ‘boho’ and enthralling, from the textile of the materials, the small detail that makes the piece of ordinary design becomes exquisite to the design of her nail lacquers and the Anna Sui boutiques.

There is no secret to Anna Sui’s success but her pure passion for what she is doing. Hailed from the small suburb town of Detroit, USA, the designer entered the fashion industry right after she graduated from Parsons School for Design. The love for designing clothing began to sprout in Anna Sui when she was only 4 and ever since, she always strived to learn and create garments that go beyond any standard. To date, Anna Sui has launched more than 50 boutiques across 30 countries and her collections are always on high demand once they are introduced. She also won the honourable Design Award “Perry Ellis” by the CFDA.

Ignite your inner fashionista with Anna Sui fashion in Malaysia

The most outstanding factor of Anna Sui clothing is the unique textile design in bohemian spirit, dark yet youthful and avant garde. The style of Anna Sui is prominently hippie and cultural centric with fascinating patterns placed unpredictably. She releases new collection following the seasons which will first be seen on the fashion runway before it hits the department stores.

Her designs reflect accurately the free spirit of the youth that is filled with nature love. Every small detail of her clothes is an ensemble of a particular thing; it could be a cultural movement or an element of life, well, it could be anything.

A complete beauty with Anna Sui cosmetics

After the establishment of Anna Sui fashion line, the designer also embarked on the road to the cosmetics kingdom with her first beauty products collection launched in 1997. Just like the essence of Anna Sui, the cosmetics also possess splendid designs on top of flawless beauty make over magic.

With the original love for rock and roll and mystical charm, Anna Sui infused just what she believed into every single product. Her makeup packaging is truly one of a kind! You can get the whole range of Anna Sui Makeup including:

  1. Base and Makeup tools
  2. Eyes
  3. Lips
  4. Nails
  5. Skincare
  6. Hair and Body
  7. Accessories

Among the makeup line, the bestselling products are as followed:

  • Anna Sui Spot Concealer: Available in 3 skin tones that helps smoothen your skin and creates a spotless foundation for a natural look.
  • Anna Sui Liquid Eyeliner: If you wish to have that sharp look and perfect eyeliner as seen on the runway, get this eyeliner now! It’s highly recommended by professional makeup artists for the captivating, killer eyes makeup.
  • Anna Sui Lipstick V: This is probably the most unique lipstick design that you will see in the market. More importantly, the Lipstick V collection is wonderfully soft, creamy and bright when applied on your lips. It will give you a fuller lip with desirable colour instantly.
  • Anna Sui Nail Colour N: In the form of a sexy lady figure, the N nail colour collection by Anna Sui is the shooting star of the fashion house with Anna Sui’s signature glitter pattern and vibrant colours.

Bring the garden of flowers on every step with Anna Sui Malaysia Fragrances

Anna Sui perfume possesses an intoxicating scent that lasts till the next time you “meet”. Still keeping the designer’s fancy packaging designs and irresistible allure, the line of fragrances is also a big player in the market. No matter what fashion style is yours, you can always find the perfect match from Anna Sui fragrances collection with the best-sellers as followed:

  • Secret Wish: This perfume is like an innocent girl opening up her heart to love for the first time, sweet and fresh like a blossom in Spring. The heart notes are orange and jasmine with the blend of lotus blossom, lemon and melon among other fruity scents.
  • Romantica: This perfume is Anna Sui’s spirit and life mantra – to always be content with life and never feel shy to express love. The characteristics of Romantica are Rose de Mai, Jasmine, Osmanthus and Orange with slighter scent of mandarin, pomegranate and water lily.
  • Dolly Girl: This is the core inspiration of Anna Sui, Dolly represents the designer’s youthful and playful spirit. Attractive from the design of the bottle to the essence of the scent, Dolly Girl is indeed the muse of Anna Sui.
  • Rock me!: This special perfume line is Anna Sui’s deep passion for rock and roll. She wants to inspire every individual to be carefree, hippie like the sound of rock and roll through this brilliant perfume creation. The scent is dreamy and full of energy for an endless summer party rock! It contains Beragamot, white peach, musky rose as the core notes.

What else should you know about Anna Sui?

More than just a fashion brand, Anna Sui is a true success icon for everyone to follow. She is always proud to show the world what she loves and what inspired her to strive for greatness in whatever she does. Here are some favourites of Anna Sui that keep her life always exciting:

  • Rock idols: Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Page
  • Beloved cities: New York, London, Beijing
  • Movie stars: Gary Cooper, Pierre Clemente, Louis Garrel
  • Fashion influencers: Ossie Clark, Emilio Pucci, Paul Poiret, Zandra Rhodes