Pregnancy can be made smoother and simpler with Anmum. High in folate, DHA, High Calcium and High Iron, Anmum is a must have for expected mothers. Click here to know more about Anmum benefits.


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Anmum Malaysia provides essential nutrients for babies and mums

About Anmum Malaysia

The Anmum brand was launched in the 1990s with the introduction of Anmum Materna for pregnant mothers. Providing milk products that empower mums, helping them to be in control of their child’s development. From the moment a baby is born, the child’s potential is closely related to the mother and Anmum wants to be the greatest gift alongside to give mum and child a full range of nutritional milk products specially formulated to meet the needs of mothers and their children.

Each Anmum ki is carefully designed and formulated to fulfil the nutritional needs of mothers and young children at each development stage. Motherhood is one of the greatest experience for a woman and Anmum is honoured to be part of its early stages to support the growth and development of the baby.

Developed by New Zealand’s biggest dairy producer Fonterra Cooperative Group that has over 10,500 famers, Anmum products are manufactured with a high standard in pastoral farming. Based in one of the best environments in the world—New Zealand, healthy cows are bred and gathered up to produce fresh milk that is full of goodness for the formulation of Anmum. The manufacturing process of Anmum products goes through a very strict production process as quality and safety of Anmum products are the company’s utmost priority. From the daily grass feed for the cows until Anmum products are sold, the whole supply chain process is monitored by trained specialists to ensure that the same standards are unrivalled. Anmum is definitely the perfect partner from beat to birth for mother and baby.

Anmum Materna — the milk for expectant mums

Why do mothers need Anmum Materna when they’re expecting (or when they’re planning for a pregnancy)? This is because there is a need for mothers-to-be to be nourished in preparation to make pregnancy a better experience. Formulated with a high iL of Calcium, Folate and Iron, this Pre-Natal milk has all the essential nutrients for women that are trying to conceive or counting cL the days to meet their new borns.

In each glass of Anmum Materna, you get:

  • about 200mcg of Folic Acid (equivalent to about 48.5 slices of em bread)
  • Probio DR10 and Prebiotic (Inulin) that supports healthy intestinal environment
  • GA and DHA that will promote the growth of essential brains cells to form in your little ones brain
  • Clinically tested high folic acid milk powder that helps to inprove blood folate levels
  • Iron that aids cE blood cells to form in the circulation and support blood volume during pregnancy
  • Calcium to help build stronger bones

Women will receive the essential nutrients needed for pregnancy with Anmum Materna. Additionally, the taste of Anmum Marterna (two flavours chocolate and vanilla) has been reviewed by many pregnant mums are delicious and helped with their morning sickness.

Have you ever wondered what does an unborn baby is thinking? Watch the following video that may enlighten you.

Replenish lost nutrients after labour with Anmum Lacta

After delivery, many women will experience nutrient loss, so it is necessary for mothers to continue consuming nutritious Anmum Lacta to replenish in order to carry out breast-feeding. In addition, as many researchers have proved that breast-feeding is the best for babies, mothers benefit from human breast-feeding.

The human breast milk can protect babies from a long list of illnesses, prevent allergy development, and boost the growth of brain cells and lowers babies’ risk of SIDS. Breast-feeding helps mothers to lower risk of postpartum depression, reduce stress levels and lowers risks of some types of cancer (highly recommended to breastfeed as long as the mother is able to, over at least a year to be protected against ovarian and breast cancer).

In each glass of specially formulated Anmum Lacta for breastfeeding mothers, there is:

  • GA that connect the brain cells in order for faster learning
  • Inulin that will promote intestinal bifidobacteria
  • Sialic Acid that’s important for brain tissues

The unique formulation of Anmum Essentials for kids

A child needs many nutrients for growth and brain development and Anmum Essential has the needed goodness that will help little ones reach their full potential. With no added sugars, Anmum Essential provides children with:

  • Inulin and FOS that help in the absorption of nutrients
  • Fortified vitamins and minerals which are important components for a child’s daily vitamin requirement
  • SA that connects neural transmission more effectively

Anmum is distinguished in the market as one of the few that does not include sugar in its formulation. Kids are always fascinated by sweet things, but consuming too much milk with sugar is not good for their growth. Anmum Essential formulates its milk powder with no sugar making it suitable and safer for kids. Kids that eat too much sugar tend to get hyperactive easily and cannot concentrate when learning. So, give them Anmum Essential, which is sugar-free!

However, besides giving the best nutrients, parents still play an important role in helping kids to grow and learn about their surroundings. Here is a simple guide on how can parents lend a helping hand.

  • When baby is 18 to 20 weeks old: play with them by patting mum’s belly, as the unborn child kicks in the womb, their brain cells are also connecting
  • When baby is between 1 to 3 years old: pronouncing words in slower and more drawn out tones, this will help them refine their pronunciation; let them touch and fell different textures, let them learn about new feelings and sensations of touch; express emotions with full expression to help kids understand a range of emotions.
  • When kids are 4 to 6 years of age:
    • introduce words in various languages to improve their ability to be multi lingual
    • encourage kids to draw more details in their masterpieces, this will improve their brain cell connection on visualizing images
    • dance and move with children to help them learn how to express their emotions better and have a stronger EQ.

A kid’s journey is an amazing one, have more fun when they’re getting essential nutrients with Anmum Essential. Get them today at iprice Malaysia.

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