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Anastasia Malaysia

Anastasia started out as a brow product brand that slowly started venturing into other makeup products. Its founder, Anastasia Soare, studied art history and, from there, knew that properly shaped eyebrows was important for one’s overall look. She previously worked in various beauty salons in Beverly Hills before deciding to start out on her own in 1997. The brand has since become well known among many celebrities and boasts an extensive clientele of only the best.

The Golden Ratio Technique

This is a patented technique used by Anastasia that was devised based on the actual mathematical golden ratio and Leonardo da Vinci’s theory of how the body is one great proportion. The Golden Ratio Technique is used for shaping eyebrows. The technique involves three precise points on the brow and is different based on each individual’s face. The technique has worked throughout the years and has been widely credited for driving the brand to fame.

So Much More than Just Makeup

After years of success in the brow product industry, Anastasia finally decided to venture into other cosmetics products. Its founder, Anastasia Soare, decided that there was a need to educate women on how makeup can be used to specifically enhance their bone structure. And the idea for other makeup products took off from there. Each product from the brand is created to specifically shade and highlight parts of your face: helping you hide what you don’t like and accentuate the things that you do like about your facial structure.

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If you love the natural, flawless look that Kim Kardashian flawlessly achieves, then you would want to have a look at the brand that is behind her (and several other strong female celebrities’) look. Anastasia is a brand that has built a strong clientele of the best celebrities that Hollywood has to offer due to its awesome makeup products that live up to their claims and, of course, being the Brow Expert. Click here to learn more about the brand.

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Anastasia Malaysia: The Princess of Beauty Brands

Anastasia Malaysia: Where Beauty and Harmony are One

Founded 1997, Anastasia (also known as Anastasia Beverly Hills) first started out as a brow product brand. The brand was founded by Anastasia Soare, a Romanian-born entrepreneur. She started the business out of a rented room in a salon, after she was unable to convince her first employer that eyebrows could change a person’s looks. Soon, supermodels and even the Kardashian family found her and fell in love with what she could do. And that was how the brand was born.

Anastasia has always been popular, but the brand’s business exploded when its long-time celebrity clients begun to sing praises of its services and eyebrow products on their social media pages. Today, the brand can proudly claim to be the skills behind the looks of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey and Penelope Cruz. The brand has since expanded their product lineup to include other makeup products.

Anastasia Malaysia: Makeup that Enhances Your Bone Structure

Anastasia has always been about brow products, as that was where it started. But in 2014, the company decided to venture into professional makeup direct-to-consumer line of products. It’s new products garnered much attention from beauty bloggers and other influencers in the digital sphere for its innovative, cutting-edge products that never failed to impress.

Among the products that Anastasia has to offer, here are two of its products, which are constant favourites among makeup enthusiasts and have actually generated a cult following of their own:

  • Anastasia The Original Contour Kit: The kit is a best-selling palette of highlights and contour shades from Anastasia. Each shade is a powder-type that sets to a satin finish. The kit comes with six blendable shades (three for highlighting and three for contouring) that can be used to sculpt and define your facial features. The palette is available in 3 different shades.
  • Anastasia Liquid Lipstick: The liquid lipstick is available in 21 different shades and delivers a rich colour payoff that will last all day. Like most other liquid lipsticks from other brands, the Anastasia Liquid Lipstick will set to a matte look. Unlike most others, this liquid lipstick is specially formulated to be non-drying and does not make it feel like your lips are being pulled.

Other than these two cult favourites, here are several other Anastasia products that will be a worthwhile addition to your makeup bag!

  • Anastasia Brow Kit: This kit comes with everything you need to keep your arches perfectly (and professionally!) groomed no matter where you may be. The kit comes with stencils, Anastasia’s Brow Powder Duo, a powder brush, tweezers and Anastasia’s Clear Brow Gel, all packaged in a neat nylon pouch to make it easy to carry the kit with you wherever you go. The kit is suited for all brow types and is available in 5 different shades.
  • Anastasia Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette: This eye shadow palette comes with 14 shades that range from neutral to berry tones in matte or metallic finishes. The palette is perfect for both daytime and nighttime looks. Each eye shadow delivers rich colours that goes on smoothly and are fade-resistant. The shades are buildable and blendable for a beautifully unique finished look.
  • Anastasia Contour Cream Kit: This kit is available in 4 different shades. Each kit comes with three cream contour shades and three cream highlight shades that are easy to blend and complement one another. The kit is perfect for people who are looking for sculpt and contour their face for a more defined look. Each contour/highlight shade is formulated to go on smoothly and impart a subtle dewy shine.
  • Anastasia Lip Gloss: Feels like your lipstick is missing a little something? Then add a coat of Anastasia’s Lip Gloss over your lipstick to give it a unique finish that will look stunning and perfect for a night out about town! The flat sponge-tip applicator ensures that you can apply the gloss with precision for a beautiful finish. Anastasia has over 40 shades of lip gloss for you to choose from, each giving intense colour with a high shine that will attract the eye.

Anastasia Malaysia: For Red Carpet-Worthy Looks

Highlight the best parts of your facial features with these awesome makeup products from Anastasia. Each product is sure to improve your makeup looks that would look gorgeous no matter the occasion or the lighting. If Anastasia’s products are not to your liking, then check out these other brands for beauty products that are a worthwhile addition to your collection:

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