As a parent, you want only the best items for your precious little one. One brand knows what’s best for your child – Anakku. Here are some ways Anakku is the best baby products brand.


Why Anakku is Every Parent’s Best Friend

Getting ready for the arrival of your little one or even taking care of your toddler is no easy matter. You will need to baby-proof the entire environment. Once your precious one cries, you need to get everything ready to soothe him or her. Not to mention, when you leave the house for a holiday or even a walk in the park, you will need to stock up on the best products for your child – diapers to baby rattles, playpens, and even breast pumps. These are just the some of the many essentials that you need if you have a ‘mini you’. With Anakku, prepping up for your little one will be a joy. Bringing much love and care, the brand is every parent’s best friend. Let’s look at why Anakku is much loved in Malaysia.

Anakku products for you and baby

You’ve waited 9 months for the arrival of your precious one. Poof! You’re a parent all of a sudden! With the arrival of your baby, life has changed in a moment. You are thrust into a whole new world of demands – feeding, changing nappies, making sure baby is comfortable. But don’t worry, Anakku has everything you could ask for your child’s needs. Some of the best products for a baby come in Anakku’s series. Here are some you could look for:

Each of these goes hand-in-hand with the products in the other categories. Feel free to pair products for feeding along with baby health products. There’s no right or wrong when taking care of your child. Let go of your fears when handling your child and allow yourself some space to grow as a parent.

Made for parents who know nothing

For first-time moms who are still unsure how to feed your little one accurately without causing a mess, the Complete Natural Starter Set is exactly what you need. It has all the basic equipment you need to jumpstart your breastfeeding task, including a steam sterilizer, a manual breast pump and some natural bottles which will make feeding your expressed breastmilk to your little one a walk in the park.

To ensure the health of your child, everything needs to be squeaky clean and germ-free. This is where the 3-in-1 Sterilizer comes in handy. It’s the fastest and easiest way to sterilize your baby’s feeding equipment and accessories. The baskets in this sterilizer are the perfect size for both wide and narrow bottles, and it only takes 6 minutes to complete a whole sterilization cycle and the best thing is, it automatically switches off itself once the process is finished.

The natural breast pump offers new moms a more comfortable expressing position for their milk to flow easier. For a gentle stimulation, the soft massage cushion has a warm feel to it. This pump is designed to be compact, making travelling out and about for moms returning from work an easy task. The intuitive assembly and minimal parts also make it easier to clean.

In this Natural Starter Set, you will also find a complete set of natural bottles to express your milk and store it ready to bottle feed later. These bottles feature an innovative teat that has a petal design to it to encourage your child to latch onto it naturally, similar to the breast. The petals inside the teat increase the softness and flexibility without collapsing the teat so your baby will have a more comfortable and fuller feed. Thanks to the creative design of the bottles, holding and gripping onto it no matter what direction is as easy as 1, 2, 3, even for your baby’s tiny fingers. To complete the set, a brush that is specifically designed for thorough cleaning of bottle and teats and an orthodontic soother is included.

Anakku – The perfect gift for new parents

Have you ever wondered what would be the perfect gifts to give to new parents? What can you give new parents that are of the best quality and priced affordably? Annakku’s products are a perfect choice!

Anakku’s products are the best gifts to new parents and you can rest assured they will appreciate the gesture. Not forgetting the fact that there’s a range of products available under the Anakku brand that you can choose from. Go ahead and get use these products for your first, second child, and any more than you are consecutively blessed with. Anakku’s products are the best gifts because you will get the exact positive response that you have anticipated. No matter if it is for a newborn, a little girl or a boy, Anakku has all the products that would make a sweet gift. So what are you waiting for? Get the best of Anakku today.