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Amway Premium Concentrated Laundry Detergent (3kg)
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SA8 Premium Concentrated Laundry Detergent delivers high-quality cleaning action, taking care of tough stains and soils so your clothes stay white and bright. It also performs well even in cold water. Its patented formula includes effervescing crystals to ensure excellent solubility for easy cleaning. Besides providing high-quality cleaning action even on greasy and oily stains, SA8 Premium Concentrated Laundry Detergent also leaves no harmful residue that may irritate sensitive skin. It also contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect the metal parts of clothing and washing machines. Furthermore, its concentrated and superior dissolving action ensure value for your money. Features -Patented formula that allows quicker dissolution, even in cold water. -Effective against stubborn soil and stains such as blood, grass, chocolate and eggs for clean and bright clothes after every wash. Benefits -Leaves no harmful residue that may irritate sensitive skin. -The lifespan of clothes is stretched, ensuring more value for your money besides giving you cleaner and brighter clothes. How to Use : Sort clothes by colour, fabric and degree of soil. Use AMWAY HOME SA8 PreWash Spray Soil & Stain Remover (if needed). For best results, use the warmest temperature recommended for fabric and colours. Use the amount indicated on the chart, as seen on packaging; for heavily-soiled laundry, hard water or reused water, use 50% more. Continue to use AMWAY HOME SA8 All Fabric Bleach for appropriate fabric as preferred. Advisories/Precautions : Can cause injuries to eyes. Keep out of children’s reach. Production/Expiry Date : Shelf life of this product is three years from the date of production. The production date is printed on the product packaging. #amway #amwayhome #laundry #laundrydetergent #clothescleanser Read more