Travel the world with style and experience new things with the well-known luggage brand, American Tourister. Founded in 1933, American Tourister is known for its tough, durable and comfortable light travel luggage that can endure distance, frequent use, and change of lifestyles, all with a reliable global warranty. Check out what they have or click here to continue reading!


American Tourister Malaysia: Your Trusted Luggage Brand All Over the World!

American Tourister Luggage: Where It All Started

American Tourister, Inc, one of the most celebrated luggage brands in the United States has a long-standing history with the American's enthusiasm for travel. It started in 1933 when Sol Koffler, an immigrant to the United States had an idea; to create a durable and tough luggage that could sell for a dollar. At that time, Koffler was working at a factory producing steam trains. From there, Koffler honed his skills and learned the craft of making a suitcase.

He then spent all of his savings and bought an empty grocery store in Province, Rhode Island and begin producing hand-made suitcases massively. He named the store, American Luggage Works and sold his first suitcase for a dollar during the first year of operation. After 5000 suitcases were sold, Koffler hired a few employees to help him in the production line while Koffler continued to be in-charge of the suitcase design and the company’s sales.

Today, the hard work of Mr. Koffler proves to be fruitful as the brand has successfully produced a series of smart, tough and functional travel products with amazing value for travelers, with stress-free global warranty in more than 90 countries internationally, with the Philippines being one of the latest homes. The brand is now wholly owned by Samsonite Corporation and it is the 2nd most important international luggage brand under the group.

American Tourister Malaysia: One of the best luggage brands with groundbreaking design

The first suitcase produced by Koffler was made of thin materials; by gluing thin wood and plywood together and then wrapped it up either with paper or cloth for the affordable range and leather for the expensive range of suitcases. Later on, Koffler bought machines to make plywood radio cases so that the materials would curve before making a suitcase. The new machines allow him to simplify suitcase design naturally and still increase its sturdiness.

A common luggage is often made by patching a few pieces of materials, making it less durable and heavy, splitting and breaking the luggage in two. Koffler’s new design was clean and round-cornered but still offered more room than any other suitcases did. To give its suitcase an added advantage, Koffler added new features such as zippered pockets and linings to improve the product’s appeal. Koffler named this line American Tourister to differentiate this line from the previous one.

Samsonite has no Kryptonite

Besides popularly known for creating durable and tough luggage, American Tourister is also well-known for the advertisement that features gorillas abusing an American Tourister suitcase in a zoo. The advertising agency, Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) created an award-winning print and television campaign that linked customers’ testimonials with photos of vicious-looking gorilla abusing and stomping on American Tourister baggage. Take a look at the video here:

The advertisement is aimed towards families who take vacations often, a market that is undoubtedly different from the business-minded people pursued by Samsonite. This famous advertising campaign effectively demonstrated the luggage’s durability and it has helped in preserving the brand’s reputation with the public. Here is a more modern advertisement from American Tourister:

American Tourister Malaysia's varied selection of luggage for varied styles

There are many different types of luggage bags available in the market. From large suitcases, Pullmans to small luggage, there is a luggage for everyone. Each luggage bag is designed for specific use. For instance, if you are someone who travels often and for long trips, then large suitcases are perfect for you. Large suitcases come in hard-sided, semi-soft suitcase and soft-sided suitcases.

The former comes with safety and security features that help to protect the bag from wear and tear. They are often built using plastic, metal or other molded materials while the latter is lighter and roomier to pack more clothes in. As for the soft-sided suitcase, they are often light-weight and have zip closures in the interior.

For light travelers, backpacks, duffel bags and carry-on luggage are suitable as they are light, easy-to-carry around and have lots of compartments to store heavy items such as laptops and tablets, perfect for business travelers and those on the go.

Choosing the right luggage bag helps to make a trip a pleasant one. So, the next time you travel, whether it’s an overnight stay at your aunt’s house or a backpacking trip with your friends, there is always a perfect luggage bag to suit your style and needs.

Fundamentally, American Tourister Malaysia offers five main types of products from their manufacturing. They are:

  • Hard Cases
  • Soft Cases
  • Business Cases
  • Casuals
  • Travel Accessories

Here's what each of the types have in store:

Hard Cases

  • Cube Pop
  • Bon Air
  • HS MV+
  • Vivolite
  • Zavis

Soft Cases

  • MV+
  • Smart
  • Tropical
  • Gelato


  • At Painter
  • Backpack
  • Duffle
  • Daily Bag

Travel Accessories

  • Locks
  • Straps
  • Travel Pillows
  • Essentials

iprice and American Tourister Malaysia: what we both "carry"

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