AMD, or Advanced Micro Devices, an American company that produces and markets computer processing units (CPU) and graphic processing units. Their CPUs and GPUs prices are affordable, and yet provide a very good price-to-performance ratio that is comparable even to Intel's higher end chips. AMD is also one of the only two GPU companies in the world that is currently dominating the graphics market.

AMD Computing

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AMD, the hidden powers behind your computer's motherboard

AMD - or as known by their full name, Advanced Micro Devices - was founded on May 1 in 1969 by Jerry Sanders and his colleagues from another company. Sanders had left the previous company which was also a semiconductor company, and started AMD on his own.

AMD originally manufactured its own computer chips, but eventually they only design and sell the computer chips while the productions are outsourced to a specialized manufacturer who does semiconductor manufacturing called a semiconductor foundry - which sounds uber-cool!

Second only to Intel, AMD is one of the largest suppliers of x86 architecture microprocessors and graphic processing units - or otherwise known as graphic cards. Also, ever since acquiring ATI (another computer chip company) back in 2006, AMD and Nvidia has been the only major players in the grapics processing unit market.

AMD's main types of products include the following:

      • Microprocessors (a processor that includes a central processing unit - CPU's functions on an integrated circuit)
      • Motherboard chipsets (where you put your central processing unit, CPU)
      • Embedded processors (a computer system with a dedicated function
      • Graphic processors (chips that power and process graphics in a computer such as games or videos

AMD Processors

One of AMD's main product lines - you've probably seen your laptop or a friend's that has an AMD sticker at the palm rest indicating that the laptop in question uses an AMD processor. Or perhaps you have peeked into a giant of a computer tower and saw an AMD branding on some chips. Covering desktop and laptop processors, AMD is one of the two largest computer processor chip providers in the world.

AMD produces processors that are usually very budget friendly, with a good price-to-power ratio - but don't let that put you into the mindset of "cheaper means no good loh", their high-powered processors challenge even their competitor's strongest processing units.

One of their more special type of processors are the accelerated processing units, otherwise just simply known as an APU. APU by AMD is pretty much putting together their powerful ATI Radeon graphic processing units (GPU) and their computer processing units onto a single chip. It also leads to enabling the GPU's resources to assist the CPU by processing more tasks as well.

You can head on to check out the AMD processors and check out some of their notable desktop computer processing units and laptop processing units include:

A-Series Desktop APUs

  • Designed for popular online and eSports gaming out of the box on max settings
  • Averages 60FPS (frames-per-second)
  • Supports Microsoft Xbox One game streaming via Windows 10
  • AMD TrueAudio technology sound drivers
  • Unlocked cores for overclocking

AMD Athlon APUs & AMD Sempron APUs

  • AMD Radeon R3 graphics for better HD playback and performance
  • Socketed AM1 motherboard for compact form factors
  • Video Codec Engine (VCE) for fast enconding
  • USB 3.0 & 6GBps SATA support for quick content access

6th Generation AMD A-Series laptop processors

Graphics Core Next architecture with support for DirectX 12, Vulkan, and Mantle API
Multi GPU support
AMD Dual Graphics Technology with a Radeon GPU for increased graphical performance
AMD FreeSync technology for reduced image stuttering and tearing
Battery enhancements for up to 35% increase in battery life

      • AMD FX: 12 cores (4CPU + 8GPU) with AMD Radeon R7 GPU
      • AMD A10: 10 cores (4CPU + 6PU) with AMD Radeon R6 GPU
      • AMD A8: 10 cores (4CPU + 6GPU) with AMD Radeon R6 GPU

AMD Radeon Graphics Processing Unit

AMD is not only well known for its prowess in computer processing units of course - they're also very well known for their GPUs made by their acquired company, ATI technologies, the AMD Radeon GPUs. The GPUs are made both for desktop and laptop models. Like their competitor's GPU, AMD's products are also slightly more easy on the wallet for computer enthusiasts and yet also provide the equal, if not more, performance.

AMD Radeon R9 series GPU with High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM)

R9 Fury X GPU

  • DDR5 graphics memory
  • GPU activity indicator and LED illumination
  • Liquid-cooled and silent
  • 4K and VR gaming

R9 Nano GPU

  • World's first small form factor GPU with High-Bandwidth Memory
  • Suitable for Mini-ITX PCs (smaller low-power motherboards)

AMD Radeon R7 series GPU for online gaming

  • More than 60FPS gaming performance for 1080p or 1440p resolutions with ultra settings
  • AMD FreeSync technology for stutter and tear-free visuals
  • DirectX 12 support
  • OpenGL 4.5 and Vulkan support
AMD Radeon R5 series GPU
  • AMD Eyefinity technology for multi-monitor support
  • AMD Crossfire technology for performance scaling
  • AMD HD3D technology for 3D compatibility support

If you're interested to pick up an AMD Radeon GPU to build your new gaming rig, or maybe you're just going to upgrade to stay up to date with the current gaming possibilities, you can view more of it.

AMD Catalyst

But like every other hardware manufacturer, AMD cannot just put out awesome hardware without any software to support it. AMD Catalyst is AMD's answer to that software solution.

AMD Catalyst is basically a hardware driver and utilities for AMD's very own GPU and APUs. Users are able to access most of the features that are present on the AMD graphics cards and CPUs and to access their settings through the Catalyst software. It is also able to give up to 19% and 29% increases to performances on AMD Radeon GPUs and AMD APUs respectively via software optimizations and updates.

One other notable feature about the AMD Catalyst software is that the improvements not only come from internal researches and studies from AMD themselves, but they also take data from the constant feedback in selected six of the largest computer communities. With this data they are able to provide a software experience that is exactly what the people want.