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Strategic Ways to Utilize Your Ambi-Pur Malaysia Fresheners

Most people know Ambi-Pur as one of the leading air-freshener brands with an array of different types of products. Perhaps this is because Ambi-Pur Malaysia has an impressive track record when it comes to their achievements. The brand has created the first electrical, car, and toilet cleaners that are extremely affordable and easy to use. Although there are other air-freshener brand competitors, with its innovation, Ambi-Pur will surely be at the top of customers’ favorites.

Understanding how air-fresheners works

The basic understanding of air-freshener is that they eliminate bad odor, however, there are different ways how a freshener could work. Ambi-Pur air fresheners use several processes to diffuse aromas in a specific amount of space. Here are four ways how:

  • Absorption – Substances like charcoal, silica gel, and zeolite can absorb foul odors.
  • Oxidation – Oxidation process removes organic elements in the air by using hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, ozone, or chlorate.
  • Sanitation – Bacteria in the air can be deactivated by air sanitizers. This process stronger and can make the air cleaner than air purifiers.
  • Masking – Besides the processes above, fresheners can also eliminate bad odors by masking or overwhelming it with perfumes and fragrances included in the freshener formula.

Still, you need to be wary when purchasing air fresheners as some of them contain toxins and volatile organic compounds. These toxins can harm the cells and it could lead to the development of cancerous cells. The use of air-fresheners has to also be monitored; too much of it can cause headaches, nausea, and asthma. Ambi-Pur products, when used in the right amounts, are relatively harmless and safe to be used with your family.

The different types of Ambi-Pur Malaysia products and how to use them

There are so many different ways you can freshen up the room. The use of candles to revitalize the room can sometimes be deemed unsafe and impractical. Ambi-Pur Malaysia has manufactured various products you can choose from. Here are different types of Ambi-Pur air fresheners and tips on how to properly use them.

  • Aerosol – These are just your run-of-the-mill spray freshener. They are scented liquid that will become atomized when sprayed through the nozzle. The airborne liquid freshener lasts for several minutes before you need to re-spray your room again. Make sure to hold the can upright and spray the freshener with the nozzle facing forward. The particles will spread throughout every corner of the room.
  • Plugins – Plugins, or electrical fresheners, will only require you to do one step for it to successfully work. You just have to find a working, safe electrical outlet, plug the freshener with the fragrant oil inside, and let Ambi-Pur’s plugins do the rest. These electrical fresheners usually last for about a month. It’s simple and efficient, perfect for those looking for an easy and inexpensive way to freshen their homes. Some plugins offer the option to set a time interval, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off your plugin.
    • 3Volution – This is a plug-in air freshener and diffuser, complete with perfume and disinfected. The perfume will provide sensory benefits, like reduction of olfactory fatigue. The creation of the 3volution made the company grew. It will make your room stay fresh for up to 90 days.
  • Washing – Ambi-Pur created the refillable liquid toilet rim blocks to replace the classical solid ones. Instead of purchasing a new block every time it runs out, with Ambi-Pur’s rim blocks, you just need to get the container and the scented blocks. Simply attach the container to the rim of the toilet bowl and place a block inside the container. Now after every time you flush, water will now flow through the container, dissolving the scented block and will spread the disinfectant and the freshener all over the toilet bowl.
  • Car fresheners – The tree car freshener may be trendy but it will only last for a short while. It also won’t spread the fragrance to every nook and crannies of your car. With Ambi-Pur car air fresheners, it takes advantage of the ventilation system in the car in order to spread the fragrance equally throughout the car. Ambi-Pur car fresheners usually lasts for 45 days, but you don’t have to buy a whole new container as you will only have to replace the oil
  • Wardrobe freshener – Ambi-Pur Malaysia also offers freshener for your closets and small spaces that can’t be reached by aerosol or plugin fresheners. Ambi-Pur fresheners will preserve the freshness of your clothes and keep away any bugs or insects that could infest inside the closet. You only need to hang the freshener inside your wardrobe and it will do its job right away.

Even if the room does not have a pungent smell, there’s no harm in using a freshener to improve mood and productivity. The affordability and diverse product line Ambi-Pur Malaysia has will make it a great addition to your home or office.