If you are looking for generic but cheaper store brand, AmazonBasics is the right brand you should choose. From cables to kitchenware, you will be surprised that AmazonBasics offer a wide variety of products that can cater to your needs. It champions the true meaning of well-performing products with affordable rates. Read more about AmazonBasics in Malaysia here below to find out.


Top AmazonBasics Products that are actually Worth Buying

Aside from its acclaimed Internet store operations, Amazon is also known for its other brand, AmazonBasics. The AmazonBasics has been founded since 1992. From its inception, AmazonBasic covers everything from tech and fitness to dining supplies. The main goal behind this enterprise is to offer you the most value for your money with its arsenal of get-it-done products. Here are some of the top AmazonBasics products that are actually worth buying.

AmazonBasics Portable Power Bank

Nowadays, the ever useful portable power banks are your staple items that you must carry so that you do not have to find nearby power outlet to charge your smartphone or tablet. AmazonBasics also exhibits lots of portable power banks that suit every budget and taste. Among the best-selling AmazonBasics is the AmazonBasics portable power bank (16,100mAh). Unsurprisingly, it is a popular product because it carries the battery capacity of 16,100mAh. In theory, you will be able to charge your regular smartphone or tablet several times over in a full charge.

Thanks to its deal design, this AmazonBasics portable power bank will fit right well inside your pockets without any hassle. In addition, its flat and phone-shaped body means that it does not look bulky. As well-made product, you can expect it to perform consistently. You should give it a try because it offers massive battery capacity at more affordable rate.

AmazonBasics Lightweight On-Ear Headphone

While AmazonBasics boasts an incredible array of headphones sold under its name, the AmazonBasics Lightweight On-Ear headphone is one of the most popular ones. Despite its boring name, this excellent pair of AmazonBasics headphones is favored for its bass-heavy audio quality. Most people will not expect that this cheap pair of headphones is able to offer that surprisingly competent audio performance.

Its dull all-black plastic frame fits its low price. However, it has another surprise in store for you because it offers the much-needed room and comfort especially when you want to listen to your favorite content for hours. Thanks to their swivel ear cups, the headphones can lay flat for compact storage. This fold-flat portable design makes the headphones easy to take along on that next vacation or business trip or to store in your desk drawer for use at work when you need to focus.

Lightweight and portable, you can slip it easily into your carry bag for added travel convenience and protection. If your own main headphone has gone out of service and does not perform as well as it should, you can always consider the AmazonBasics Lightweight On-Ear headphone because you can enjoy excellent audio quality at lower price.

AmazonBasics 15-Inch to 15.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve

Since there are tons of laptop sleeve choices available everywhere, it seems odd that you want to get AmazonBasic's own laptop sleeve. Yet, the striking feature about this AmazonBasics 15-Inch to 15.6-Inch laptop sleeve is that it is an ideal option with multiple pockets. These pockets enable you to store various items without getting too bloated. Most laptop sleeves in the market do not have sufficient pockets to get your stored items organized. As a result, it becomes convenient because you can enjoy storing and organizing your items effortlessly. You will appreciate such feature when you need to pack your stuffs or get them out in a rush.

A lot of laptop sleeves simply lack the required protection to keep your items safe and secure. Needless to say, there has been moments of disappointment and frustration when you find your damaged items inside them. With AmazonBasics 15-Inch to 15.6-Inch laptop sleeve, you now do not need to worry because it contains a thick layer of protection that gives you true peace of mind. It is amazing to note that its extra thick layer of protection does not make it bulky.

AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The AmazonBasics portable Bluetooth speaker is an incredible design which offers more exciting value than its generic name. Clean and solid, this lovely AmazonBasics portable Bluetooth speaker will be your best friend that satisfies your audio cravings. This classic design is ideal for personal use and it fits nicely on your desk. Fascinatingly, it can provide enough sound for multiple people. Its battery can last up to 15 hours so that you do not need to carry any cables with you.

Small and portable, the AmazonBasics portable Bluetooth speaker lets you listen to your music, videos or games wherever you are. All you need to do is put it inside your back and off you go. Well-built, this AmazonBasics product is not easily knocked over even in breezy conditions. With its built-in microphone, you will be able to make and answer calls on your smartphone or enjoy hands-free web enabled conversations on your tablet or computer. Combined with its affordable price tag, it is hard to say no to the AmazonsBasics portable Bluetooth speaker. For more AmazonBasics audio products, you can take a look at AmazonBasics Audio & Hi Fi.

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