Without a good battery, your car won’t be able to operate properly. Amaron is a battery brand from Malaysia that offers a great number of high-quality batteries without a high price tag. Find out more about Amaron car battery in the article below.

Why choose Amaron Battery? | How long can Amaron car battery last? | What are the different Amaron battery types?


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Amaron Car Battery Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Amaron car battery made?

Amaron batteries are made in a fully integrated world-class manufacturing plant in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India. Using the latest technologies and advanced designs, the brand aims to make the best car batteries you can find in the market today.

Why choose Amaron Battery?

Here are some reasons why you should choose Amaron battery:

  • Highest cranking power - Largest Intercell Welds, 19mm lugs
  • Longest life - Reformulated Advanta paste recipe
  • Zero maintenance - No top-ups; high heat technology for tropical weather
  • No leakage - Improved safety; patented BIC vents

How long can Amaron car battery last?

An Amaron battery should last for three to five years if handled with care, thanks to its patented Silven X alloy (Silver / Calcium alloy with robust grids). Beyond the fifth year, it’s recommended that you bring it to the repair shop or replace it with a new car battery altogether. To determine when to replace your car batteries, you can start by paying attention to how your car performs. For instance, starting your vehicle would be much slower than usual. Then, see if the Check Engine light is on as this would usually turn on when your battery is weaker. The last resort is to open up the bonnet or the hood and see if anything seems to be out of line. If your batteries are heating up or covered with gunk, take it to a repair shop to be inspected further.

What are the different Amaron battery types?

  • Amaron Go 38B20L
  • Amaron Go 46B24L/R
  • Amaron Hi-Life Pro DIN55L/R
  • Amaron Hi-Life Pro DIN74L
  • Amaron Hi-Life Pro DIN80L
  • Amaron Hi-Life Pro DIN100L

What is the best Amaron battery?

The best Amaron battery is Amaron Go NS40ZL 38B20L. This battery variant features a silver plate technology and requires zero maintenance. It is also the most affordable out of all their products. Installation for the Amaron Go NS40ZL 38B20L battery is offered for free within Klang Valley.

Does Amaron Malaysia offer a warranty?

When you purchase an Amaron battery, you’re also eligible for their 36-Month Warranty. However, you need to pay an extra fee for the warranty on top of what you’re paying for the battery. Depending on the model of the battery, the price of the warranty differs. For instance, Amaron Hi-Life Pro DIN100L would have a higher warranty fee because it’s bigger in size.

If your battery is broken within 18 months after purchase, Amaron will replace it with a new one for free. If it gets spoiled after 18 months, the brand will discount the new battery depending on the month. For example, if your battery spoils in the 19th month, you’ll get a 47% discount and if it spoils in the 20th month, you’ll get a 45% discount and so on.

About Amaron Malaysia

Amaron Battery, by Johnson Controls, is the leading global supplier of private label and branded lead-acid batteries for cars, light trucks and utility vehicles to aftermarket battery retailers.

Amaron prioritizes safety, quality and continuous improvement in its batteries. The brand delivers batteries to customers wherever and whenever they may need them.

Amaron Battery provides excellent performance on Malaysia's destructive roads and offers strong resistance to our extreme climatic conditions.