Whenever you need skincare inspiration, you can always rely on South Korean’s and their beauty products. Thankfully, with Althea in Malaysia, you don’t have to travel far to get what you need.


Most popular Korean skincare brands you can find at Althea in Malaysia

Known as the national flower of South Korea, Althea in Malaysia is a representation of Korea’s beauty as well as the authentic K-beauty products they deliver. Althea has recognized that people from all over the globe love K-beauty products, but often time, the products are not so readily available in their country. Thus, Althea was created to bring the most popular Korean beauty brands to your doorstep.


Known as Korea’s top natural brand, Innisfree brings green philosophy to the world of beauty. All their products are placed in eco-friendly containers that can be recycled. On top of that, the products are made from pure ingredients from the clean nature of Jeju. Among the other famous brands offered on Althea, Innisfree has the most products ranging from skin care, makeup, beauty accessories and many more. Their most popular products are the No Sebum Mineral Powder, Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, and Volcanic Black Head Out Balm.


As the name suggests, healthy skin starts with your food intake, because you are what you eat. Skinfood incorporates its products with the nutritional values of food. Their most popular ingredients are Black Sugar, Tomato, Lettuce & Cucumber, Aloe Vera, and Egg White. All of the ingredients are carefully selected with the belief that what nature produces can restore and improve beauty and wellness to skin. At Althea in Malaysia, customers have written rave reviews for products such as the Black Sugar Mask Wash Off, Premium Tomato Whitening Emulsion, and Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Emulsion.

The Face Shop

The Face Shop believes that every individual can achieve beauty with nature, and it begins with their products. Extracting their ingredients from the surface of the earth, the brand produces outstanding skincare and cosmetic products full of natural beauty. Their major products line-up includes The Therapy, Dr. Belmeur, Yehwadam, Mango Seed, Chia Seed, Jeju Volcanic Lava, Rice Water Bright, The Fresh for Men, Natural Sun, and Perfume Seed. Customers on Althea are loving the products particularly from the Rice Water Bright and Jeju Volcanic Lava range.

Tony Moly

The brand name Tony Moly actually means “putting style into packaging”, which explains for their adorable packaging that is often in the form of an animal or fruit. On top of their unique packaging, they have some rather interesting ingredients in their products. One of Tony Moly’s collection contains mucin from snail which is said to help your body cells produce collagen and elastin. Other than that, the brand has a range of products that are medically crafted in the Tony Lab for the purpose of combatting a variety of skin problems. Tony Moly’s products range from face masks, BB creams, serums, lipsticks, and body lotions.

Nature Republic

If you’ve come across green tubs of goop with an Aloe Vera picture on it, these are Nature Republic’s best seller – Super Moist Aqua moisturizing cream. There are many ways one can use this product. Whether if it’s to treat sunburn or even an after-shave gel, the Aloe Vera extract does not leave any sticky feeling behind. Other than that, Nature Republic has an array of products that are made from all-natural ingredients. Committed to bringing the best products with superior quality, Nature Republic sources their ingredients from all over the globe which includes the Californian aloe, Moroccan Argan, Hawaii Kona deep sea water, Madagascan baobab, Boseong green tea, Hawaiian hibiscus, Indonesian marine collagen, and African shea butter.

Etude House

Ever wanted to give the 10-step Korean skincare routine a go? Etude House has just the products for you! Also, the makeup-line from Etude House is what you need to achieve the dewy-look loved by many South Koreans. The brand’s philosophy is to enjoy makeup in a form of play instead of considering it a boring repetitive routine. Etude House does not limit their products to women only, as they have a men’s skincare line that includes a gentle cleanser, toner, energy emulsion and many more.

the SAEM

Spanning over 50 years of history, the SAEM has accumulated a variety of traditional recipes that help translate into modern beauty through their products that help every woman achieve clear, bouncy skin. Over the years, the brand has proudly produced over 49 different series of skincare that spans over 750 products. Their most popular range to date is their Dr. Beauty line which is medically recommended and tested by actual doctors. The brand is gaining popularity with the younger crowd as they have collaborated with the biggest Kpop stars such as SHINEE and Red Velvet.

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