Alpha Group is a leading producer and exporter of the electric water heater. Alpha has been continuously applying the Quality system (ISO:9001) and global production process to produce our uncompromising product quality to satisfy the stringent needs of their respective valued customers on domestic and foreign markets with its 20 years of experience in the production field.

Is the Alpha water heater good? | The best water heater in Malaysia? | How to reset the water heater?


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Alpha X5E RM 228.00 Shopee
Alpha 18E RM 393.00 Shopee
Alpha IM-9i Plus RM 658.00 Shopee
Alpha EZY i RM 268.00 Shopee
Alpha 18i Black RM 528.00 Shopee
Alpha 18i Silver RM 558.00 Shopee
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Alpha 18i

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Alpha Water Heater - Everything You Need to Know About Instant Water Heater

In 2001 the Ministry of International Trade and Industry awarded the Malaysian brand name 'Alpha' and the Asia Pacific SMEs Best brand 2007 with the brand name 'Electric and electronic water-fired heaters.' In 2001 it was granted.

The Alpha Group exports products to 24 countries with a leading role in most Asian, European and African countries worldwide. In conjunction with the tremendously large expansion, the product portfolio including decorative ceiling fan and shower panel was diversified.

Alpha provides water heaters in a variety of types, including both conventional water storage tank heaters and water heaters on-demand. Their products are both commercial and residential and have a quality comparable to other well-known brands worldwide.

Is the Alpha water heater good?

Absolutely yes. Alpha is one of the world's leading water heater brands that produce a smart instant shower heater. In addition, a new line of smart water heater was recently launched by the brands. Alpha is also known as the best water heater brand because they have smart features such as an AC booster water pump, IM9EP, and IM9i models that come with a pump activator in their water heater which maximizes safety while you shower, removing a lot of the worry associated with other water heaters. You can buy this water heater from Alpha brands on iPrice's website.

Alpha has always focused on innovation and that also makes sense on why Alpha was a great brand compare to others. One of the best features they have is a built-in thermal cutoff. This means that the power to the water heater will immediately shut off if the water temperature increases unusually.

Which brand of water heater is the best in Malaysia?

Alpha is known as the lead brand for water heater production in Malaysia. Alpha is one of the water heater companies that provide a top-quality water heater. Besides, unlike other brands that produce a lower quality product but put an overpriced value for that, Alpha water heater offers a high-quality water heater with such an affordable price for it.

How to reset the Alpha water heater?

When your water heater is not functioning just reset it by pressing the button of the thermostat. Check root cause of thermal cut-out operation. There are 4 possibilities on why your water heater cannot run which is magnet jammed, reed switch failure, EC control board failure, Triac shorted. Replace the components one by one to troubleshoot